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    I believe I mentioned this first. So I'll answer. I have no idea whether anyone has replicated Swartz. I have not heard from anyone who did, and Swartz himself refuses to discuss the issue. I have also not attended any of the…
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    Replied to the thread What me356 did for us..
    (Quote from eros)

    He3 neutron detectors are extremely sensitive to RF and noise leaking through the power supply. To be sure of your detection, the system should be powered from a battery and the tube shielded in a Faraday cage with small grid…
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    Jones Beene spotted a really interesting paper (on vortex-l):

    Besides being well-written and documented, it seems to describe the holy grail - repeatable fully characterized room temperature…
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    Liked mmckubre’s post in the thread Atom-Ecology.
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    (Quote from Forty-Two)

    You may need to re-establish your timeline for this particular technology Forty-Two. I doubt many (or any?) will be confused by this quote but to be clear, 'George's successful "cold-fusion" prototype" was never tested by Stanford…
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    I'm generating the plots with computer code (I'm not using a spreadsheet) with as little "baked in" values as possible and also trying to limit complexity to keep it manageable and less prone to errors, so I ended up using your initially…
  • Correspondence sent today. LENR to a friend.

    Hello again,

    I've enjoyed your recent posts and the music you've shared.

    First a bit of prose... For you and all of your'n.


    The nest instinct through
    True imaginings delight
    Leads to what's…
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    All this for that therefore thanks to your work. My own estimation is nickel particles couln't be melted and AR uses a trick to do a large amount of H monoatomic ( as said Focardi) as Japanese researchers done by adding a few Pd atoms…