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    I think you are guilty of post facto gloss here. Consider: Rossi had some apparently independent tests (Ferrara) showing his stuff worked. Before they paid over dosh there was another apparently independent test with a positive report. if it worked it would be the breakthrough of the century and worth large multiples of what was paid. Rossi refused to allow proper IH hands-on validation without payment in advance of a large sum.

    This is a very good objection that arises the question why Darden guaranteed Rossi such a relatively high advance and such a high total contract sum, solely on the basis of "independent tests" where the sole confirmation depends on the expertise of Fulvio Fabiani, who even then was considered to be "Rossi's engineer"?

    It is only a guess, but I think that Darden did it and did not take it so seriously, because they were only marginal interested in developing LENR as a game chainging technology, but they had very high interests to convince major investors like Woodford to get involved in this project and as the correspondence between JT Vaughn and Thomas Darden shows, the ECAT project would not have been continued without Woodford's investment.

    If you were IH, what would you have done?

    Right from the beginning I would have hired scientifically trained professionals who are undoubtedly able to perform reasonable calometrical measurements and I would have involved technicians that, without having to rely on Rossi statements and data, plowed up the technology of the plant and analyzed it down to the last detail.

    naivete and/or a huge tolerance for risk on IH's side

    Naivete? Tolerance? No! Rossi is Rossi and as a risk fund manager you have to deal with such personalities and the resulting difficulties. Conversely, this means that the IH team, for which Thomas Darden is responsible, showed an almost incomprehensible dilettantism (detail can be taken from the court records). JT Vaughn's overall performance as a project manager is hard to believe, but ultimately Darden as the leader is responsible for the failure of this project and the burning of millions of dollars. They had it in their own hands and failed completely.

    The trial is over and can not be resumed and in legal terms, it does not matter who f...ed who, both sides have made a disastrous picture and ultimately only shown that they have acted years long far away from professionalism.

    Jed, and my favorite is Pd Y

    All those scientific papers, of course interesting, but what kind of news is in the media, what is the world talking about and what is attracting investments?

    Science is important and one key to success, but without professional promotion LENR will never become a valid market ready product!

    I am not sure I have no idea what the function of diamond is, but I think it might have something to do with the crystalline surface structure, which may have a catalytic effect and that leads me to the idea, if maybe someone can experimentally verify if sphalerite can be used as a catalyst instead of diamond?

    There is a relatively simple method to capture information and make even complex content understandable to everyone by answering the following interrogative pronouns:







    What for?

    In the case of LENR and Cold Fusion, we must assume that now more and more interested people attain who have absolutely no idea of the topic, but would like to inform themselves, or need to inform professionally. With e.g. statements like "O Day is coming ... What do you see when you look at the Ring Nebula in Lyra?" and such things you rather ensure that especially decision makers immediately turn away from the topic!


    It seems there is nothing of substance to this story that I can I wrong?

    This is exactly what I mean, for example I have 'a feeling' that with LION serious and important is going on, but beside Alans polite explanations in this thread, the only 'information source' for LION is the Twitter Account of MFMP, no information on http://www.quantumheat.or, no papers, no other sources, only this annoying 'hipp' social media marketing strategy on Twitter. Nothing is clear as for example Alan above pointed out MFMP: LENR is REAL - LION2 100% Replication well beyond LION1

    We - by which I mean LFH - are trying to make this as serious and independent a replication as is possible, taking great care over every detail. We can do no more than that.

    To be honest, I think this social media marketing-based Twitter salami tactic by MFMP is inappropriate for this topic. Of course you can catch attention through targeted communication, but this is not about the release of a music album, or the launch of a new sneaker. It is about science on the one hand and the possible beginning of a new disruptive energy age on the other side. This should, in my opinion, be treated more serious by circumvent this nonsense.

    May I remind the gentlemen that we have agreed to maintain a certain level of discussion here. It is ok to argue hard in the matter and it is also alright to tell the other unmistakably what one thinks of his opinion, but it would be desirable in the sense of a good discussion culture to renounce verbal and personal attacks and pejorative terminology, even if that is sometimes difficult in the heat of discussion. Many Thanks!

    He is extremely inventive,

    For example concerning LENR, from my point of view the concept of the LENR powered Ecat is not Rossi invention in its core. He has taken several other concepts and brought them together as a new construct the Ecat. And this is where the biggest problem lies, because Rossi can always claim that individual components of the Ecat have already earned scientific merits somewhere in theory and practice. But of course that says nothing about the functionality of the Ecat itself. Rossi plays this game masterfully, he leases spaces in venerable university facilities, he lets young physicists bring theoretic considerations on paper, but they do not write about experimental results of the Ecat itself (they were probably not even allowed to inspect the device), but alone on the basis of Rossi's remarks on the subject, which, in turn, is a collection of scientific findings by other researchers that he sells as his own. That's exactly where Rossi is a true master! Chapeau! ;)

    Rossi is not an inventor, not a good business man, not a real entrepreneur, not a talented engineer, or a technician. His main talent and point of life is to awaken desires and maintain that desires and then market these desires for money. Even if the Ecat works then Rossi would never give it out of his hands, because that would put him offside, because in all other domains others are better than him.

    Can it be that since Rossi already said that the EcatQX produces its own electricity, this cooling is needed because the QX gives back a current to the control unit which then needs to be dissipated as heat?

    If that were the case, a simple, adequately sized consumer (eg, a simple light bulb) could be integrated into the circuit to eliminate excess electricity produced by the reactor. It would have had the additional effect of giving the viewer of this experiment a 'light', but here, in the end, only endless darkness remains.