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    Pines et al patent.

    Their writing looks like some of the LENR explanations that have been written before to explain how low energy inputs overcome the Mev Coulomb barrier.

    They neglect to say what causes the screening

    " For example, some embodiments of the present invention may fuse light elements to a target material or each other by exposing the target material to energetic electrons in an environment containing a suitable high density nuclear fuel, such as deuterium or tritium, as a high pressure gas or in liquid or solid forms, optionally as a compound with other elements. In certain embodiments, in addition to or in lieu of the fuel, the target itself, whether solid or liquid, may contain deuterium or tritium (e.g., a “deuterated” or “tritated” target). This exposure to energetic electrons causes deeply screened tunneling and/or converts at least a portion of the metal-dissolved fuel into neutral nuclei. In the case defined as “deeply screened tunneling,” an energetic electron or electrons that possess specific individual or collective quantum properties may pass sufficiently close to a nucleus of a deuterium or tritium atom such that the electrostatic repulsion between the screened nucleus and any adjacent nucleus is not felt by the adjacent nuclei outside the much reduced screening radius for a brief period of time. This significantly increases the quantum tunneling reaction probability between the nuclei even at lower kinetic energies."

    arkiv. April 2017

    Forsely et al 's Investigation of Deuterium Loaded Materials Subject to X-Ray Exposure

    concludes "tritium by an unexpected nuclear effect"

    Unexpected???? Really?

    Why no mention of tritium production by other researchers using deuterated metals two decades earlier?

    e.g. Claytor et al using ~1000 V plasma,1993.

    Claytor, T. N., Tuggle, D. G., Taylor, S. F.; Evolution of Tritium from Deuterided Palladium Subject to High Electrical Currents, Frontiers Science Series No. 4, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Cold Fusion., October 21-25 Nagoya Japan., Ed. H. Ikegami, Universal Academy Press Tokyo Japan., 1993, p217.

    or tritium production by Mizuno et al 1991 using electrolytic deuterium loading of palladium.

    Tadahiko Mizuno, Tadashi Akimoto, Kazuhisa Azumi and Norio Sato, “Tritium evolution during cathodic polarization of palladium electrode in D2O solution”, The Electrochemical Society of Japan Vol.59, No.9, (1991) 798-799. in Japanese.

    BobHiggins "Who is paying for the cooling pumping and protection of these spent fuel pools in a plant that is not generating any profit?"

    Ultimately it will be the Japanese people as a whole who will pay the trillions for decommissioning the 40 or so

    remaining fission plants.\

    The switchover to other generation (LENR,solar) may cost less than this.

    Fukushima cleanup is estimated to cost $250 billion.

    Emotion/media will outweigh government risk benefit analysis and government subsidies to vulnerable cities…itical-ploy/#.WjLvGIdlLIU

    MY: "He is claiming kilowatts of excess power in his devices with the cute names but he has never had peer review for those claims or replication by his peers. So, I guess I don't know what you mean."

    MY makes two claims in profound ignorance

    1. Mizuno is claiming kilowatts of excess power

    2. Mizuno has never had peer review for those claims"

    The first claim is false the second is false by implication.

    I have asked Mizuno a while back about the situation with the reactors... Catherine is not mentioned

    now there are several names .. Altair.. Hikoboshi...

    this is his reply

    MY "but he(Mizuno) has never had peer review for those claims or replication by his peers"

    This is an unqualified statement..

    MY the fake persona has no evidence for it

    MY "but he(Mizuno) has never had peer review for those claims or replication by his peers"

    There is no harmony or goodwill possible with this extremely ignorant statement

    There is no evidence for it.

    MY the fake persona cannot fake evidence for it

    MY" No sorry... A fake persona is not worth rephrasing anything for

    especially the fake persona that ignorantly writes

    but he(Mizuno) has never had peer review for those claims or replication by his peers

    MY is definitely not one of Mizuno's peers .

    MY' s ignorance is peerless

    lenrisnotreal "I've come to the same verdict that probably 97%+ of scientists have come to that"

    What are the 95% confidence limits for your 97% ' probably' data . Are they from 96.5 to 97.5 %?

    How many scientists have you interviewed ? n=1? n=0?

    Science is evidence-based is it not?

    1. MY " but he(Mizuno) has never had peer review for those claims or replication by his peers"

    2. MY "dozens or hundreds of KW"?

    MY makes two successive outrageous claims about Mizuno which have NO evidence

    and then blithely asks for evidence from others???

    Maybe MY should look to put his house in order first

    ..keep the global community safe from disordered socks.


    MY "Tens of kilowatts and dozens of hundreds of KW???????

    The youtube dialogue says something like

    "We are trying to scale up the output so this is significantly larger but what we have right now is

    we are able to get one kilowatt of output, Scarlett

    and the next one which we are pursuing ? the manufacturing??

    this one is a 10 kw output reactor also known as Catherine"

    From this dialogue MY's "if I can recall " invents dozens of hundreds of KW"

    The issue here is not 'half a brain' but a deliberate attempt on MY's part to disparage Mizuno and other LENR researchers.

    MY's attention-seeking has fanciful forms but they are as useless for the global community as arranging wondorous socks.


    MY "Its right on the images"

    The problem with taking things out of context is that you may believe that

    BODUM is making 10 kW coffee makers.

    For those who can read.. and in context.. there are scientific papers...

    MY " which are supposed to make in the tens of kilowatts for one and IIRC in the dozens or hundreds of kW for the other."

    Tens of kilowatts and dozens of hundreds of KW???????

    A side effect of autologous anti-LENR vaccines is that IIRC is rendered totally erroneous.

    For those who can read , the latest Mizuno scientific paper reports ~500 W excess heat

    which is a significant improvement on the 75W XS heat reported in the 2013 powerpoint miscited by MY.

    High speed fabrication of absorbance-enhanced micro–nanostructures on nickel surface using hundred-nanosecond pulsed laser

    Fast rate:

    4 min for treating an area of 15 × 10mm2


    We report the generation of micro–nanostructures on nickel surface using a pulsed laser with pulse duration of 100/200 ns. The blacken nickel, which is covered with dense broccoli-like clusters having strong light trapping capacity covering broad spectrum (200–2000 nm), can be produced at a high laser scanning speed up to 100 mm/s. The absorbance of the blacken nickel can be over 98% in the UV, more than 97% in the visible, and over 90% in the near IR. In addition, by treating the nickel surface with two crossing scans of the laser, highly organized and shape-controllable periodic arrays of hump-craters can be fabricated."

    Jinxiang Fu1,2, Jingyuan Zhang3, Hao Liang1,2, Yibo Wang1,2,4, Zhiyan Zhang1,2, Yannan Liu1,2 and Xuechun Lin1,2

    Published 28 November 2016 • © 2017 The Japan Society of Applied Physics


    As of three years ago Mizuno was achieving up to 10W/cm2

    this compares with the 30W/cm2 of fission pellets. He is working on increasing that

    as well as other things.

    "The excess heat calculated on the basis of the assumption that the reactant was nickel was several 10 W/g and was 1 to 10 W/cm2"

    The problem with fission reactor is that they do not scale DOWN. well.. due to the requirements for shielding/heat gets very uneconomic to have 20 MWunits

    The advantage of LENR reactors such as Mizuno's is the lack of radiation

    and if the problems of continuity/ controllability are overcome then

    units as small as 0.001 MW become economic so that distributed power generation becomes the norm rather than

    the current power generation from large 100- 500 MW fossil fuel/fission

    The current price of the alternative distributed power decreasing fast

    but is still high compared to the fossil fuel/fission plant. However some governments are interested in both

    large scale and distributed small scale solar

    In JCMNS25 both Accomazzi and Celani et al give Mills and GUTCP credence but postulate alternative novel models to explain his evidence.

    Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science 25.

    Condensed Matter is not as restrictive as LENR ?

    Good enough ?

    Not at all

    ... rel, QED, and ho corrections?

    What kind of theory uses four or more 'corrections'.

    How many of these QM corrections are there .what are the reasons?

    THH "Perhaps we could look at a specific system (in detail) chase up the known QED calculations and all corrections thereto. Look at the reasons for the corrections

    THH "Perhaps we could look at a specific system (in detail) chase up the known QED calculations and all corrections thereto. Look at the reasons for the corrections "

    Good suggestion THH... I'll await your reply re: QED corrections ..2018 is OK;)

    Paradigmnoia wrote"An HID lamp can have a color temperature of 20000 K, and still be less than 4000 K in temperature"

    True ...I googled 2500C

    but what was the stated temperature of the Rossi device?

    I missed it

    The good thing is that this thread does seem to have the anomalous heat removed.

    perhaps a jester like Maryyugo does serve a function?