Iron and Nickel Whiskers

  • I wonder if the nickel-iron crystals in meteorites (i.e., Thomson structures) inspired Dr. Rossi to add iron powder to the nickel powder that he uses in his E-Cats.

    Iron causes the growth of very fine nickel whiskers, and that growth greatly increases the surface area of the nickel that is exposed to the hydrogen gas in an E-Cat.

    In regard to Thomson structures, seeätten_pattern

  • Yes the whisker idea has always been tossed around as a possible catalyst, especially by DGT. I do think that while surface area is important, the topological character of the surface is important as well. More than likely nucleons require some sort of "trap" to cluster them together (whether magnetic, electrostatic, or something like Storms' nano-crack), that doesn't initiate chemical reactions in the material environment, and the surface area simply allows for higher loading and higher flux to coexist throughout the system.