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    In JCMNS25 both Accomazzi and Celani et al give Mills and GUTCP credence but

    postulate alternative novel models to explain his evidence.

    Accomazzi (P70)

    .. novel emission lines are at energy higher than 27.1 eV. Mills explains new emission lines with a new theory [9], the Hydrino, which should be the new fundamental state of atomic hydrogen. Yet we can refute this interpretation if we assume a binuclear hydrogen metastable state was formed.

    Celani (P95)


    According to Randell L. Mills the free electron is “is a spinning two-dimensional disk of charge. The mass and current density increase towards the center, but the angular velocity is constant. It produces an angular momentum vector perpendicular to the plane of the disk” [29].

    As in our proposed model the intrinsic angular momentum of free electron is h/2pi but there is an important difference in charge distribution shape and speed.


    "I'm still waiting for Bocjin's transmutation evidence"

    It's not MY evidence ..It's Mizuno's and from other researchers like

    Iwamura..Higashiyama, Karabut..Clayton..Ohtani

    Sankaranarayan.. Srinavasan Savvatimova

    Urutskoev ..Cirillo

    Radhakrishnan..Rout..Celani..Spallone name just a many researchers!

    Dear THH.

    3 courteous questions for you..

    1.How is the evidence going for your statement that OSMIUM and many others may interfere with the Pt-197 77.35 gamma peak?

    Have you found any evidence apart from the reference I have given you?

    2. How is your reading of the Mizuno et al paper on Xenon going.?..there's even some OSMIUM there

    3. When you have read that.. there's plenty more...


    I am sorry but everything you say about Mills theory is wrong and makes it obvious that you have not looked into GUTCP.

    I doubt if dear THHuxley has looked into GUTCP for more than 5 minutes of cursory reading..

    judging from his in depth contributions on this forum.

    On the other hand Epimetheus appears to have looked into GUTCP in detail.

    MY "Who knows? Or really, who cares?"

    I am sure Rossi appreciates your continued, continuous preoccupation with him

    in contrast to the rest of the world's indifference.

    Adrian wrote: "So I stopped watching."

    I watched 5 minutes at the start and cut to the money question at the end.

    I guess scientists whether they be Hartwig, Hagelstein, Mills, .. Einstein are as biased as the rest us are..we are only human.

    Fora are great places to see these biases in the open

    Hagelstein said the barrier to LENR is not the science it's a sociological barrier

    On thevideo "MIT's Pathway to Fusion Energy (IAP 2017) "

    Even Hartwig who does not have to operate ' at MIT below the radar;like Hagelstein

    says"the problem is not the physics or the technology it's the perception that fusion is a joke

    timemark 1.11.15 ish.

    I was wondering what Hartwig might say about LENR.

    THH "Most science (at least in UK) now is published open access one way or another - continued funding depends on it so universities mandate this"

    As far as I know the Pt-197 article was published in Infinity Energy in 1995 in the heyday of LENR censorship and non open access.

    The Infinity Energy website does include some open access..including article(s) by Julian Schwinger but not the Pt-197 report unfortunately

    I thought this comment from Bob Greenyer on DISQUS is pertinent to the demo and plenty more..…lease/#comment-3623870592

    Bob Greenyer3 hours ago

    My comments on youtube are now often shadow banned - it appears to be AI as it is instantaneous. By shadow banning, you can still see your comment on your account, but if I look at the video via someone else's account my comments are not there.

    Also, a good number of videos I have linked to have then been taken down. I have been posting into the steemit blockchain this year however, dragged and dropped images on steemit are currently uploaded to AWS and several of my articles have had certain sensitive images deleted from AWS. I will now have to start uploading images to another location I control.

    The internet is being broken.

    If you see a video that you think has important material in it, don't expect it to be there tomorrow, download a local copy using

    THH wrote " which any normal scientist nowadays would make open"

    You ,THH, are suggesting that Mizuno is not a normal scientist because the Journal does not allow open access?

    You might take that issue up with all the normal scientists submitting to Nature Journal nowadays ..e.g . Marek and Jonathan

    Of course if you are unable or antiwilling to discuss Pt-197 transmutation and OSMIUM

    there is Xenon transmutation in the link below won't have to break open the piggy bank;)

    THH wrote ($8??? are you serious? Absolutely. Mizuno should not be paid £8)

    $8=£8?? The UK Sounds worse than the Wilson/Callaghan days just before my personal Brexit in 1977.

    I only paid $10....Oz... great value for a wonderful insight into

    "the unpredictability and profundity of the natural world

    I had to break open the piggy bankX/

    THH "I'm not in the habit of taking stuff on this or any other internet forum personally!"

    I 'm gratified to hear that you don't take stuff ' personally'

    May be you need to work on "vicariously'

    As in where you opined

    "I'm not having this type of insult." Apparently vicariously on behalf of KirkShanahan

    Back to the Pt-197 transmutation results that you say could have been caused by OSMIUM and many other..............................................

    (which BTW you seem unable to verify)

    The first Pt-197 reference I have found is the famous Hg-gunpowder experiment

    where Bockris found Beta radiation with a 18.9 hr av halflife (not behind a those pennies)

    Zorud "It is hard to see that no one on earth other than Rossi seems to have a clue"

    Rossi actually has not published very much at all.

    There is much more well documented on the archive which is easily searchable

    I found some of Mizuno's transmutation results interesting

    including the idea that both fusion and fission may operate in LENR.

    However Montgomery and Jeffery write that both fusion and fission operate in HENR.

    Nothing 100% sure like death and taxes ... but this 100%ness is rather boring

    Axil"The increase of U235 percentage shows that the Uranium isotope that produced the supercritical explosion was U 238."

    Urutskojev wrote five thing that could be done to confirm his hypothesis

    including a thorough analysis of the isotopic makeup of the uranium fuel.

    Of course this was never done.

    Its interesting though.

    Uranium was postulated by Dash to have a greatly accelerated rate of decay (deduced from decay radiation)

    by electrolysis in water and by glow discharge

    A daring man, Dash

    Of course replicating his experiments using U-238 are difficult because although its OK for the US army to stick tonnes of it on tanks and artillery shells

    and 'export' it to Iraq

    you and I will have difficulty getting hold of it.

    Alan Smith "there is any Xenon detected above the level limit for contamination, something nuclear has been going on"

    In Mizuno et als high current 32day electrolysis of Pt/Pd in D2O

    ..... something nuclear was probably going on....LENR

    The Xenon might have been via Iodine as at Chernobyl... but the isotope variety was not specified.

    The Xenon apparently needed to be released from the surface layers by O2- bombardment.

    AlainCo write "like a car engine full of sugar,"

    Only an incompetent person would unwittingly put sugar in their engine.

    Definitely incompetence was huge at Chernobyl...but several other factors contributed

    but no EQ/tsunami as at Fukushima.

    When the persons conducting the tests on the Chernobyl reactor tried to increase the power at some point in their tests, it would not respond. They apparently did not have the understanding that the failure to increase was due to the absorption of neutrons by the xenon, so they completely removed the control rods to force the increase. The increased power then burned away the xenon and also caused voids in the cooling water, both of which rapidly increased the reaction rate, driving it out of control.

    The "xenon poisoning" of the reaction rate had been known for many years, having been dealt with in the original plutonium production reactors at Hanford, Washington. In fact, it was dealt with in the original Manhattan Project where it presented itself as a dilemma - the researchers expected a given configuration to maintain a chain reaction and it failed to do so. They found that they had to increase the fuel concentration to overcome the xenon poisoning. So the phenomenon had been dealt with from the earliest days of our experience with nuclear fission, and should have been known by anyone who was in control of a nuclear reactor.


    I feel sorry that you feel that you have annoyed me. but I can't empathise with you

    .don't take it so just a forum

    I guess those eight researchers are safe from retracting their Pt-197 transmutation idea.. for now

    There is a really good explanation of EDX for the layman

    which you might find useful...written in 1998 or so .. but still relevant…Cold-Fusion/dp/1892925001

    BTW the raw data you talked about is in Appendix 3.

    Now you have asserted that OSMIUM and MANY others may interfere with the Pt-197 77.35 Gamma Peak.

    AFAIK the only ONE is Hg-197. Don't worry its googlable and not "behind a paywall"

    $8??? are you serious? Is the UK pound in trouble?

    Alain wrote
    "poisoning by Xenon"

    so interesting from Wikipedia

    "Failing to anticipate and manage xenon poisoning and compensate for the subsequent burn-off properly was a contributing factor to the Chernobyl disaster;

    during a run-down to a lower power, a combination of operator error and xenon nuclear poisoning caused the reactor thermal power to fall to near-shutdown levels.

    The crew's resulting efforts to restore power, including the manual withdrawal of control rods not under the SKALA computer's automated control,

    placed the reactor in a highly unsafe configuration.

    A failed SCRAM procedure, resulting in the control rods being jammed at a level that actually increased reactivity,

    caused a thermal transient and a steam explosion that tore the reactor apart"

    Mizuno found high levels of Xenon from palladium/deuterium LENR.

    Does xenon buildup poison LENR reactors too? or perhaps helium buildup?

    Thanks Lou

    Nice find..amidst the tutoring

    Standard math only accounts for 5keV

    Maths of chaotic systems may be needed to account for fusion

    but it looks tricky


    Simulating and analysing this will probably be an absolute nightmare,

    but it is possible that this creates the conditions for a fusion front to travel through the water charge "

    THH wrote "some advice"...."might be EDS peak from Osmium, or many other things"

    Don't go off halfcocked and assume its mass spec .. D and H do not interfere with EDX.

    Where did you pull "massspec" from?

    You've been on this forum long enough to now that a keV figure does not refer to mass spec.

    I learned that last century.

    If you need the EDX spec with the 77.35 keV peak for further analysis the link is below ..only $8.

    Now which one of the 30 or so OSMIUMs generates a 77.35 kEV peak the same as Pt-197?

    On your advice about OSMIUM the 8 Japanese researchers may have to think??…Cold-Fusion/dp/1892925001

    THH "D vs H molecules generating different mass spectra anomalies at low levels"

    "Detection evidence is not (for somone who knows mass spectroscopy etc, whatever method was used) strong due to known artifacts"

    I guess I could ask the eight researchers questions about "not strong evidence due to known artifacts"

    They might ask why THH assumes 'mass spectra' anomalies when EDX does not use mass spec.

    They might ask why THH thinks that D and H could interfere with the 77.35 kEV gamma emission signal

    when EDX can not pick up H,D, and for that matter, He. tritium ... atoms without higher electron shells

    I might have to say

    Gomen nasai... kenkyusasantachi

    THH does not know the difference between mass spec and EDX.

    Moshiwake arimasen

    THH "That makes a method that looks as though it ought to be pretty easy actually quite difficult."

    Its hard to rule out the evidence for the production of Pt-197 and Xenon. e.g. Pt197. 1995.