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    Replied to the thread Covid-19 (WuFlu) News.
    (Quote from Wyttenbach)

    Lets just hope that this scenario is not anywhere close to reality! however if this is true, i don't think that an automotive hub like wuhan will be back online anytime soon. At least then major doubts regarding the official…
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    Liked Wyttenbach’s post in the thread BLP update.
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    posted in the wrong thread.

    Two years ago Randy Mills had the biggest breakthrough in history - a desktop self-sustaining fusion reaction.

    What remains today now is a "mild fart" with a COP…
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    (Quote from Zeus46)

    This is a very good description of what standard model physicists/mathematicians do in dense matter papers. Without any experimental proof they claim a never measured strong force or (CERN) claims the quarks being particles albeit…
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    Here's wishing all of our members, be they skeptics, optimists, or those in between a peaceful and contented (or even happy :)) Christmas, and may everyone have a lucky and healthy 2020. Special big thanks to our active team, David Nygren, barty, AlainCo,…