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    Unluckily Mills deduction of the Helium energy levels (his spreadsheet) is highly flawed as he did cheat the reduced mass for 4-He. The same holds for his formula for all single electron atoms that has the same mistake besides that most atoms have isotopes with different masses...

    Yes but I think the formulas are ok, just the deduction is flawed and to reasons you state. I try to find alternative formulations for essentially all his work if you followed my effort.

    Helium Energy Levels Is a blog post that tries to give an alternative motivation to Mills deduction of the Helium energy levels. I think this is easier to understand

    than some mysterious magnetic calculation. If you like you can view this as a way to show how you perform an extension to the Bohr model so that you get

    the energy ground energy of helium and other similar ion's

    Not from this one can introduce the reduced mass and do proper special rtelativistic corrections and all numbers improves. This is a clear indication that Mills formula is sound as it generalizes.

    So this statements is wrong:

    "The collected gas contained no helium by mass spectroscopy."

    "No known gas has a faster migration rate and higher thermal conductivity than H2 or He,"

    "The early peak was negative with a helium carrier gas "

    But I'm a noob when it comes to this but your statements does not line up with the above and this confuses me.

    Actually there are some facts about stars that is hard to explain and may be a consequence of the existence of hydrinos. To read up about this I recommend Bret Holverstott's book.

    Hmm, what do you think about the importance of non radiating charge distributions?

    BLP officially announces their new independent Hydrino verification:

    Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Proof for the Existence of Molecular Hydrino | Brilliant Light Power

    Happy to see that this got publicized. I tried to find any scientific comments and not much to find yet. Not taking this result serious is a crime against humanity and I really hope that that we spend a lot of money on this focusing to understand what is behind the results. But I suspect that it will fly under the radar and and we will continue to try the impossible wasting money on stupidities like quantum computers. Anyhow I have been focusing on my computer projects for some time now taking up all my energy and resources. I started a new blog at a new address, Functional vs mutable and the new content is mostly related to computers and some soft stuff from my latest creativity period. Anyhow I would again point out this post, Some maths as a try to bridge what we see in the cited paper and current QM theory. My stance is that GUTCP and QM is much closer related than basically everybody else think and that contemplating plurality leads to some aha's for you and also gives a warning to trust QM too much. It's kind of funny how Nobel winners bash GUTCP and calls it pseudo science and fail to see that Mills is at least right when it comes to non radiation conditions and simply ignore such an interesting phenomena that just screams for nature to take advantage of. Perhaps this fact was hushed because the military would like to own the science, I do not know. What I know that declassified articles form 70's had traces that indicates that (Mills) non radiation setup with oscillating spherical harmonic solutions was well known is some classified research circuits. Mills proof of this is so convoluted that almost nobody can follow it and contains errors, although very simple and elegant methods can show how they satisfy non radiation conditions. A shout out and hello to all Lenerists!

    Natural selection will also mean that in x generation almost no eagles will be killed, if this now is a problem. Just standardize markings on them and the birds will learn how to

    avoid them. Every year I have to take care of a few birds that fly into my windows. I have a friend that is a bird lower but he certainly does not complain about the windmills,

    which placement we do try to placing in such a way that we minimize bird death. Also Increasing temperatures will likely lead to a new mass extinction. If 1500 eagles

    cost 1.5 million its not going to be a cheap deal for the oil companies.

    When was that limestone formed? It can be dated from the fossil records, maybe one hundred million years ago? There has been plenty of climate change since then, to say nothing of continental drift, volcanic activity and meteor strikes. Our theory of climate change being solely due to greenhouse gas emissions is only one factor in this planet-warming phenomenon, and may turn out to be not all that important. When you compare it to methane which is far (X4 or so) more effective as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide itself. Monckton has expressed this view but argues from a science base as apposed to Greenpeace campaigners who argue Greta Thunberg's case.

    No, Please go over to the potholer channel and try to express your ideas there or over to skeptical science, (Hint you will make a fool out of yourself) there are great discussions there about this topic and Greta does not invent this from thin air, it is a genuine worry shred among many people including me. But sure the the world has nuked itself many times in the past. It's that I just do not see the point to risk a collective suicide as we do now. But things are not as grim as it looks, I can cycle, I can walk I can take the train, I can have more clothes on and keep inside temperature colder, I can eat less meat (hint consumes resources). I can spend vacation with friends in beautiful Sweden in stead of traveling around the earth. Case in point: Swedes never where as healthy as during the WW2 (we did not go to war). Why on earth do we have to live as we always do when the world almost is going into a nuclear war, of cause we can adapt for harsh times if we must. Heck we can save the coming famine if we just stop eating meat every day and optimize for global healthy. We can but we don't because our system cater to the individual as it should under normal times.

    It’s starting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And it’s just the beginning.…

    Yeah and previously it was birds that was massacred by the windmills, now it is fish instead. FYI I can tell you that if I had a clear view

    I would be surrounded by motorways and I constantly need to clean the tables from dirt. I do not complain and ask them to move the

    motorway or to forbid gas cars that pollute.


    After a good nights sleep, where whispering ancient words in an unspoken language touches my soul,

    and begin its journey to my fingers; I sit and wait for inspiration. Then suddenly,

    the flow comes. A tide of ideas that twists my ancestors lives with what has reached my eyes

    and ears throughout the decades. I see myself as a child, I feel my angst when fighting for

    my own sanity at rough times, feel the times when love was wagging me to sleep. But also I

    feel the fear of many lives now, I feel the determination to never give up. Souls that are

    hardening in the night. Freezing soldiers dreaming of home, the loved. I cry. Then the pencil

    starts it's dance and the magic of life shows itself.

    Well I’m not a troll and I don’t think everyone is an idiot. But I still disagree with those that confuse cost for value. Have a great day!

    All those facts and figures in my arguments make me a troll in your mind I guess…

    After this number of posts if you don’t understand my argument it’s not the end of the world. I will lay down a prediction here though. The more wind and solar installed the higher retail prices will get. The economics of this require considering multiple variables simultaneously.

    You may be safe where you live but we have a mad powerful dictator as our neighbor things can get nasty and I suspect that 10000's of windmills will be much more robust from attacks than a few well placed bombs at a few of our power stations. Heck our government will double the electricity generation with windmills and claim that is the best solution. I trust them more than a few quacks in the internet imo.

    Actually when all cars have batteries we can choose to charge the cars when prices are low which would make solar and wind more practical in the end as it allows more fluctuations. Think house owners charging car batteries when there is no wind. Today we are not there yet, but electric cars are more and more popular and in 10 years the fleet will probably be essentially electrical. Heck, I would probably use the car battery when I heat the house and cook if there is no wind blowing in 5 years time.

    Well our modern societies are not well suited for war with Russia so we have not much to bargain with, especially my home country. Think no electricity and fuel.

    I don't trust the situation and have prepped in case of an escalation.

    NO! Investing energy in a soon dead city is wast of energy. Of course insulation 4x is the best we can do. Here (CH) at least 12cm are required and some use 16cm. But heat pumps (5x) are the other part of the story = 4x5.

    Who talks about investing in Amsterdam? People who live there likes their environment and uses no car and feel more satisfied than in many other places where you need a car. Why not copy. But of cause we should not invest in areas close to the sea that risk devastation in the next 100 years but that's not what they talk about.

    True heat pumps are good. But also when I look at the average compartment building here, although each compartment here wall roof and ceiling the walls that meet the outdside is pretty poorly insulated adn no heat pump in the majority of the houses I would think, while almost every villa here has a heat pump since decades.

    Yep, and everybody has Omicron here, also the deadly sick in other deceases. One should expect higher deaths rates statistics just due to this. I do not think the excess death will be especially high here. Then number of cases in ICU are stable and not especially high, reports that everybody in the elderly care has corona, mild cases and you can do the math. According to the death statistics we should have as many deaths as almost the worst peaks, but the society has released all restrictions. Heck I probably have corona now for 3 days, witch is like a light cold, my mother has the same experience, my father was in bed for 3 days with fever (and old and sick man) but not very high fever. My sister had a tough case though, but not tougher than a bad cold. Her children had it and was not especially sick, my son was with me when I got infected and shows no symptoms. That's my observations.

    As I always say, one need to save the energy for disputes to when it matters. We old may have been saved by the vaccination we took earlier and I'm glad to be infected with the real thing all according to plan. So I must say it is actually perfect to have this, as now corona is essentially endemic here now as with every other cold, just as what happend with other severe influence events in the 50th and 60th.

    As a side note, my mother cared for all her family as everybody was in bed gone (2 adults baby twins and two brothers) with one of these events. She then called the nurse when she felt it coming (I guess she was 12 years old then) told the nurse that she had to go to bed and in case she also was gone, keep the door open! She got into the fever and never was able to welcome the nurse who cared for the family the next days or week.

    By teh end of the century Amsterdam will be under water. No need to be climate town....

    That's not the point, the point is that you can build a Big city so that you do not need a car and not sacrifice anything. So we should not try that because Holland will

    be flooded in a centrury. My comment her is that one can build well insulated houses, we do that here in the Nordic. So that argument is moot. But essentially factor

    out the car in the equation and get a much better experience is a really good idea.