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    all it does is to dream up a way that a reaction might occur, as if that were the problem. The problem is finding an "explanation" that not only allows a nuclear reaction to occur under the conditions of the FP experiment, but that also generates the known effects, would operates under the known conditions, and that does not predict effects that have been tested for and that do not occur, as well as being testable.

    Thank you for the bone.
    -I think I mainly wrote "Tritium-fusion" in contest of Castle Bravo nuclear bomb test.
    -I also agree completely that the Tritium in FP experiment is not the source of any heat, If my idea is correct, the D+n=T fusion would even be endothermic.

    But I can easily leave the FP experiment to those who know more. I am not trying to chanllenge it. The Idea's I have got from other sources just supports, that these observed LENR is possible.

    I have verified my own ideas mainly by observations from nature. One of my first proposal how to detect if LEN-Reaction is happening in these forest rings was to detect helium. But because that's difficult in forest, my second proposal was to seek Si-32. But for few unfortunate issues, I couldn't participate to the planned exploration in August.

    But the main source from my observation is still Thermosphere. The picture I allready posted shows relative amounts. But If you look the absolute amounts, more interesting stuff becomes visible. Ie. the Peak of H is at 84 km height. And This seems to be consuming the free Oxygen atoms, "O" (Burning is not possible in those temperatures) the amount of these peaks at about 98 km height. Free Nitrogen atoms "N" peaks at the height of 196 km. Now, the problem with this is, that where does these came from? The Space is ofcourse full Hydrogen and Helium, so that's not a problem. But why these atom amounts peaks at these heights?

    Please note that in atmosphere they exist in N2 and O2 molecules, and if their source is lower atmosphere, these molecules should be split to get these atoms free. The temperatures are definetly not supporting this view. The coldest point of Earth (173 K) is between the Peak amounts of H and O, at 90 km height.

    I skip the complex story behind my thoughts, and just point out that Noctilucent clouds are exactly on that hight too;
    And I make a short claim; O can't be produced by collision from "hot" O2-molecules, as the heat of thermosphere is above 200 km height.
    So this must new matter produced by fusion. This fusion, can obviously happen even temperatures of just 173 K and it cool down this region of atmosphere,
    Temperature drops from ~1100 K to ~173 K

    Why this Oxygen must be new matter? As when it reacts with hydrogen, it forms water molecules, which further condesates to visible solid frozen ice which is seen as these clouds. And this particles must fall down to earth. There is no mechanism that this water could have been rise through stratosphere.

    So these observations in Thermosphere have indeed given me an idea about the conditions which are needed for a fusion to happen. And this would be quite easy to test.

    So does this forum has no meat-on-the-bones what it comes to LENR?

    Yep. My real name is Jokela. And though I laugh on a lot of things, I am not Joking here.

    I wasn't seaking this answer; "Fusion->Endothermic, Fission->Exothermic", but it just came on sight while I went forward following the Idea.

    It was actually pretty depressing to notice that the so called "Fusion-bombs", which are actually the only widely recognized experiments of "man made fusion" were nothing but Lithium-7 Fission bombs.

    So, pls study that case a bit more carefully. And notice that how the Unexpected +300% power was explained by Endothermic Lithium fission;
    n + Li-7 → T-3 + He-4 + n – 2.467 MeV

    And then this Tritium "just fusions" with a lot of energy, though this has never been been achieved in lab as an Exothermic process.

    So, I think that the "cold-fusion heat" experienced by the Fleischmann & Pons might have been Palladium losing neutrons under electrolysis, and these neutrons then produce Tritium from the already existing Deuterium.

    If this was really so, could be even verified, if Silver (Ag-109) is created. This would be even measurable within a reasonable time
    Pd-110 - n → Pd-109 which goes β− decay to Ag-109m within 13.7 hours, and this isomer then releases 88 keV energy in just 39.6 seconds.

    I hope the next comment has a bit more content than the one from THHuxley.


    I Think I have found the answer on Fusion. If it's Cold or Hot, doesn't seem to make any difference. It seems to me, that Fusion is always endothermic process.
    This means that "cold fusion" is a real thing. But it, or hot fusion can't never produce energy.

    I have a new Idea about the conditions where the fusion of matter in big scale could be reached. If there is some ongoing research, I would like to join.

    My thoughts are based on observations; I think these "forest rings" are a sign of cold fusion on Earth;
    Here's more technical paper about them available;…f_forest_rings_in_Ontario

    There is "hotter" version of this fusion visible in Venus;

    Here's m own papers;…/QED-Theory-of-everything

    They are quite difficult to approach, as the way which lead to me to this idea about Fusion was quite long.
    If I have figured this our correctly, the research of LENR is not qoing to bring us solution to energy problems. It would just complete our understanding of physics. The only concrete new thing which I see possible to be revealed through further research is superconductivity. The most of other results will be just closing out the stuff like antimatter, Dark energy and black holes.

    I think the best information about Fusion is provided in Thermosphere, or more precisely the 85-120 km height above Earth. Here's one teaser picture about my observations;


    Jouni Jokela