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    OK- thank you.

    Here, btw is the inspiration for working on this.

    One of Bertrand Russell’s lesser-known pro-secular works is a 1951 piece for New York Times Magazine called “The Best Answer to Fanaticism: Liberalism.” In this, he wrote a…
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    Replied to the thread LENR is occurring in SAFIRE.
    (Quote from David Nygren)

    I have been previously in contact with them and wrote them again yesterday re: material alterations/transmutation and hinted at what MFMP has been doing with Hutchison samples.

    I'll report back if I hear anything


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    (Quote from axil)

    Axil, please don't cross-post my images without attribution. You also mis-quoted the details from my original post: the diamond pads have only been in D2O for two weeks, NOT "the month-long Deuterium soak".
    Really, you should be…
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    In response to Axil's suggestion at ECW, here are some images of the diamond pads before and after the bake/soak treatment. The first two images are of the raw pads, still attached to the green resin backing sheet. The first image is with side lighting…
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    I have occasionally played with the idea that the "Universe" we live in is really a simulation in some enormous computing system. This is not a new hypothesis, but is so far not testable, just a 'mind game'.
    Having said that, we can still examine the…