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    GUT-CP predicts transition reactions down to the 137th fractional state whereby the energy release is in the 250keV range. 600eV continuum radiation release occurs somewhere in the very highest fractional orbits.

    Disproportionation of hydrino on hydrino states is necessary to catalyze these lower fractional states. There is much astrophysical evidence for disproportionation reactions.

    Also was going through old posts on the forum and found this response to a question on the Lugano report by Dr. Mills.

    Randy Mills
    Jul 7, 2015

    How could anyone possibly believe this is real when the hydrogen was contained in a leaky ceramic vessel at glowing temperature? There was no hydrogen in this experiment. It is not possible for hydrogen to be contained. Even stainless steel will not contain hydrogen at these temperatures. Moreover, how could the reaction rate (power output) be absolutely constant over this time period for any know process? Is there any process that maintains constant rate as ALL of the reactants are consumed? In reality, a false emissivity was used to calculated the power. Use the correct value and poof, constant power balance. Heat output for electrical power input equals zero from start to end. This is so bogus it is criminal. Con men need a few good suckers to sway their victims. Don’t be a sucker. There is no energy source to explain.

    Here's what Dr. Mills posted. Probably not as much information as you would have liked but you can always prod him for more detail on the forum.

    Also GUTCP theorizes that excited states are due to photons expressing "effective charge" and shielding the electron to a degree from the central field of the proton. I guess if one accepts that a high energy photon can convert into an electron and positron the idea of photons in certain situations expressing effective charge isn't all that strange. I'm not sure how to relate this to K-capture but just thought I'd mention it.

    Randy MillsToday at 5:12 AM
    K capture can only occur if the reaction can form a more stable nucleus. A proton cannot undergo K-capure for example.

    In regards to Epimetheus's post above, I can't remember where I read it, it was either on the forum or in Brett's book, but apparently many years ago, Hermann Haus told Dr. Mills privately that he had correctly solved for the structure of the electron classically. At the time he did not wish to make "waves" so to speak through public acknowledgement.

    In regards to K-Capture Eric seems to be asking specifically about the case of capture of the inner shell; I've posted a question on the other forum so we'll see what Dr. Mills says.

    I meant according to the current mainstream physics paradigm, it is explained using classical physics (GUTCP) as I have described above.

    I don't claim to be the world's authority on GUTCP but I think I got the major points mostly right. Again, Dr. Mills doesn't mind answering questions on his Society for Classical Physics forum. We interact with him on a daily basis pretty much.

    Also I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic with your prior posts, but look at what happens in the corona of the Sun. If GUTCP is right, disproportionation hydrino reactions occur on a massive scale providing the high energy photons to produce the ionized species of elements observed in the spectrum, not millions of degrees temperature as is currently assumed.

    The vaporized silver provides the conductive matrix, the heat provides the kinetic energy to the reactants which are catalyst and atomic hydrogen.

    The kinetic energy is what is responsible for initiating the transition reactions (specifically dipole/multipole resonant collisions destabilizing the orbitsphere causing radial acceleration and release of electric potential between electron and proton). If the plasma wasn't contained within the pressure vessel the conditions conducive to the reactions would not persist. The current is mainly to alleviate charge buildup and to provide the initial kinetic energy to the reactants.

    The energy obviously comes from the transition reactions which are releasing ~100 or more eVs per event depending on which fractional state is being catalyzed. There could likely even be disproportionation occurring which is when hydrinos collide and drop to even lower energy levels. This also likely occurs within the corona of our star.

    If the plasma wasn't confined somehow, it would simply dissipate.

    Even in single shot open air tests three years ago the plasma persisted much longer after current ceased to flow which current theory cannot explain. In all cases there is no high field, only a maximum of 5 volts.

    Why not just go on the forum and ask Dr. Mills directly?

    I'll let you know what Dr. Mills says. Or you can just join us at The Society For Classical Physics. Sorry if I came off as a jerk, you seem to be obviously willing to take an honest look at the theory.

    Furthermore, not all parts of the theory are fully fleshed out as you can see, but what it does predict it does so with extreme accuracy and within the confines of classical physics and fundamental constants. There is room to make original contributions to the theory.

    I suggested the design of using liquid electrodes last year on the forum to isolate the energetic transition reactions from the solid parts of the reactor and prevent them from melting or vaporizing. This was prior to revealing any liquid fuel injection or liquid electrodes being used in the latest design revealed last week.

    The GUTCP sets all known classical laws as well as the speed of light as boundry conditions within which the entire body of work is derived. This is contrast to QM which makes up arbitrary parameters and math (renormalization) to curve fit equations that don't even work to solve for molecules except for hydrogen.

    None of the validations or quantifications of the products or reaction have shown nuclear reaction signatures or products. This is the third time I've written that.

    Moreover the team has conducted many hundreds of thousands of open air blasts involving transition reactions. There goes your beta hypothesis unless the team members are currently suffering from radiation effects. They looked to be doing OK at the latest demo.

    I'll even ask Dr. Mills for an explanation of K-capture and see what he says.

    The SunCell involves transition reactions only, which are previously unknown to mainstream science, chemical reactions that release electric potential existing between the hydrogen electron orbitsphere and proton.
    There are no observed nuclear reaction products and experimental results are fully consistent with and predicted by the GUT-CP.

    Moreover if it was a nuclear reaction the Brilliant Light Power team would be dead from radiation poisoning or cancers after their many years of exposure to the reactions. It's basic logic not rocket science.

    Regarding electron capture Eric why not just go on The Society For Classical Physics Forum yourself and ask Dr. Mills? He will probably even respond to you today.

    Nuclear reactions involve meV energy release; transition reactions involve between 100 and 250keV energy release. The reactions and products are well characterized by euv spectroscopy, calorimetry, nMRI, and other rigorous analytical tests. If you don't believe it contact any number of these validators and see for yourself. None of these reactions involve any products or signatures of nuclear reactions.

    If one accepts that there is electric potential between a separated electron and proton then one must accept there is latent energy in that system irrespective of whether some humans arbitrarily decide to define a ground state and write it down in a book.

    Really all Mills has done with the SunCell is to show that certain catalysts through resonant multipole/dipole collisions can destabilize the electron orbitsphere causing it to radially accelerate inwards and release electric potential that exists in the form of high energy uv and euv photons.

    Essentially a catalyst with enough kinetic energy collides with an electron destabilizing the surface currents creating nascent multipoles/dipoles. These areas of differing charge then resonantly attract and collide until the catalyst is ionized and the hydrogen electron radiates very high energy photons, beyond known chemical energy but not as energetic as that associated with nuclear processes.

    The surface currents on the electron increase until they are just below the speed of light in the lowest orbital forming a physical basis for the true ground state.

    Hydrinos also are not observable due to their high binding energy unless ionized by highly energetic photons far outside the range of the visible spectrum.

    Wrote this on a phone thus apologies for any errors.

    I'm not saying some of these QM practitioners are dumb and blind because I expect that to be a convincing argument. I state that because the tipping point is very near and it will soon be generally accepted that QM is not and has never been an accurate theory of reality. Moreover, stating that the experimental results have not been independently verified is just outright false.

    Anyone could do a few minutes of research and follow up with any of these obviously qualified Ph.D's and verify that their validations are accurate as presented on Brilliant Light's website.

    It's pretty obvious that a theory with so many logical contradictions as QM cannot be correct. To believe in QM is to either affirm logic is useless or that we are living in some kind of matrix.

    They do not radiate UNLESS they possess Fourier transform components synchronous with light speed. That's clearly not the same as stating they do not radiate ever.
    It's called the non-radiation condition.

    This is not even coming from Dr. Mills this is from a proof done by his professor Herman Haus at MIT in the 80s. Why not learn to read critically beyond a third grade level before hurling insults at people and things you obviously don't understand.

    Some of you guys are so behind the times it's either so laughable or sad that I cannot quite decide. I applaud Epimetheus's effort to verify the accuracy of the GUT-CP. Even simpler would be to read one of these validation reports.

    One of the latest includes a black and white validation from a Ph.D physicist from UNC.

    When I read these QM apologists like Zephir calling out the GUT-CP for being "unphysical" I simply laugh. How many adjustable parameters does The Standard Model use now is it 19 or 27? The GUT-CP does not even use a single parameter, not even one, fundamental constants only.

    Talk about the dumb and blind leading the dumb and blind.