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  • Quoting Mizuno:

    "I have sent the reactor to IH NC. However, It was left for six months. Furthermore, I carefully explained the fact that It must first heat up the impure gas from the wall of the nickel or reactor and then it can be heated. But they…
  • oystla

    The figure 20 and figure 26 are rather convincing that something interesting is going on.

    Excess temperature of 4,5 degC for 14 continous hrs with the same input power compared to no excess event is Significant.

    26% higher outlet temp in excess event…
  • oystla

    (Quote from THHuxleynew)

    Someone trying to replicate once or twice is not a good definition of "going the extra mile".

    If IH where serious they should done the experiment ten times over and cooperated with Mizuno to avoid all possible mistakes.

  • oystla

    Next comment, again on page 12 and the most critical formula of them all

    The formula (3) is missing one term,

    The report states energy out as

    (3). Hout= ∑oT dV * p * S * Hc * dt

    "Where dT𝛥𝑇 is the average temperature difference between the…
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    Hello everyone, long time since I've been here, but had to take a look into the interesting Mizuno report.

    Regarding page 12, last paragraph "Figure 17 shows the relationship between the blower input and the air flow rate obtained from the air volume…