UNISRITA: Dipartimento di Fisica, diretto dal Prof. Giuseppe Quartieri: LENR

  • http://www.unisrita.com/dipart…ca-e-scienza-dei-sistemi/

    I don't know the Italian context of that despartments of Physics and System Science, in UNISRITA.

    LENR is among the subjects, with condensed mater physics (not nuclear), and material science, and plasma nuclear physics (ITER).

    Some projects looks quite esoteric (eg: golden number), and many other subjects quite banal...

    Maybe Italian readers can give their impression.

  • I forwarded this to a friend who is a classics professor in Italy. This was his comment.

    'So weird ... I've Looked at St. Rita's webpages, I can not understand if they're a budding degree-mill (you walk in without a smile, walk out many dollars lighter with dimples) or Something More substantial. They offer "M.A's" Which under Italian law are basically temporary courses, nothing to do with a post-BA university degree. They are technically not a University, but something in some kind of Euro-limbo.

    On the other hand, given the sorry state of our Universities, if there were any real money behind it (from who ???) they might be able to accomplish something.
    Just look at the number of departments they have ... now, under our current legislation, if you do not have at least 60 tenured teaching staff, you can not create a department. '