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    Liked Robert Horst’s post in the thread BLP update.
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    (Quote from axil)

    Exactly (although this is about MIlls, not Miles). When reading something sent out anonymously like this, it is fair to use anything in the article to try to figure out if the author is impartial or not. When the article says that…
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    (Quote from seven_of_twenty)

    Good point. That would be a version of Charlie Brown's belief that this time Lucy will not pull away the football. This time it will be different!
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    Liked Alan Smith’s post in the thread Atom-Ecology.
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    (Quote from IobseRvable)

    To me that sounds like you don't believe in LENR.

    As for the radiation, gammas, more details of how we measure radiation can be found elsewhere in this thread, but in brief we do it by soaking a troll in gasoline and suspending…