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  • CARL PAGE. Serial Entrepreneur; Co-founder, eGroups.

    Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Work And Could Supplant Fossil Fuels

    Climate collapse demands a supply of energy that is far cheaper than fossil fuels, resistant to bad weather and natural disaster, and sustainable in fuel inputs and pollution outputs. Can a new poorly understood technology from a stigmatized field fulfil the need? The Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) could help at large scale very quickly

  • New electronic state of matter..

    electrons lock together.. 1 3 6 10 15 Pascal particles...

    Great team work .. wonderful presentation..

    Jeremy Levy seems to have found something more interesting than quantum computing..…lectronic-state-of-matter


    The experimental data deviates from the single-particle model in several important ways. At low
    magnetic fields, the predicted linear Zeeman splitting of subbands is not obeyed; instead, the two
    lowest subbands (|0,0, ±1/2 ⟩) are paired below a critical magnetic field, 𝐵P (9). At higher
    magnetic fields, re-entrant pairing is observed as subbands intersect and lock over a range of
    magnetic field values, near the Pascal field, 𝐵Pa.

    Published in Science.. but at arxiv before Sep 12, 2019

  • Controlling the nucleus by electrical fields..(from ecw)

    Coherent electrical control of a single high-spin nucleus in silicon

    Serwan Asaad,et al 2019..UNSW


    Nuclear spins are highly coherent quantum objects.

    In large ensembles, their control and detection via magnetic resonance is widely exploited,

    e.g. in chemistry, medicine, materials science and mining. Nuclear spins also featured
    in early ideas and demonstrations of quantum information processing. Scaling up
    these ideas requires controlling individual nuclei, which can be detected when
    coupled to an electron.

    However, the need to address the nuclei via oscillating
    magnetic fields complicates their integration in multi-spin nanoscale devices,
    because the field cannot be localized or screened. Control via electric fields
    would resolve this problem, but previous methods relied upon transducing
    electric signals into magnetic fields via the electron-nuclear hyperfine
    interaction, which severely affects the nuclear coherence.

    Here we demonstrate the coherent quantum control of a single antimony (spin-7/2) nucleus, using
    localized electric fields produced within a silicon nanoelectronic devic

    The method exploits an idea first proposed in 1961 but never realized
    experimentally with a single nucleus. Our results are quantitatively supported
    by a microscopic theoretical model that reveals how the purely electrical
    modulation of the nuclear electric quadrupole interaction, in the presence of
    lattice strain, results in coherent nuclear spin transitions.

    The spin dephasing time, 0.1 seconds, surpasses by orders of magnitude those obtained
    via methods that require a coupled electron spin for electrical drive.

    These results show that high-spin quadrupolar nuclei could be deployed as chaotic
    models, strain sensors and hybrid spin-mechanical quantum systems using
    all-electrical controls. Integrating electrically controllable nuclei with
    quantum dots could pave the way to scalable nuclear- and electron-spin-based
    quantum computers in silicon that operate without the need for oscillating
    magnetic fields.


    "Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Peter Thiel beware. There could be a shakeup on the horizon among the billionaire-backed companies trying to replicate the energy source of the sun and stars.

    That’s the assessment of Jonathan Carling, the chief executive officer of Tokamak Energy Ltd., the U.K. company backed by Swiss billionaire Hans-Peter Wild which is promising investors it will connect a fusion reactor to the power grid in a decade. He sees the market thinning as competing designs are likely to prove technically unfeasible.

    “The proliferation of commercial fusion is good because it shows there is competition,” said Carling, who just raised a fresh $87 million in January. “And while we have a lot of respect for our commercial competitors, we think the number of credible players is smaller.”


    Nano Diamond Battery is a carbon-14 based diamond battery that generates electricity by converting energetic electrons energy into electrical energy. These energetic electrons comes from carbon-14. NDB, therefore, is a recycled carbon-14 waste battery made.

    This image describes a Safe Radioactive Isotope Based Battery. The Nuclear Diamond Battery has shells that hold atoms. In the core the number of protons are same in each atom and number of neutrons are different, thus it is isotope. The radioactivity generates electricity. The bold lines in the core represent a diamond which is the hardest material existing.

    The NDB is often mistaken for Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG). A device that turns heat into electricity developed by NASA. However, RTG has poor efficiency. NDB, on the other hand, has a much higher efficiency because of diamond’s near 100% charge collection efficiency.

    Currently, there is a surplus of carbon-14 rich graphite, a waste costing a substantial amount of money in its storage.

    Since carbon is the base material of both graphite and diamond. Graphite can transform into a diamond under the right conditions. Therefore carbon-14 graphite waste can convert into carbon-14 diamond and in turn, NDB. The core components of the NDB that contains the carbon-14 diamond has a layer of non-radioactive carbon-12 diamond coating.This protective layer of carbon-12 contains the energetic electrons. Preventing the user from being exposed to energetic electrons as well as make NDB tamperproof. This is possible because the diamond is one of the hardest material in existence. In addition, carbon-14 has a life of ~28,000 years. Meaning the battery power of NDB will only half even after 5,730 years. Since this is an emerging technology, we are at ample timing.

    Transistors much like the NDB is a semiconductor-based device.

    We live in the age of the digital revolution. A world powered by ever-improving computers. At the heart of this revolution is transistors, the core component of computer chips The efficiency of these transistors improves through miniaturization. By making the device smaller, it gives it access to previously unused atoms that was going to waste. The reason why Nano Diamond Battery is an extremely efficient device is because of this. NDB is a collection of thin films such as carbon-14 diamond. Because it is a film structure, the device has access to more number of atoms.By doing so, the Nano Diamond Battery can efficiently extract electric charge from the carbon-14 diamond. That’s why NDB uses the latest nanotechnological techniques designed to make transistors like CVD and sputtering. CVD is a process where a plasma grows semiconductors atomic layer by layer. Because CVD can control the thickness of the film on an atomic scale. You can give Nano Diamond Battery access to the majority of the atoms present in the device. The other technique, sputtering is a similar technique to CVD in that it deposits metals on an atomic scale. Because NDB and transistors both use CVD and sputtering. NDB can repurpose the transistor production line for itself. Since you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. By using current equipment NDB is cost-effective. Another factor that makes Nano Diamond Battery affordable is raw material. Diamond is often mistaken for being expensive because it is better known as a gemstone. However, artificial diamonds used industrially is very cheap since it is carbon-based.Not only that, since carbon-14 waste that is extremely expensive to store is recycled instead to make NDB. Making the cost of production low. It has all the hallmarks of ‘one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold.’What’s more, NDB is scaleable. By connecting the NDB’s in series and parallel to form a power bank. NDB could power high-power applications as big as an electric vehicle and more.

  • Power to weight/volume ratio for their interpretation would be informative.

  • I consider this a worthwhile video/NEWS.…conomic-crash-david-icke/

    This is a real virus, and yes take your precautions. Vitamin C is a good one.

    However, it has been described as the new war on terror. All wars allow for new business models (increased spying, military interventions at home, testing of various pseudogovernmental agency plans, massive bailouts for favored industries, digital currency advancement, and potentially a new $175B business model in the US alone (e.g. mandatory vaccination 350mi Americans * $500 a pop - with global potential for $1T+). People in fear will not only accept these things, but beg for them. Crisis is a good time for some business!

  • I want to bring to attention to the experimenters in the community that that there is a free CAD/CAM software that can be downloaded.

    Individuals with non-commercial personal design projects and individuals doing home-based non-commercial manufacturing and fabrication are eligible.

    Your free downloaded software package has no limitations as far as I have seen, it’s a fully functional version.

    The software has a long list of features like:

    • · 3D Design modelling
    • · Electronics, schematic, PCB layout, manufacturing (added 2020 based on Eagle)
    • · Simulation (stress, thermal, frequency, events, optimization)
    • · Manufacturing (direct output to your 3D printer or CNC machine)
    • · Documentation (drawings)
    • · And a lot more

    This is an extremely competent software package that can save hour of effort to construct experiments setup, research devices etc. You can test and enhanced the design even with moving parts; to be sure it will work, before you actually start to build the device.

    There is an initial effort to learn the software. I started using this software about one month ago and it took me a couple of days before I was mastering the basics. However there are numerus illustrative (basic) examples on YouTube that boosts your learning curve.

    To download your free (personal) copy goto

    Some more links of interest:

    Fusion 360 Features:

    Fusion overview:

    YouTube Introductions: