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    Something went wrong.... Sweden now in pole position in Europe :-(…million-people-in-europe/

    We got the third wave later than other countries in Europe hence the rise is moste exterme here now. Deaths or not as high as before

    But the ICU cases are no on par with the highest peak in the second wave although the patients are younger and has better prognosis than

    before. So the cases are mostly young people as the weakest elderly population is now vaccinated.

    Just buy some cheap Ivermectin. There is no reason to hide. Worldometer only shows 4 deaths/day in average for Sweden.

    Only rule people need to follow: Use an FP98 mask for trains/shops. Medical masks have absolute no value for

    Basically all people with severe infections get in from long stays indoors. Most of the time from the partner.

    Worldometer has a bug, the natioanl statistic present the dates of the deaths and the latest reported day has very few deaths due to the fact that reporting can take 10 days to trickle in. The true statistic is that we are plateauing on around 20 deaths a day.

    Look at Sweden:

    Near peek number of cases. All time low in death 4/day last week.

    What is wrong there??

    75% of the deaths are from elderly care and most of them are vaccinated now. That translates to around 25deaths a day from the peak number and currently we are around 20deaths per day.

    Our hospitalization is very high atm and icu cases are younger and close to the autumn peak. So the nurses and doctors here are working overtime. I'm hiding at home waiting for my vaccination.

    We are vaccinating mostly 70years and above. Here 16% has gotten their first vaccine shot.

    As I understand it, China got a problem to supply enough meat from pigs due to the pig influensa. And due to this famers began to raise other animals

    from the forrest and by that enable new viruses to spread among the humans hence the corona virus. Sounds very plausable and logical to me.

    My area in sweden has seen much lower case rates then other parts of sweden and scientists has analyzed why. It isnt masks. Its how we socialize in tight small groups with little interactiin between. Again masks do help but the debate is flawed with way too much focus on masks. social distancing is way more important and essentiall all around me who got covid did it because they socialized. Probably if they wore a mask they would have been ok but dining and masks ... I went to hospital due to blood cloths in the lungs. felt very safe and everything was carefully handled. no visitors. only stay in the room. nurses and doctors with masks and visir e.g plastic shields. whenever moving around i got a mask. All went ok. Its cool how the society adapts. But next summer there will be a change with family gatherings and party as the vaccine saves us. longing longing.

    There is a new business update and as I understand it Mills is preparing a paper in nature that might be something else. He is cooperating with people well versed in Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) and the results is speculated to increase eyebrows producing results that was predicted long time ago by Mills. One result that is expected is the measurement of the g-factor that is different for hydrino's. You may find these discussions at Redit

    While enjoying your 2 day break from the COVID thread, here is the latest from BLP:…roduction-by-the-suncell/

    thanks Santa!

    Something good from 2020. I guess droplets in steam cannot be the issue here as Cop is 3. Also very nice to see a validation for a longer time interval as the previous ones was too short to be comfortable. Also note that we have the hydrogene flow and only trace amounts of oxygene which means that excess hydrogene in exhaust can be reused and hence it is unlikely that the excess we se is from burning hydrogene to

    water and practically hydrogene losses will not eat up the energy budget. I miss a discussion of error bars for electricity input though in the report.

    The problem we see here is not that the one complying also getting a mask on. It's the ones that does not comply in the first place that needs to be addressed that's a huge group of people that dine, go to parties, shop at crowded shop malls etc etc.

    The IBM comparison is halting. It's like if IBM was INTEL as well and used 3-5 years versions ahead of the CPU than the competitors. How much is it worth to be able to commute

    without actually driving the car when the commute is a 1 and a half hours drive? Yep that's the future and that realization is much nearer than you may think. Also Tesla is leading

    when it comes to battery production and is innovating like hell. Sure cheating by cutting the range and long-lived of the battery you can make it cheaper with standard battery solution but according

    to the plan Tesla will cut the price of batteries by almost a half on three years time when the standard tech have plateau-ed. But then again China is known to steal tech so who knows where it ends.

    But I do not think that cheap labor can compete with highly automated production with a small skilled workforce. Also note that TESLA is innovating on basically every vertical layer in the production

    of an EV, This fact typically means that they have an edge and if they decided to focus on a car in the cheap price range they would take over that market as well.

    I read about the experience of a shop worker here in Sweden who complained that the people with mask was all over them being way to close and those without mask kept a decent distance. This illustrate the main points against general mask mandates. We should be fine with distancing alone as a measure to calm the spread. But people do not follow the recommendations, go to private parties, dinners and other events. My experience is really that people who are cautious and distance themselves also do not catch covid.

    I agree somewhat with Wyttenbach when it comes to pharmaceutical industry and the socially accepted fact that they spend a lot of time and money to influencing the doctors in a way that I think

    is not ethical although they try to keep it ethical. To see the effect of this I would point to the overuse of heavy pain pills that caused an epidemy of narcotic problems in USA because of the successful campaign from the industry to make the doctors prescribe the pills. On the other hand, generally, the doctors try to keep being professional and strive to make good, and they usually, at least here in Sweden try to follow the newest findings via academic experts who write reports published in a special journal that comes out frequently. In my judgement most of these professors have a high morale and deep knowledge that I really trust more than people in this forum. The non use of some of the medicaments discussed hear is because that the randomized studies have not proved they are working and so they don't find the proof enough convincing. If the the proof was convincing we would have Swedish experts writing about the results to the general working doctors. Perhaps the pharma industry managed to get researchers to use the wrong medical protocol for HCQ, perhaps not, but that is not the same as saying that all doctors are bad because they do not prescribe the drugs. The problems is in stead in the small group of researchers that uses the wrong protocol and hence misleads the expert judgement.

    This is statistics, people are quite satisfied with the car in general although they have these build problems if you ask them. The interesting thing about tesla is the technology, I am following the FSD beta program and are amazed by the technology they will reach level 4 capacity quite soon with the speed they improve. Also it is evident that they will produce a car that is much safer than a normal driver in the end. The new battery technology is really cool as we are within a couple of years to cut the cost of batteries per kWh by around 50% also less energy to produce the batteries and much cleaner, if that happens you EV's will take over as they are then much more cost effective and clean than ICE cars.

    I looked at the wordometers numbers for japan around 1500 new cases and 20 deaths today?? That is not that many for a country of 120million people. What am I missing?

    the problem is that when cases in icu are low people feel safe and do not follow the recommendations. I have seen this personally where some who i know wasnt cautious and got corona. Those who follow the advice all are spared among my group. atm the numbrrs are high again and again the streets and malls are empty. R is close to 1 and the increase will brake. The top will reach 40 deaths a day i project. We will probably not reach the limits of icu beds. These statistics is worse then our nordic neighbours but better then the rest of eorope. And do note that masks are not used in norway and finland so obviously they are not the solution.

    Usually a lot of critique of Sweden is based om comparing Sweden with Norway and Finland and say hey you did wrong with your open lock down. The same people also seam to think that whenever we use masks, everything will be ok. Now the big issue I have with this is that non of Norway, Finland or Sweden is using general mask mandates. What this proves is that there are factors that are orders of magnitude better to implement then using masks per their own argument that we can compare the countries and in Norway and Finland the numbers are so small that we do not need further mandates. So focusing on masks is the wrong discussion or?

    That is a shame.

    ("Lose" not "loose.") I have no respect for people who go around breaking laws and endangering society. During the recent riots in the U.S., I was strongly in favor of cracking down on the looters, and the people who shot to death a child in Atlanta. I don't care if people get "obstinate" as long as they follow the laws. Anyone who objects to emergency short term rules that will save ~100,000 lives is an anti-social nutcase. You cannot reason with them, so you might as fine them. The people who object to masks are ninnies. Crybabies. Wusses. They need to grow up.

    Th problem is that masks here would not save 100 000/33 much less so, again evidences show that if you social distance masks is not needed, just in crowded situations so why focus on the wrong thing and in stead concentrate on making sure the people not go to parties, do not do non essential shopping,, go to the gym in stead of a walk in the park etc etc. That is way more effective than masks everywhere.

    deluded? we can't force people to where mask here, we can't fine them if they do not use it, we are really concerned that pushing masks too much will make people obstinate and less cautious with other measures as well and loose the trust towards authorities. Also masks usage is confounded with many other facts like states implementing masks takes covid more seriously in general. I agree that masks are important in USA as people have to work when sick etc. But countries that have other measures in place like a proper sick leave and social distancing, masks become less important as the Danish study shows e.g. when people are socially distancing masks makes less of an improvement then not, not that it does not have an effect. And we are keen that less is more. Also explain why Norway and Finland, mask less countries, are much much less affected then countries in Europe that has masks mandates. And yes if I would get into a crowded bus I would wear a Mask, but that does not happen atm when I basically stay home and go to the shop at times with no crowding.