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  • Daniel,
    Does your experiment "rule out" hydrogen or deuterium diffusing or leaking through the reactor surface to chemically react slowly with the oxygen in the oven air?
    One method is to seal the H2 or D2 in the reactor and then run it for long enough…
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    I still do not understand what he has. I don't go with intimations. They often turn out to be wrong. Mine do, anyway. Let's discuss this after we see a schematic and description. Perhaps there was one during his presentation but I…
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    Jed -- I think too unnecessarily complicated. If as I believe Daniel intimated, he has cold (tap temperature) water available behind a water valve and a fan to circulate the oven air through a heat exchanger (i.e. like a car…
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    Daniel, excellent results. The notebook computers are around 9x12 inches or around 22x30 cm = 660 cm x 2 sides = around 1300 cm2 or around 260Watts going into your calorimetry which I I understand it is a "incubator" (i.e. a…