LENR Forum team needs to grow, join us and write history

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    Is a privilege to be part of the team running LENR forum, it's exciting when we're in the front row in a field that can change our planet fundamentally linked to energy supply.

    Much has happened in the past year.

    * Jean-Francois Geneste - Vice-President, Chief Scientist at Airbus Group shows that Airbus is serious in research around LENR as a new fuel.

    * Bill Gate's starting to support LENR research after he visited Dr. Vittorio Violante and got updated on the status of research in Italy.

    * Carl Page, brother of Larry Page (Googole founder) is now on the board of the Brillouin energy.

    Many researchers in our field, choose to publish new findings directly into the LF community, this means that we have exciting news almost every day. We also have an important task in the game how effective information in the field are published, disseminated and translated from various languages. It means that we can also influence how fast the development will go in a field.

    It is also a major challenge when so many messages are posted every day. LENR Forum team needs to grow, join us and write history!

    we are looking for:


    Traffic at LF is increasing, we need to make sure our team of moderators can keep an eye on the thereads, we want to keep control and trolls gone.

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    Planning for a new project, we need a web developer who is also interested in our field.

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  • Alan is exactly right. There are people who hold various opinions that are optimistic, pessimistic or neutral about LENR, and then there are those who for whatever reason are unable or unwilling to participate constructively in the conversation here. A conversation that is to get at the truth and uncover all of the issues requires the participation of people whose opinions are across the entire spectrum. It is all about how one addresses specific details and points of substance, and about one's ability to avoid ad hominem attacks, which are easy to fall into when one feels strongly about a subject.