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    We recorded a single small gamma burst in Ferrara then got some Uppsala indicators that were promising and decided to move forward.

    In retrospect, we should have stopped the R chase after he shipped the Ferrara container across the sea with all of the reactors still loaded with the "fuel".

    He did that? ROTFWL! In f'n "retrospect" you should have stopped the R chase? How about that this chase should never have started?

    Don't you think, Dewey Weaver, that you (IH etc.) should have, before risking $11.5 Million and possibly an additional $89 Million, spent several hundred thousand dollars on competent experts unrelated to anything Rossi had ever done? They would have designed foolproof electrical tests for input power and foolproof calorimetry for output power including empty reactor tests (blanks). Rossi would certainly have refused or the tests would have failed. Either way, IH and Woodford would have saved a lot of time, stress, work, reputation and money.

    Rossi's duplicity and transparent lying were obvious since the so-called megawatt test in November 2011 which, you will recall, was dominated by a very large Diesel generator, a refusal to allow guests adequate inspection of the running reactor, and vague and opaque measurements supplied to the guests scrawled in pencil on a dirty piece of paper! Best of all was the "NATO Colonel" Domenico Fiovarenti for which no information has been found and who has never conducted an interview. You recall he was the "customer representative" for the entity which bought the plant. No entity has ever been identified by Rossi or anyone in the six years since.

    It is hard to understand why anyone would spend a large sum on Rossi after such a farce and in view of all the critique and evidence for his lack of trustworthiness and criminality found on the internet (Vortex email list,, moletrap forum, Krivit's web site, and many cogent critical responses to Popular Science and Forbes articles). Nobody at IH bothered to do a competent search? Or did you do it and not believe the evidence it was yelling at you? It was also noted that the Dr. Levi and the Swedish scientists had no response to clear, intelligent and polite criticisms of their public release of their self-published scientific paper.

    Everything screamed "do not invest without extensive and very cautious vetting." Apparently, IH, Tom Darden and perhaps Dewey Weaver were deaf to the screams. Eventually Elforsk's CEO heard them as did billionaire Dick Smith and they no longer expressed interest. Most other major companies and groups who had looked at Rossi such as National Instruments, Quantum, and of course NASA also stopped considering Rossi. Only IH, for reasons only they know, persisted despite the overwhelming evidence that Rossi was a liar and a crook and had been so for all the documented portion of his adult life. IH and Woodford got royally taken and it was completely their own doing and entirely unnecessary.

    Now, a similar sort of premature and unwarranted acceptance and possibly investment is being accorded to Brillouin and GEC and others. As someone once said, doing the same thing and expecting different results is not very smart.

  • as someone else,

    “There’s one born every minute”

  • 720 - your writing style seems so familiar - I'm guessing that you put your words where you mouth is instead of your money.

    Sometimes big pictures need a push start to get moving - this one was expensive if that turns out to be the case. With the exception of the man years and resources that have been lost forever by the deception (broadly speaking), the rejuvenation of this hunt may just prove to be worth it in the long run (perhaps for us, and/or our children, and / or our children's children). Only time will tell.

  • There is a boatload of self proclaimed experts in atomic and nuclear physics commenting here on this forum and nary a disparaging word was raised against Alan Smith's claim that Gamma radiation can be turned off and on in short order at will. Such Troll negligence is a mortal sin and hardly forgivable. Alan claims that such an unbelievable pattern in nuclear radiation is produced by radioactive isotopes with near instant half-lives: another bold assertion that the science trolls let get through.

    It is my current belief that those self proclaimed experts in physics actually know nothing about what they speak. They should have demanded Alan back up his assertion with a video of this gamma miracle so that all could see it happening in real time. Such a demonstration is a proof of LENR that all must accept, far more convincing than excess heat. Why are the trolls on this site so brain dead and incompetent?

  • The Ferrara sensor was a basic handheld device - no idea about make and model. R was using a 500kW generator to run that system.

    The sensor gear in Raleigh was provided and operated by retired DoD atomics pros. I wasn't in the lab during those test times but knew the results - nada, zilch, goose eggs.

  • :)

    Fair enough. Fortunately I’ve had little need to spend money on lawyers in my life.

    (I’m not sure if things work the same in the US, but in the UK there are certain advantages to going it alone in court - eg. One gets a lot of leeway with disclosure rules as it’s assumed (in the lower courts) that your layperson-esque ‘mistakes’ were unintentional...)

    Judges in the US will cut "pro se", "in propria persona" and other self-represented parties some slack, but not a lot. Judges may, and I emphasize may, extend times for filing or responding to something, once or maybe twice, but if you want to represent yourself in high stakes litigation, you are a fool. Additionally, if a corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership is involved, they must be represented by licensed counsel -- they cannot be represented by an officer, director, shareholder, member, general partner, etc. unless that person is a licensed counsel. I have never heard of any judge allowing a non-attorney to represent such an entity. And even season litigators usually know better than to represent themselves.

    However, I am confident that AA will explain how everything I said is wrong, so just disregard.

  • R was using a 500kW generator to run that system.

    ... and how did IH representatives in Ferrara verify the el. power consumption of the 1 (or the 1/2 MW) plant, and the steam production (or - I would rather assume - the hot water production)?

    BTW: What a coincidence that in both tests (October 2012 and April 2013) the 1MW plant was limited to 1/2 MW - the same capacity as the attached diesel generator.

  • BTW: What a coincidence that in both tests (October 2012 and April 2013) the 1MW plant was limited to 1/2 MW - the same capacity as the attached diesel generator.

    Amazing those in attendance for the Oct 28 2012 (military customer acceptance test) did not put 2 and 2 together. It was like the proverbial elephant in the room, and somehow they ignored it. They even had trouble hearing each other over the noise. What were they thinking? I know the AP science reporter left, never to be heard from again. On ECN's it was instantly noticed, and made the whole test DOA.

    To be honest, I thought the use of the 500kW generator was odd, but mostly ignored that because I was focused on the NATO Colonel. Being ex-military myself, I knew that is not how the military works. They do not send one low level Colonel to a public demonstration of a controversial technology, put on by a convicted conman, and have him sign for it there right at the test sight. And were they so stupid, they would insist he wear his military uniform! It was so corny, and unbelievable, it was funny. Still get a laugh out of it when it comes up.

    The IH Validation Test (April 30 2013) is different IMO though. From Darden's deposition, he and Vaughn were well aware of Rossi's checkered past, before they first met him at his Miami condo. Leading up to the VT, they became even more suspicious when Rossi came up with 2 excuses for needing to downgrade the 1MW to <500kW, while using the same 500kW genset. Rossi, probably detecting their suspicions as any good con artist would, made it a point the day of the test to give them an early copy of Levi/Swedes Ferrara results. From the deposition, and from what DW says, that played a big part in their going on with the VT.

    Later on, Levi/Swedes with their Lugano results, helped Rossi yet again, when IH was about to write him off as a bad investment. That cost them big at Doral

  • Sometimes big pictures need a push start to get moving -


    I have finally come to grips with this,

    (I know your happy for me).

    For the longest time I could find no rational reason why a bunch of seemingly smart lawyer type people could get swindled by this guy.

    Rossi’s con seemed so obvious to most of us

    I guess in your zeal to want something so badly, your judgement seems to have been clouded ie: Religion, politics, psychology, etc.

    Happens to most of us sooner or later, hopefully, we learn, recover and move on.

    Good luck in your grail quest amigo, I shall continue to hope & watch progress of this most unusual field.

  • I guess in your zeal to want something so badly, your judgement seems to have been clouded ie: Religion, politics, psychology, etc.

    Happens to most of us sooner or later, hopefully, we learn, recover and move on.


    This is different. IH's "zeal to want something so badly", was to save the planet. Not for the selfish reasons (disregarding religion) you mention, but a much more noble motivation. Darden is already rich, and in every interview, his commitment to the environment is apparent. It is not about him.

    In contrast, Rossi is a predator. He preys on us Save the Planet types, and profits by exploiting us. Why do you think he mentions the children with cancer as he does?...He uses them like bait in the trap. That shows how devoid he is of any human empathy.

    I think we can forgive IH their one mistake with Rossi, and stop salting the wounds. As Dewey says, that one mistake of theirs may be a small price to pay if it works out the way they hope.

  • If you persist you can work out how to stop and start them. And Rossi is nothing if not persistent.

    Yes indeed, Rossi is persistent, just as those who are persistent in believing in him!

    His Stockholm event was a show of persistency...... persistently bad as all of his demos/tests. Yet you believe.

    Or will you provide first hand observations on why we should believe anything about it.

    Rossi turn something on and of at will? Sure, he lifts a cover and flips switches when measurements are taken.

    Alan, you continue to bewilder me and it is eroding your reputation. You really believe Rossi is honest and has a working LENR reactor that he controls at will?

    Yet you refuse to give an objective report on said reactor that you saw first hand!

    (I guess I am persistent also. Simply making a reasonable rquest) :thumbup:

  • Bob,

    We have been over this before.

    Alan cannot be objective, at least not openly on this forum. If he was, if he was critical of Rossi in any way, shape or form, he would not get invited back to Rossi demos and he desperately wants to keep that avenue open.

    This is clearly understood, if any of us were in Alan’s place we would do the same,

    (I know I would).

    This is why he continues with his best duck, dodge, hide, flee, avoid and evade tactics when asked direct questions.

    It is actually a good thing to have him closer to the con than the rest of us as he may actually call out the scam when seen.

    Patience my young Padawan, patience, All will be revealed in time.

  • Does Rossi read LF?

    1. Prof July 4, 2018 at 7:30 PM

      Dr Andrea Rossi

      There is a buzz in the internet that your Ecat SK could have issues related to the radiations it could emit.

      Are you worried of this issue? Could your presentaton of the industrialized Ecat SK be jeopardized by it?



    2. Andrea Rossi July 4, 2018 at 9:20 PM


      We constantly measure all the radiations emitted by the Ecat. The emissions have also been thoroughly measured by the specialized officers of the Healthcare Office of Florida, that has a team of specialized agents for this specific purpose, as well as from Physics Professors specialized in such measurement and NEVER has been measured an excess of ionizing radiations beyond the background. Thisalso is an indirect confirmation of the theoretical intuition Gullstrom and I are studying upon ( Carl-Oscar Gullstrom, nuclear physic from the University of Uppsala- you can find his lecture on Youtube whose link is also in our website, or Google ” Youtube video Carl Oscar Gullstrom theoretical lecture of Ecat presentation Stockholm November 24 2017 ”

      Warm Regards,