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    (Quote from Shane D.)

    My, you are optimistic. After writing 300 pages pf venom about Rossi. it is clear the babblers are not really interested in LENR, but as they have apparently never done anything of consequence themselves it seems to ease their…
  • Gerard McEk

    Replied to the thread Rossi E-Cat SK Demo Discussion.
    I am looking forward to this demo, although I do not expect that tomorrow LENR will be different than now.
    Rossi will not prove it. I hope he will get many customers and his production will explode. If in one year time he only has satisfied customers,…
  • Gerard McEk

    I have juist voted for Andrea Rossi. Not that I am fully convinced that he will deliver or convince us on the 31st of Jan next year. It is just hope that what he says he does.
    We need to hope for good things to happen, it makes life something to live…