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    I think it's more subtle than this. According to Wikipedia, Bell had discovered Bohm's work (and presumably liked it), and he wondered whether the explicit non-locality of the de Broglie–Bohm theory could be removed. That…
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    I'm kind of confused. I can't find from the discussion anything that can explain the Mizuno's result as normal and still IH did not manage to replicate. What I would like to know though is what happens
    when one varies properties…
  • People here should please read the paper more carefully. I think all of the concerns raised here are covered explicitly in the paper. For example:
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    Mizuno wrote: "Six platinum temperature measuring elements were attached to various…
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    Zeus46 said "Maybe a couple of zeroes have been missed off? "

    I contacted MizunoSensei.. The data set he used is below.
    This gives
    Hc= 0.987 +0.0000661 ×Tout.

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    In the end, this^ comment illustrates a generic problem with online criticism in the CF field.... Namely, it looks like another case of the Unbounded Error Gambit! ...Point out a possible source of measurement error, and assume/imply it must be…