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    Hi everyone,

    as a side project, I've been studying metallurgy and I've taken special interest in coatings and surface hardening and how they work on a structural level. I've stumbled across a special boronizing technique and was really intrigued by it…
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    Discussion of the intrascientific war over inflation

    "All of which is … great. Great because yay, science! But also “great” because it raises the question of how the hell you,
    the vicariously scientific public, are supposed to decide which pill to…
  • snotty

    It's an interesting philosophical question for sure. Yes, anything can be turned into a weapon, recent technology even more so because it can be spread much quicker and farther. There's no way of knowing if youe discovery will do good or bad but here's…
  • Welcome to the asylum! You ask some good questions, a few of which can be answered, though not definitively - there are many unknowns.

    It is important to remember that anything can be weaponised. Even a stick or a stone. Modern weaponry is by and large…