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  • There is no coercion by public agencies. Families and some companies such as restaurants may be coercing, but that's their business.

    You have set a low bar. Anything is coercion in that case. People try to shame one another for all kinds of reasons. A child crying for an ice cream cone is coercion. Your wife acting snippy because you did not clear the table is coercion. Demanding your family member attend church services is coercion.

    That is a precaution because immunity can fail for any disease. People occasionally get sick again from an infectious disease even though they had it before.

    I didn't set the bar, liberal looney's did that years ago. I still live by sticks and stones

  • Made 3 attempts with the volcanologists. >slow flows, clay mixes fast eruption loose packs dry and the fact the fuel is all over the place. electrify triggered >got deleted blocked and put in time out.

    you can't say i did not attempt to tell them.

    a waist of time it seems.

    yup wasting of ,,

  • Well the Japs seem to have got their knickers in a twist again. Not only are they considering unleashing a total environmental disaster on their doorstep by tipping XXXXX Radiated seawater back into the Pacific Ocean but also they are ditching valuable plutonium and uranium resources which should be recycled. No? Its simple all they have to do is evaporate off the H2O in salt pans then concentrate the heavy isotopes in the salt. Then re-extract the useful elements by fractionation (as we do for hydrocarbon fuels (which we will always use in the futute-electric cars are a waste of time and energy) Sorry Elon but you are barking up the wrong tree here. Bicycles maybe not cars. Too big to be fuel efficient. I digress. Is Emperor Hirohito back in Japan like our Chinese Emperor Xi Jinping? Looks like a stupid official decision made for political reasons I guess. Well look at it this way the excess gamma radiation might rid them of their bio-weapon COVID (Ten million new variants and counting!). Which is why Cornwall has been unscathed due to the high UV c radiation present due to the absence of sky pollution. Better get used to the idea there is no such thing as Global Warming either. It is not human-made it is just occurring for as yet unknown reasons........alien intelligence!!!!! Now where did I park those space-ships? Oh yes on the Dark Side of the Moon (by Pink Floyd). I rest my case. :) :) :P

  • Its simple all they have to do is evaporate off the H2O in salt pans then concentrate the heavy isotopes in the salt.

    Do you think that has not occurred to them?

    I do not know the technical details, but evidently, the problem is harder than you imagine. What you describe would occur to anyone in the first 30 seconds thinking about this situation. The Japanese in charge of the project say they have already removed all of the radioactive crud, leaving only trace levels of tritium, using a more sophisticated gadget than you describe. See:…ive-water-ocean/100065724

    Perhaps tritium is particularly hard to remove. I wouldn't know. Tritium has a short half-life. A lot of it was dumped into the ecosystem before nuclear test bans were implemented. That portion is virtually all gone now. There are naturally occuring additions of tritium at high altitudes. The Japs (as you call them) have estimated this natural background adds far more tritium to the ocean than dumping the water would.


    What has happened to the water?

    All of the water that touches the highly dangerous molten nuclear fuel contained within the destroyed reactors also becomes radioactive.

    Whether it's used as cooling for the destroyed reactors or comes in from ground or rainwater, it is collected and then run through a sophisticated processing network of pipes.

    The water is stored in tanks at the Fukushima nuclear plant.(ABC News: Jake Sturmer)

    The water is treated to remove more than 60 different types of radioactive materials from it, but the Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) doesn't completely purify the water.

    The radioactive element, tritium, remains inside all of the stored water, albeit at "low" levels, according to TEPCO.

    The reason tritium remains is because it is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen and hard to separate from water.

    See also:…d-Fukushima-Daiichi-water…naction/alps/index-e.html…/handouts_150316_02-e.pdf

    I have not found a detailed technical description of the ALPS system. I suggest you find one, read it, and then tell us why your rather crude method would be better. The Japs have had their say, so now let's hear from the honkys, gringos, wops or whatever group you hail from.

  • Mind you, TEPCO and government officials have lied about the Fukushima disaster in the past. They have downplayed the difficulties, and hidden the dangers. The public does not trust them. Foreign countries don't trust them. I don't trust them! But I am sure they were not planning to dump untreated water into the ocean. They know how to concentrate radioactive crud and remove it from water. They have probably done the best job of that that anyone could. Is it good enough? Is there still danger? How much crud is really left? I wouldn't know. It would not shock me to learn there is still danger, despite what they say.

  • XXXXXXXXXXXXX There is only one. Lee Su Fuk, Kim Jomg un's little sister who invented a synthetic form of Novichuk and sold it to the Ukrainian and Romanian mafias to frame up poor old Vladimir Putin. Not to mention POLONIUM in the vLitvinyenko case!!! Facts not Fiction. But I forgot this is the new normal the v new NAZI state of the British Empire brought back into life by our autistic little friend D.Cummings ans Co (GESTAPO???). Makes yer fink dunnit? Divide and rule is the regular procedure of all Empires. Roman for instance. All subsequent empires. But are we not all fed up with this repetitive sociopathic behavior? Hell is Repitition. If we really all want Hel, then why not kick off by turning N Korea into a brand new car park for TESLAS?. The Russians are best at this using their magic carpet! (ieXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!) Sometimes the best form of defense is attack, (Think Apache ie helicopters).....Can't you take it out on the REAL ENEMY first? (China???). Leave those Ukrainians for later Vlad the Impaler!! Remember revenge is best as a dish served COLD. Get IT????

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  • Coinbase has just become respectable! My favorite bitcoin site. Even De Vere's are recommending their investors. The only snag is as anonymous knows very well its the fastest way of LOSING YOUR MONEY on the planet. Earth not Mars and certainly not Venus. Unless you are a Vegan, or Dr Spock that is. Beam me up Scotty!!

  • When will it sink in? Black Lives don't matter, White lives Don't matter, Yellow lives don't matter. Only one GOD matters. MONEY!!!! Tis the root of all evil. Read the first page of Genesis! There is only ONE GOD. Go against Him and YOU DIE. Thus we have ARMAGEDDON or RAGNAROK to solve the problem. Lose your 'honerta' then you are dead meat. Nice feasting my fellow fine young CANNIBALS???? They were a successful band back in the day. Wonder where they got their name from? Or just be PARANOID and think Black Sabbath. Minneapolis descends into Anarchy as we speak. The Demo-rats engineered this phase of SHEER IDIOCY. Bring Trump back and be quick about it.

  • IAEA supports Japan

    I cannot judge, but I hope they are right.

    Organizations such as the IAEA try not to do things that will destroy their reputations, or their credibility. They may not be intrinsically honest, but they are in the spotlight, so they seldom get away with mischief. But sometimes they do. TEPCO sure did in the months following the accident. The Japanese Parliament committee investigating the accident ended up hopping mad at TEPCO. They did not trust TEPCO or their own government. They relied on a report written by U.S. experts.

  • Yeah, Yeah Yeah the antiviral drug approach is the only remedy for covid as I said right at the beginning of this thread because very simply it is non-specific and so wipes out all COVID variants in one go. Just like antiviral HIV treatment. More and more evidence suggests COVID is a bioweapon developed by the Chinese to de-stabilize Western economies at which they have been remarkably successful. The whole World must unite to fight these bastards before it is too late and the USA degenerates into open CIVIL war under the DEMO-RATS .. Bring back Trump at least he knew what he was doing, as does our old friend Vladimir Putin. :) :) :)

  • Ontario backpedals on extraordinary police powers that would have allowed cops to randomly stop and question people for being outdoors…people-for-being-outdoors

    "On Friday, Premier Doug Ford announced public health measures that were in accordance with proposals made by Ontario’s Science Table, but angered mayors, police forces, and civil liberties groups. The rule received widespread opposition from the public and 39 out of 45 police agencies in Ontario said they would not abide by the imposition on civil liberties."