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    The software of Woltlab allows forum Admin to see the IP used by users., typically to detect banned account sockpuppets.

    I did not know Mods could not, but this is rational.

    Only Barty, our system admin, have access to the log, and, as he is German and professional, is very serious about privacy laws (German laws are among the most strict).

    Mods are exchanging about forum policy and actions.

    Personally I'm not moderating (sorry), but watching the domain and relaying.

    Thanks to David, the founder, Barty our sysadmin, and the many mods, who courageously take collective decision that may not be popular for the noise providers.

    Let it be clear, as I am a witness, that the position on LENR or on Rossi is not a criteria they use to decide for ban, or moving posts. Mods themselves disagree on many subjects, and don't abuse of their power to push their position.

    There are clear red-lines like Doxxing, or repeated personal insults, and a policy "under construction" about weaker infringement of courtesy, and noises (off-topic, third-party insults, repetitive statements, flooding...).

    Basically if you seems moderately abusive, mods will contact you and ask you to calm down... If you react constructively, whatever is your opinion, you will be welcome again.

    The two week ban can be considered as vacation to calm down.

  • Not that IH was credible but Boeing or some other consulting firm they might have worked with would have been. And where did that go? Did Rossi offer his help? Did Rossi offer to provide a working reactor and the appropriate fuel if IH couldn't or wouldn't? OF COURSE NOT.

    Poor little girl ....... IH delivered a reactor loaded with the wrong fuel at Boeing, so there was no chance that the Boeing test could yield positive results. Do you wonder why Rossi did not intervene? Simple: IH had not said anything to Rossi, delivered the reactor to Boeing without telling it to Rossi, as you can read in documents filed during the trial (look for the right document by your own, I have better things to do). Before spitting judgments, be informed, if you are capable.

  • Our primary challenge during this lull in the news cycle is to keep discussions focused on substantive issues and away from dead-end topics


    May I suggest two threads:

    1, LENR Technical only, with no insults of members or non members allowed.

    2. Shut Rossi Down, for people like Mary Yugo & others who can't resist insulting Rossi.

    Possibly a third:

    3. LENR has never happened. for true pathological skeptics and those who can't make up their minds.

  • I have a dozen or so papers I actually did the original research work for and wrote and for which I am principal author or one of less than four. I also authored several dozen technical reports (some with other authors, others alone) and some of my working life consisted of writing summaries and reviews of other records and reports for a concern which does not publish them but uses these internally. There are more than a hundred of those. I also wrote three book chapters in two different books and gave many talks at meetings. And I was on a university faculty and taught a course for a while.

    Ohhhhhh what a curriculum ! Ohhhh what a beatiful mind Saint Mary of the Unbelievers !

    Unfortunately behind a false name and without any proof we should conclude that yours is a Hoax or simply hallucination of your mind.

    Generally people with a curriculum like you pretend to have, have no time to write in internet sewer like that.

    Moved from the E-Cat QX thread. Eric

  • Mary is obviously one of the persons with the clearest views in here.

    infinite repetition of a statement ( like used in Nazi germany and now in the anti islam campaign )

    So for you the most aggressive and repetitive anti LENR subject here, Saint Mary of the Unbelievers, is the most wise one.

    Why not close the forum ? So that your own truth would remain in the net ?

    I see also that for you who believes in Lenr, like Jed, after reading hundreds of papers, that Saint Mary is unable to read even if she pretend to have an ultra high level curriculum, is like the Nazi and of course every news about Islam Terrorism is a fake.

    Your post is concluded by the most classical repetition without proofs

    A lot of people in here should pay attention to this asdvanced, objective and critical perspective of how to evaluate some statements, that are presented like LENR is, especially by such fraudsters like Rossi.

    a nice insult to Rossi. That is really a Nazi like repetition.

    Moved from the E-Cat QX thread. Eric

  • If you look at the Mizuno paper, then you will notice that he gets a nice blue plasma too. (Bdw. most plasmas are blue because of near uv radiation .. ) Mizuno needs less than 500V to generate a plasma. Its as usual just a matter of pressure...

    But may be I'm already off topic.. because Eric handles this thread as a kind of new place to bash/ash Rossi & friends & .. .

    Moved from the E-Cat QX thread. Eric

  • Bravisimo!!! But of course - a study of the 12 papers (4 of which Alan could have gotten his name on by emailing on a comment or two) indicates that the pinball wizard is the perfect guy to be directing the Uppsala researchers and future potential investors on ECat temp measurement / interpretation. Sadly, there does not appear to be any publications on pinball source code research but I now know where to go when I need some help on cosmic ray measurement, perfezionado coffee machines, highway traffic simulators (maybe that counts for in the pinball source code category), superconducting gravimeters and / or time of flight simulation.

    Moved from RvD aftermath thread. Alan.

  • Zeus, look a little deeper. Most of those papers on are by one Georges Leví, not Giuseppe. As a rule, professors don't forgot to list the majority of their publications. I have about 50 publications, but if I just search on my last name and first initial, I can find hundreds more. It turns out, it only counts if it is actually you.

    I th

    Moved from RvD aftermath thread. Alan.

  • ...

    what ? You completely miss my point.

    And LENR ? I want to believe. Really. Just not in Rossi.

  • From now on, anyone swindled by Rossi really seriously deserves it and rather than caring about it, I will join all the others laughing. If it happens.

    This is a threat ! Ohh Brrrr..... Everybody will be scared of YOU !

    But who are you ? Just an empty nickname ! Nothing under the dress ! We all are waiting for your fantastical list of papers !

    The people you attack are real Scientist with a real curriculum really respected by their Institutions and their colleagues.

    Is not threatening people that you (and the people who give you orders..... ( Widom, Larsen and Krivit I presume)) will block them.

    And this type of actions (threatening and insulting) just demonstrate the degree of desperation you are reaching.

    Moved from another thread. Eric

  • Like Levi, both are/were either conspiring with Rossi or were so incompetent that Rossi totally hornswoggled them.

    So you now are so Paranoid to see conspirators everywhere ?

    I (and others here ) have demonstrated to you that Levi has more then 150 papers published, Penon as far we can get from the net has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering, Fabiani is an Electrotechnical Engineer........

    We have often heard the nonsense about conspiracy or incompetence.

    A total nonsense built by desperate people with an agenda like you.

    Moved from another thread. Eric

  • Oh, OK. Levi, Penon, Fabiani and especially Rossi are all geniuses who have discovered a source of inexhaustible power. And what are they doing with it since 2011 (2007 actually was when Rossi claimed to heat a factory with an ecat)? I am reminded of the famous remark by Sir Thomas Beecham, conductor, who, upon suffering through a bad cellists' distressing performance, stopped the rehearsal and told her, "Madam, you have between your legs an instrument capable of giving pleasure to thousands--and all you can do is scratch it?"

    BTW, the same can be said of Russ George, Arata and many others during a resurgence of LENR claims around 2005 - 2006 as documented by Krivit. These probably inspired Rossi's feckless fraud.…29-8dd54geg.shtml#sputnik