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    Global Takeover of Healthcare Comes to Switzerland As Pressures from Above Stop Doctors from Treating COVID-19 Patients with Ivermectin…patients-with-ivermectin/

    The ivermectin controversy continues to unfold worldwide as…
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  • (Quote from JedRothwell)

    Why does the average German/US ass need > 1.5 tons of steel for a 20 miles displacement? A bicycle has 12..25 kg larger = electric bike. With a bike energy just depends on your ass's weight...

    Won't work for the top jacket league…
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    (Quote from Fm1)

    Did you already link the original study?
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    (Quote from Zeus46)

    No reason to become inpolite!

    I don't see any reason why this cannot be true.
    I can provide the official statistics from Austria which is of similar population size like Switzerland. We had unfortunatley so far (27.12.20 - 28.7.21) 151…