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    So expert THH has reasons why the experience with HIV is not applicable to SARS MERS?

    what experts in coronavirus vaccine development (SARS,MERS, etc) have achieved and learnt, not HIV which is a different type of virus.

    and also knowledge of the present efficacy of MERS SARS vaccines..

    AFAIK there are none in the field.

    THH might take some time to actually read the paper..before commenting on it..

    and discover why the endocytosis mechanism is worthy inter alia of

    the paper being accepted by Cambridge,org..


    The SARS-CoV-2 spike is significantly different from any other SARS that we have studied (Lu et al, 2020)

    . The additional charge it carries (SARS-CoV-2 S1, isoelectric point (pI) pI=8.24 versus human SARS-CoV S1, pI= 5.67)
    will strongly improve the interactions with the receptor C-type lectin tail on CLEC4M/DC-SIGNR, which may, by itself,
    mediate the endocytosis of pathogens by acting as an attachment receptor, as happens for a number of other highly
    pathogenic viruses such as Ebolavirus, Marburg, HIV-1, Hepatitis C, Measles, human CytoMegalo Virus, Influenza
    and others
    (Marzi et al., 2004; Uniprot – Q9N2X3; Uniprot – Q2NNX6).

    Non.. Peut-etre La Miley fait 'le zitter"

    However you might discuss with Wyttenbach on his current view of ZBW ,, in Paris


    An other important deduction, that we can make from our 4D(6D) understanding of space,

    is the natural explanation of the Zitterbewegung.

    Because almost all nuclei are slightly asymmetric they must compensate their toroidal orbit

    by a slight eccentricity.

    It looks like 4-He could be one exception, because of its almost complete symmetry.…context=ProjectUpdatesLog

    this means it contains the viral genetic material of more than one virus. This may occur naturally

    Assigning a probabilty number to a natural chimera.versus a synthetic chimera . is a problem..

    human testimony from a lab worker is a problem too... who would confess to mixing their viruses?

    Also interesting is Dalgleish/Sorensen's advice about vaccine development

    Dalgleish and Sorensen have some solid reasons based on their experience with HIV ,

    why the vaccines targetting the spike protein (currently in development)

    won't work and may actually increase infections..

    They believe that their Biovacc-19 vaccine will work better.


    We correctly predicted the failure of all three major HIV/AIDS vaccines over those years,

    and specifically the danger of poor immune responses to conserved human-like domains and antibody enhanced infectivity to high mutating domains.

    Earlier this year, the latest South African trial was terminated due to futility in preventing HIV transmission (UNAIDS, 2020).

    From our past HIV experience, we therefore observe that in the present context, any vaccine design based on the whole Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2

    may not be immunogenic due its high human similarity compared to a vaccine with specifically selected NHL epitopes, such as Biovacc-19,,,

    . The possibility of inducing autoimmune responses or antibody-dependent enhancements,

    needs to be carefully guarded against because there is published evidence that

    an HIV candidate vaccine has actually enhanced infectivity (Duerr et al., 2012):

    Conflicts of interest declarations

    Birger Sørensen is an employee and shareholder of Immunor AS.
    Angus Dalgleish is on the scientific advisory board of Immodulon, and has stock options in Immunor AS.…ction_for_infectivity.pdf

    SM physics rethink: from topdown unification to suggestive bottomup phenomenology..

    Has CERN's failure to find evidence of supersymmetry thrown particle physics into crisis? Ben Allanach explains his shift to bottom-up science.?

    And that promises "free" energy, or free anything,

    BLP does not promise free energy

    Its not free....just as hydro energy is not free...or horsepower- energy

    Any technology costs... but some costs less than others...

    Even ITER does not promise free energy although it gets free euros... and >100 Million USD .. for awhile more.

    The NASEM report calls for a $200-million-per-year increase in U.S. fusion research,

    and Congress boosted DOE’s budget for fusion energy sciences from $564 million in fiscal year 2019 to $671 million this year.

    But all of that increase will go to ITER, and it remains to be seen whether Congress will continue to ramp up the fusion budget.…-fusion-lab-seeks-rebirth

    The reason should be clear to anyone a bit less gullible of believers that live here.

    The identity of truth is a mystery..where it lives unknown

    However ITER is set in concrete in Provence.. billion $ concrete.

    Although saying that ITER is false does not make BLP true.

    it certainly distributes 'gullibility'' more widely..…r-project-2019-part-1.pdf

    "The borated concrete that is being used in ITER is a high-density concrete (

    3.7 tonnes per cubic metre as compared to 2.4 tonnes for a standard formulation) that includes 0.3 percent of boron.

    The neutron-eating element is obtained from ground colemanite aggregates, a borate mineral that is imported from Turkey.

    and tar sands in Canada is actually what keeps oil prices down.

    Zephir... you are on a sticky wicket with tar sands..actually... no way do tar sands keep oil prices down.. Canada's taxpayers do..

    Tar sands are hardly a posterchild for fossil fuels

    Since 1989 I am part owner of a patented technology for dewatering oil sand tailings with fly-ash . it works...

    but am I still interested in contending with dinosaurSyncrude/ Suncor engineers.. ?

    no way ..

    . the oil sands are an ecological and economic disaster for Canada far as the eye can see.. and the huge tailings ponds haven't even broken yet…operation-aerial-footage/


    The oilsands needs 60USD/barrel to breakeven even with massive taxpayer subsidy..

    Canada subsidises fossil fuels

    to the tune of 60 billion /year..…canadian-its-got-to-stop/…as-fossil-fuel-subsidies/

    Wuhan revisited..

    The death toll may have been understated by 10 times.

    "This recent video report from Dutch TV in #Wuhan has a pretty telling account of the language of intimidation.

    The son of a COVID victim said police warned him to stop posting online, saying "Don't allow foreign hostile forces to use you" (at 13:40)


    The German program that’s spurred the nation’s switch to green power is buckling under the weight of surging costs and needs an urgent fix.…is-becoming-unaffordable/

    Hans Fell spoke paasionately in Japan,2019

    clean peace without nuclear....

    Hans-Josef seems to be influential..

    "helped to ensure an increase in funding for research into photovoltaics, concentrating solar power, geothermal energy, bioenergy, batteries for electric cars, bionics, nanotechnology and others"

    Does HJ know anything of nuclear LENR? Ich probiere es mal...

    Michael Staker's Model of huge kinetic energy of D atoms in palladium channels

    "A Model and simulation of lattice vibrations in a superabundant vacancy
    phase of palladium-deuterium
    " 2020

    ". Over time they switch back and forth from optical to acoustical mode.

    From Fig. 9 (a), it can be seen that they approach one another at a velocity of 8.75 x 10(5) m/s,

    however it is possible the relative velocity can be as high as twice the absolute velocity

    (neighboring deuterons completely out of phase), and Fig 9 (b) would indicate this to be as high as 1.16 x 10(6 )m/s…1088/1361-651X/ab9994/pdf

    These approach velocities appear to be much more than can be expected from Boltzmann assumptions at 300K..

    ... more like a a temperature of 130,,000,000 K?

    Costa Rica.Hoy

    It still has the pure life and only 10 deathcount

    and is resuming HCQ treatment..after the surgi-WHO silliness

    apparently all suspected cases of Covid get dosed with HCQ..

    according to this wimpish writer

    " The nostril-prodding examination was incredibly uncomfortable and brought tears to my eyes

    . After the irritating experience, I was given hydroxychloroquine (the controversial treatmen..and asked to quarantine for two weeks.

    I panicked: a dual Spanish-American citizen, I was alone in San Jose and had no one to care for me."…in-covid-cases-2020-06-08


    I think this thread is reverting to fallacious old Ascolio-foamology

    ... but Dr Michael Staker's has a much more recent replication..

    He can and does, unllike Fleischmann( who died in 2012), respond to queries about his research.. 2019



    Results of a calorimetric study established the energy produced,

    over and above input energy, from electrolytic loading of deuterium into Pd was 150 MJ/cm3 of Pd

    (14 000 eV/Pd atom) for a 46 day period.


    During this period, two run-away events were triggered by suddenly increasing current density
    resulting in 100% excess power (2.4 W output with 1.2 W input)

    and necessitating temporary cut back in electrolysis current.

    The average excess power (excluding run-away) ranged from

    4.7 ± 0.15 to 9.6 ± 0.30% of input power

    while input power ranged from 2.000 to 3.450 W,

    confirming the Fleischmann–Pons effect.

    all the same meat, just served with different sauce'.

    LENR cuisine is confusing even for the gastronomers

    the meat appears to be hydrogen either as protium or deuterium.. the most abundant element in the universe..

    cooked with other ingredients include a variety of metals palladium nckel iridium molybdenum ...stainless steel

    Molecular oxygen appears to be a poison for the LENR cookery

    Randell Mills appears to profess a nuclear-free cuisine.. professing deep hydronium alchemy

    Brillouin E professes LENR..

    But .. both have very low heat output.. which is far less than what might be expected from measured calrorific outputs by Chef Takahashi at > 10,000 eV/ hydrogen atom

    Norront Energy bakes a deep dense protium sauce in an iron tray which explodes into Laser ENR

    Gastronomic research on deep alchemy and LENR is continuing.. Bon appetit. Oishisoo!…299bf112560c2a14/download


    Peace bro from Oceania.

    The zero active cases figure was reached in NZ today..

    They were waiting on the last one for a week or so..

    Australia might take a few more days

    Makes the "track and trace" simpler

    Stiil .. PM Ardern was unapproving..

    higher intracellular fluid Zn

    New sinus rinse promotes high Zinc in nasopharyngeal epithelia.. potent anticoronavirus action

    50 Millimolar zinc has synergistic sinugisitc action with 10 mM chloroquine/HCQ and 20 mM ivermectin.

    Green tea, clove, turmeric, cannabinoid or natto flavours avallable

    Guaranteed to take your sinuses and Covid19 to Arizona..

    endorsed by Saran Desai (Surgisphere)... Lancet, NEJM, WHO....

    Instructions ..Suck up thoroughly and spit out twice daily..."in the morning, in the evening all ovr this land"

    Trump "a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine... incredible"

    Clinton.. Suck it..Do not inhale

    Gates"“No, that’s a dead end. That would be a bad thing. Don’t do that.”

    Gary Lenius" Absolutely nontoxic.. but do not swallow""

    Can also be used for armpit and jock itch..

    That RECOVERY decsiion to stop treating with HCQ.

    For those like me nerdy enough to enjoy reading and contrasting all the comments here is another "in the pipeline" story. High quality open-minded comment,

    The Oxford RECOVERY trial apparently did not have the right protocol.. 11000 volunteers .. wow.(thanks to the Gates)

    At >>$50 per patient.. that's a lot of funding.

    From Jeanne Pierre K..

    " I have seen so much nonsense over the years, so that yes, I dare challenging scientists,

    even if they are from Oxford – a place where I thoroughly enjoyed studying

    but which is by no means always right, even if it’s often ranked as the #1 university in the world.'

    "We covered over 2 months ago how flawed the design of this research was.

    Yes it’s testing hydroxychloroquine, but not at an early stage, and not in combination with azithromycin and/or zinc.

    "How many deaths would have been avoided in this RECOVERY Oxford trial if they had adopted the right treatment protocol?

    We will never know for sure, but it’s easy to make an estimate on the basis of the differential in the above fatality rates among patients, and it’s pretty devastating.…atment-predictably-fails/

    expect open-minded scientists capable of reading up

    Palaeo origins 'science' is very suggestive

    because evolutionists have not found evidence of evolutionary steps with any confidence..

    " this suggests that the genetic material ...

    "suggesting that evolution is progressing "

    "this suggests that lemurs are ready to develop "

    "the lack of trichromacy among lemurs suggests that competition

    This passage is very typical of such suggestive science which cannot assign any statistical confidence number to its 'suggestivity"

    On the other hand using dated genetic sequences, the evolutionary steps of Covid 19 can be tracked by the day.

    and numerical confidence can be placed on the evolutionary step timing and nature.. This tracking is not suggestive,

    Unfortunately for the evolutionary theory about the mammalian eye..

    similar genetic sequences cannot be found since the main evolution of the eye is suggested

    to have occurred in the suggested Ordovician

    well before the suggested Jurassic period..

    Althought Mary Schweitzer has found some evidence of Jurassic dinosaur blood it is doubtful if ever these Ordovician sequences will ever be found

    because of the lability of DNA.... and proteins... because the Ordovician period is suggested to predate the suggested Jurassic by 100's of miilions. of years..

    The problem is not just with opsins but will all proteins. the proteome of the human eye amounts to over 11,000 proteins.

    Perhaps one may find some Ordovician DNA or RNA or opsin in the deceased estate of Michael Chrichton?

    This is only a suggestion.. If found the data sequence could be submitted to

    This study, again, gives us no evidence for HCQ. (The non-statistically significant tendency is not evidence, obviously).

    Apparently the HCQ does give a positive effect in the older group..

    as the author's have stated ..

    the older group.... tend to take longer to recover