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  • gerold.s Replied to the thread Covid-19 News.

    (Quote from Wyttenbach)

    that has been more than thirty years ago!
    If we are allowed to travel more freely again I bring you a nice bottle!
    It may well boost your immune system, since it is considered nowadays bio!
  • gerold.s Replied to the thread Covid-19 News.

    check out the
    We could need something similar for LENR to promote our field of interest!
  • gerold.s Reacted with Like to Curbina’s post in the thread BLP update.

    (Quote from Wyttenbach)

    Well Wyttenbach , by now you have to be aware that Articles as such are mostly Public Relationships statements. They are gracious to letting us know that the US Navy is working again in LENR. I am more than happy for that, but…
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  • gerold.s Replied to the thread Covid-19 News.

    (Quote from zorud)

    Not true! Austria has not yet suspended the use of the ASZ vaccine, despite some obvious issues. We are waiting on further info from EMA.
    One reason is we just bought too much of it. An additional issue is the unbalanced distribution of…
  • gerold.s Reacted with Haha to Wyttenbach’s post in the thread MIZUNO REPLICATION AND MATERIALS ONLY.

    (Quote from Daniel_G)

    The only chickens I would rost are greedy investors and laywers.
    I hope Mizuno will no be damaged by them!
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  • (Quote from Curbina)

    Did I miss it or is in the meanwhile a step by step guide for interested replicators available?
  • gerold.s Reacted with Thanks to Alan Smith’s post in the thread The birth of a new reactor.

    I took these pictures a few weeks ago, apologies if I posted them before. This is the heater-thermocouple flange of the reactor after the first of 2 silver-brazing sessions. After the first I gave it a clean and descale then 'did it again', even with a…
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