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    With all due respect to my friends Alan and Alan above, according to my TIG instructor and my own personal experience, TIG welding stainless is relatively easy compared to mild steel, and far easier than aluminum. Note I said "relatively".

    TIG is by far the best welding method for this use as compared to wire feed, stick or gas. There may be better methods beyond the financial means of small shop welding, but I don't know about them. Disclaimer: I haven't welded pressure/vacuum vessels. (but I suspect it's in my near future...)

    (Edit: OK I have, but that was rough, overbuilt and explosion proof, not precision work)

    The key (as always) is cleanliness. TIG is inherently clean but never use the same cleaning tools (wire brushes, wipes etc) with any other materials. Keep Acetone handy and keep your filler rod pristine. Never let anything that will touch the weld area touch anything else after cleaning.


    “There can be only one”

    (please forgive the Highlander quote)

    Regarding the replication of Mizuno’s R20, I understand that Jed and Mizuno (both whom have my greatest respect) wish for this to be replicated. I do too. I feel it is appropriate to prove this technology to mankind.

    As I understand the meaning of “replication” in this context, more information will need to be released before replicators can even start.

    There are those who have stated that they are doing a replication; however, I question how they will do so. If they are willing to do something similar to R20, I encourage them to do so, and truly wish them the best, but a replication it won’t be.

    The list of questions I have are here:

    I will update that page with any further information I receive, with hopes we, the CF community, get enough to do a real replication.


    With all due respect; I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this...

    Am I correct that you are referring to this paper?

    If so, you are referring to an entirely different reactor design. I suspect this 2017 reactor wasn't melted down and R20 made from the melt.

    Therefore without it being specifically mentioned by TM, the grade of SS is a guess or an assumption.

    Am I being too picky? Is the term "replication" some loosey goosey approximation of an original?

    "shouldn't make a difference" is not a phrase I would consider part of a replication plan

    I suspect (but don't know) TM used a speciality vacuum manufacturer, probably international, to make the R20. Unless he has a brother in law in the welding biz, it would likely be cheaper (TM is price sensitive). If so, he probably bought a close to off the shelf assembly, or he sent a set of drawings and specs to a manufacturer/welder.


    I have also been in contact with vacuum vessel manufacturers. Rather than weld the CF flanges to the tubing myself, I have asked for quotes (from 3 manufacturers) for the finished assembly (generally known as a "nipple") plus the supply of the end plates and copper seals. None of the manufacturers match the OD of the tubing stated in Jed's doc as 114mm. Building high vacuum bits is a specialty work. Just because I can TIG weld doesn't mean I can make a suitable reactor (although I might try sometime). My concern is that the dimensions don't work out to agree with the doc. So, are we going to get clear and exact details of Mizuno's work to replicate, or are we all going to try something similar?


    Homebrewers use stainless. An alternative for reactor construction uses their materials.

    I have found caps, clamps, and spool tubes of appropriate sizes and alloy.


    I genuinely wish you the best of luck with this.

    My concern is how well this type of assembly will hold a hard vacuum and how you will provide such a vacuum economically.

    If you pull it off with positive results, I wish to be one of your first replicators...


    Yes, the anti-Nuke crowd is pretty silly. Although they were a lot more right than I realized before Fukushima.

    I recall MRI machines used to be called nuclear magnetic resonance imaging machines (NMRI). They changed the name to avoid upsetting ignorant people.

    To echo your statement above, I was in a position of local authority in the 80's when we had a group approach us hoping to get us to declare our area as a "Nuclear Free Zone". After their short and hopeful presentation, wherein all the other officials were nodding their heads in approval, I asked if they had approached the local hospital for their willingness to exclude some of their fancy new equipment; the fire departments for the safety of the population without smoke detectors; all levels of government to handle the removal of residents and tourists with implants to fight their tumors, as well as screening all tourists and other transients.

    Crickets. Crestfallen faces.

    Once I had let it sink in for effect, I offered that if we rename their requested Declaration to Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, I would support it. However we still wouldn't have the authority for banning the Navy (ours or American) from tying up at our docks or cruising to the test ranges nearby...

    I am aligned with picasso's post.

    I suspect that my personal timeline will expire before transmutations affect precious metals values.

    I do, however, hope and expect the complete destruction of oil/coal based energy production (and the corruption therein) due to LENR.

    Hopefully I will get to see this.


    a question, If we now see similar phenomena. How do we communicate this to them? (SAFIRE team)

    I have been previously in contact with them and wrote them again yesterday re: material alterations/transmutation and hinted at what MFMP has been doing with Hutchison samples.

    I'll report back if I hear anything



    I'm curious enough that I might attempt something myself with improvised equipment and cheap stuff (for example, I previously hinted that I planned using an ignition coil for the high voltage signal. They have a slow repetition rate but the actual high voltage spike should be only a few nanoseconds long), but I don't trust my competence in electronics enough to be playing with high voltages; I would also be limited to experiments at atmospheric pressures (which should still work to some extent, although Shoulders has always used systems with a relatively good vacuum which makes the effect more efficient and easier to study). The good thing at least is that hydrogen isn't required, which enormously simplifies any replication task. EVOs are an anomaly related to the electron and LENR would be pretty much a side effect.

    I'm sure that others could easily attempt a replication or experiment along existing hints/suggestions with the materials and equipment they already have, better monitoring instrumentation and higher competence.

    Don't assume too little of your capabilities. But don't kill yourself either.

    You have proven to be capable of clear thinking. That, and a pile of junk is all you need (Edison paraphrase)

    We may be on to something... I'll PM you soon