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  • The rail gun shot injection system is presumably not for high speed but just for pinpoint timing.
    This patent was filed almost 2 years ago.
    Mills has moved on since then I guess.. liquid silver may not need a shot injector??
    BTW, there is new…
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    So what narrative should we add to the big picture here. remember adding narrative to facts is story telling, other stories may well be the truth but let's try.

    First let's list a few facts around the general picture.
    1. Rossi may believes the effect…
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    I do not think a judge can do that. She might suggest it to him and his lawyers, but she does not have the authority to order such a thing as far as I know. It is not a legal procedure.
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    Exactly right. From this fact…
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    What is nice with this story is that one get educated. I can't find any good evidences that the ECAT works. Rossi seam to be tinkering a lot but lack interests in doing
    proper work that enables good verification. The conclusion seam that we can't show…
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    This is an good point. If a contractor does anything unlawful you should not be able to hide behind a business in-direction, at least the bribery laws in civil countries is clear on that you cannot do this hiding without
    a good…
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    (Quote from Dewey Weaver)

    All divorces in Sweden goes through the court the good one as well (yes there are good divorces which are quite common in Sweden from what I experienced). Probably when you paint a picture from the US you probably are way way…