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    (Quote from RobertBryant)

    So pure palladium is the softest in the annealed condition compared to any 950 palladium alloy. I think that is the best way to go. Is there confirmation that Mizuno used pure palladium? And how pure was it?
    It will cost about…
  • j9381

    I see two websites that say this:
    "950 Palladium is made up from 95% Palladium with the rest made up from a combination of Ruthenium and Gallium"
    I don't see a website that mentions silver as being the 5%.

    The risk is that the Palladium 950 is too hard even…
  • j9381

    I'm having trouble finding a palladium ingot around 10 grams in size which would have dimensions 31 mm x 18 mm x 1.51 mm.
    I tried these two websites and the 1 troy ounce (31.1 g) is in stock ($2400) but the 10 gram (about $800) is out of stock.

  • j9381

    My name is Jeff Driscoll (username j9381) and I've been setting up a Mizuno replication experiment over the past 4 months. Coincidentally there is another "Jeff" here who has been posting about their Mizuno experiement under the username "Jeff".

  • If iron pico-hydride existed then could a hydrogen (i.e. a free proton) atom trapped inside *any* electron shell of the iron atom somehow get spit out with a single electron orbiting it ? And could that hydrogen have an electron at tens or hundreds or…
  • j9381

    In Mizuno's runs I see the air blower with a 66 mm diameter tube attached to the output on slide 15 of this:


    My question:

    Where exactly are the RTD's or thermistors located for the output air flow? …