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    This is statistics, people are quite satisfied with the car in general although they have these build problems if you ask them. The interesting thing about tesla is the technology, I am following the FSD beta program and are amazed by the technology they will reach level 4 capacity quite soon with the speed they improve. Also it is evident that they will produce a car that is much safer than a normal driver in the end. The new battery technology is really cool as we are within a couple of years to cut the cost of batteries per kWh by around 50% also less energy to produce the batteries and much cleaner, if that happens you EV's will take over as they are then much more cost effective and clean than ICE cars.

    I looked at the wordometers numbers for japan around 1500 new cases and 20 deaths today?? That is not that many for a country of 120million people. What am I missing?

    the problem is that when cases in icu are low people feel safe and do not follow the recommendations. I have seen this personally where some who i know wasnt cautious and got corona. Those who follow the advice all are spared among my group. atm the numbrrs are high again and again the streets and malls are empty. R is close to 1 and the increase will brake. The top will reach 40 deaths a day i project. We will probably not reach the limits of icu beds. These statistics is worse then our nordic neighbours but better then the rest of eorope. And do note that masks are not used in norway and finland so obviously they are not the solution.

    Usually a lot of critique of Sweden is based om comparing Sweden with Norway and Finland and say hey you did wrong with your open lock down. The same people also seam to think that whenever we use masks, everything will be ok. Now the big issue I have with this is that non of Norway, Finland or Sweden is using general mask mandates. What this proves is that there are factors that are orders of magnitude better to implement then using masks per their own argument that we can compare the countries and in Norway and Finland the numbers are so small that we do not need further mandates. So focusing on masks is the wrong discussion or?

    That is a shame.

    ("Lose" not "loose.") I have no respect for people who go around breaking laws and endangering society. During the recent riots in the U.S., I was strongly in favor of cracking down on the looters, and the people who shot to death a child in Atlanta. I don't care if people get "obstinate" as long as they follow the laws. Anyone who objects to emergency short term rules that will save ~100,000 lives is an anti-social nutcase. You cannot reason with them, so you might as fine them. The people who object to masks are ninnies. Crybabies. Wusses. They need to grow up.

    Th problem is that masks here would not save 100 000/33 much less so, again evidences show that if you social distance masks is not needed, just in crowded situations so why focus on the wrong thing and in stead concentrate on making sure the people not go to parties, do not do non essential shopping,, go to the gym in stead of a walk in the park etc etc. That is way more effective than masks everywhere.

    deluded? we can't force people to where mask here, we can't fine them if they do not use it, we are really concerned that pushing masks too much will make people obstinate and less cautious with other measures as well and loose the trust towards authorities. Also masks usage is confounded with many other facts like states implementing masks takes covid more seriously in general. I agree that masks are important in USA as people have to work when sick etc. But countries that have other measures in place like a proper sick leave and social distancing, masks become less important as the Danish study shows e.g. when people are socially distancing masks makes less of an improvement then not, not that it does not have an effect. And we are keen that less is more. Also explain why Norway and Finland, mask less countries, are much much less affected then countries in Europe that has masks mandates. And yes if I would get into a crowded bus I would wear a Mask, but that does not happen atm when I basically stay home and go to the shop at times with no crowding.

    The people here who are opposed to masks should please address these two questions:

    1. Are you also opposed to other public health and safety rules, such as the rule against urinating on grocery store vegetables, or running through a red light? If you do not oppose the latter it seems to me you are only against novel, temporary rules, not established ones. This is irrational.

    2. If we could magically bring back to life 200,000 dead people by wearing masks, would you wear one? If you would, why will you not wear a mask now to keep 100,000 more people from dying? Again, this is irrational.

    Jed, why should I wear a mask when it does not help anyone, I keep the distance and are very isolated. What I'm oppose to is to get a false notion of safety, and start taking risks by socializing more and stop keeping a distance. Also when one in 10 wear a mask people will avoid them, if everybody where a mask you can't distinguish. Norway Sweden and Finland have decided that masks is not proven to work in real life. We have many cases but Norway and Finland has very little. The big thing is that people here was not following the recommendations and we believe that it is double difficult if we implement to much and people get tired and do not follow anything, less is more philosophy one could say and everything (actually a lot of details) is towards keeping people separated.

    this Danish study showed that you get a marginal improvement from masks in normal life and use. I believe from this that it is a mistake to open up the society and only counter that with mask usage. Personally I believe more in proper social distancing like, do not do shopping if it's crowded that is not nesessary, work from home if you can, do not meet with people outside your family, stay home if you have any symptoms, or that someone in your familly have symptoms (yes we get well paid if we stay home). Norway and Finland either do not implement masks and we are usually compared to them, and they have very few cases and deaths compared to other countries in Europe. In my experience form real life, people are very careful, and the non careful bunch now starts to reach herd immunity it looks like. We can actually see from the numbers of ICU cases that the increce is much less rapid although steadily upward then last spring, which means that recommendations have had an effect to give room to act on numbers. It looks like we will hit maybe an intensity of 50% less icu cases a day then spring, before the recommended lockdown starts to have an effect. We have atm 20 deaths a day on a population of 10 million which translates to 650 deaths a day if we where USA the number of cases is about 4000-5000 a day that translates to 120-150 thousands of cases if we where USA. It's kind of amazing that ASIA is so spared, maybe they are much better trained to use masks properly than Denmark etc. We did contact tracing, still not able to stop the spread, perhaps to few resources to implement this properly, but I have no knowledge with more than Norway, a very rich country has tons of tracers. Oh to all USA people, congratulation to your new Precedent, Biden and a very strong implementation of democracy that are under heavy attack.

    500 000 cases and 1000 more deaths are projected in Sweden to 1 of January if nothing is changed. That's 15Million cases and 30000 deaths if we where US (multiply by 30). Again we have strict recommendations and the streets are empty, very few go to restaurants etc. The death rate is lower now as we are better at protecting the elderly at the nurseries and much improved hospital care. There is a risk of flooding the Hospitals though so we need to socially distance ourselves. Lot's of angry nurses in the media calls for better behavior. But with cold and winter the virus becomes much more potent and it is difficult to hold it back, we do see less R0 than in spring so there is an effect of people behaving, just that this virus is very contiguous and that's the nature of it and we need to live with that. Interestingly the spread is now more in wealthier areas that was spared in spring. I guess we will start vaccinating in February that will decrease the deaths but still we need to make sure not to flood the health care so most likely spring is lost next year as well as it is projected that vaccination for everybody in second or third quarter.

    I still think the Swedes have handled this crisis in the most pragmatic, non-political, and scientific way. Many around the world think that also. They have yet again resisted peer pressure to follow the pack, and shutter their economy...opting instead to do it their way:…wns-ordered-across-europe

    It reminds me of Tegnell's comment early in the pandemic, when he countered criticism of his policies by saying "Let us wait 3 years, and then we will see who had the better policy". As I watch the deaths/million pile up in country after country, and surpass Sweden's...well, I have even more respect for the man. It would have been easy for him to take the easy way out, and go along. But by standing firm, he may have saved a lot of lives.

    Cases are surging now not as dramatic as chart show as the number of tests has surged as well, icu cases, which is a better figure of the amount of spread has just started to climb and quadrupled in 3 weeks time from a low value. Deaths remains low, but I read that some nurseries has gotten bitten again. Half of Sweden is now under the recommendations to work from home and not socialize outside the family. People seam to care less about the recommendations now though so we will continue to see cases move up, we'll see where we end. I expect to see similar trend as in France and UK with deaths starting to climb when the virus is common in the population. Our medical staff is exhausted after the spring and summer. We have a long cold dark time ahead of us.

    The successfull applicatoin of suncell of GUTCP is a mystery. QED does calculate a lot of values very exactly, but is so different from GUTCP Now I have tried to compiled a sketch of how to find another solution of QED that has the property of yielding the same exact energy solution and have a feature of a sperical shell non-linearity manifesting that the second derivative is not continuous on a spherical shell. With this approach it is plausable that QED and GUTCP is the same theory or share much more than believed. Here is a link to the sketch of a new solution to QED that yields the same energy.

    QED Calculations

    What policy? I had not noticed one...

    Well protect the vulnerable but keep the society open, no lock down, he also thinks that the evidences for masks is weak and that there is no strong scientific evidence for it. Social distancing is enough. Pretty much what we have in Sweden now. You may not agree with this guy but it is a great discussion.

    We have some surge of cases in a local regions with a very high fraction of young people (A university area) and recommendations there is to work from home, avoid public transport and avoid contact with people you are not living with e.g. the recommendations we had last spring. The number of deaths have not risen but the number icu cases went within half a week to 20% of max for that region. Which means that the spreading is quite dramatic. We expected these kind of bursts of infections. There is also a slight slow general increase of icu cases as well in the whole country. Experts where telling us that this virus would not be affected by which season it is, don't look like that now.

    I think that for demonstrating the effect, radiation is not bad as it is an easy mark that we have a nuclear effect. But yes as a practical device one would head for non radioactive one. The thing is that demonstrating that we have an effect will open the floodgates of human exploration power as companies and people all over the world would start to try to find the best solution, something that LENR is missing badly. Perhaps the inventor is a real economic genius as well as he get's to collect a percentage of an existing multi trillion market compared to people hiding in the dark and want everything by them self not finding the practical solution and gets a percentage of nothing.

    En ny BrLP-video från deras 100-timmars test här .

    Vad som är intressant är att påståendet i berättelsen 10 gånger mer ström ut än antändning av powe5r. De hävdar också att 200 gånger mindre väte behövs än att bränna väte till vatten för att uppnå detta överskottsenergi. Ser ut som en slam dunk eftersom dessa siffror borde vara ganska lätt för dem att kontrollera nu. Jag kallar det en framgång nu eftersom jag inte kan se detta som en bluff och det kan inte vara självbedrägeri.

    Yes, I'd like to have better understanding of how transmission happens from all these asymptomatic cases. I'd guess that you need quite close contact because children only seem to infect about 20% of other household members. Presumably your teachers are not hugging children nor within 1m very often.

    Another thing to factor in is the average age of teachers - unless you are testing them enough that you reckon the figures will catch all infections?

    The one stating this are expert of stats, I think that age groups are factored in, that's standard procedures if you know the stats of this decease. Anyway they do take measures in school by being careful to send home children when they have symptoms, washing hands and keep distances. No masks for children, people that ask for such measures are seen to be unrealistic by us and a bit weird. Also when we do not have much outbreaks in school why bother. Gymnasium have been closed or teachers taught at distance. They are opening now with a ton of precautions, a few outbreaks that are under control have been the result and currently things go well. No masks, but they are making sure there is no crowding and that people do not meet outside the study groups.

    Guardian have an article that describes findings in genetics that is exiting and can lead to great treatments. That we have mild and severe cases is actually great as we can data mine the cause of the tough cases and produce a good treatment.