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    Rends, thanks, any evidence that this might help or just a hunch?…oReportSubmit.pdf#Page=53


    Sample 1 was ash coming from the reactor in Lugano. Only a few granules of grey sample were
    possible to obtain from the ash and they didn’t look exactly the same. One large and two very small
    granules were observed.
    Sample 2 was the fuel used to charge the E-Cat. It’s in the form of a very fine powder. Besides the
    analyzed elements it has been found that the fuel also contains rather high concentrations of C, Ca,
    Cl, Fe, Mg, Mn and these are not found in the ash.…et-catalyst-jamie-sibley/


    2) Lugano reactor contains more carbon than would be expected from a carby-nickel produced powder. Possibly up to 6.6% by weight. I suspect that this carbon is actually only on the surface of the particles.

    I think the purity of the fuel is the problem with any replication, if the fuel is to pure without traces of e.g. C, Ca, Cl, Fe, Mg, Mn (and here especially Carbon) then there will be no excess heat. I personally think that Rossi has found the Carbon reaction by coincidence.

    Remember it is not likely that any Jury will come with the pre-existing idea that Rossi's devices work

    Even if there are sufficient indications inside the tons of court papers that the Ecat may not work, there is at the same time the same amount of evidence that it is highly efficient and functioning future technology. In the jury will sit most probably no studied physicist and why should they not not believe in Rossi , if the for the Nobel Price responsible Sweds, the U.S. Navy and even the NASA have Rossi's ECAT on the top of the list (even if the first 'fact' is more or less a legend)?. The lawyers on both side have only a few days (hours) to create an image and my opinion is and was (even if this mistakenly assigned me to camp allegiance) that Rossi's picture and overall impression is simply more convincing and above all more sympathetic if you do not have all the facts and no time to get more details.

    I want Rossi to prevail because I have never considered he is a scam artist or even delusional. I think he has what he claims and I'm convince that even with producing only 250KW he still beat the heck out of a COP of 6. I'm convinced that if either side starts trying to explain and rationalize the data in Penons, like you and Jed do repeatedly, then that side will lose. As for myself, I'm still able to rationalize just about everything Rossi has said or done and I've not read anything in the depositions that changes that for me. I think Rossi is opinionated, cantankerous, belligerent, stubborn and a total narcissist, but in every interview I've watched him in he came across as sincere and honest and I believe that's what the Jury will see also. Even with that I believe it's still too close to call.

    Really very good analysis! I think IH is not really aware of this power of conviction of Andrea Rossi alone by his appearance and essence. It is for the judicial review and a jury's verdict in my opinion even more or less unimportant whether the E-Cat system has 1MW, or only 250KW, a COP of more than 6, or less than 1, or even works at all. It is like you write the classic David against Goliath drama play and Thomas Darden really must be very calm and convincing in the witness stand if he wants to keep up with Rossi. Thomas Darden I trust this balancing act, but if JT Vaughn, or more worst Dewey Weaver have to testify as witnesses, then I think it will be very difficult to get rid of this Goliath / Dark Force role.

    Anyways...I just lost a lot of respect for you.

    This is the usual way as discrediting and depreciation of a person versus a community works...

    That is an often used strategy to shut down conversation

    ...and this is exactly the reason for this behavior, good analysis.

    *At the request of the admin and moderators team, I announce that this is my purely personal opinion.*

    In the U.S. it is inconceivable that this would be considered libel. Calling Rossi a scammer does not begin to fit the legal definition of libel.

    U.S. law would never include a government imposed fine or imprisonment for libel. It is strictly a matter of civil law, not criminal.

    JedRothwell you can see that different people, nations, cultures have different conceptions of what is right and what is not, and since this is an international forum, I would welcome it if these differences are taken into consideration and in doubt is more reasonably argued.

    *At the request of the admin and moderators team, I announce that this is my purely personal opinion.*

    It is definitely not against the law! That would be a violation of free speech.

    There is no need for a trial. Every sensible person can see that Rossi is a scammer, and in every free society anyone is free to say that.

    For example in Germany it is strict against the law, also and especially in the WWW:


    "Anyone who is convicted of a libel is to be punished with imprisonment for up to two years or with a fine according to § 186 StGB."

    The domain is registered in the US (San Francisco CA.) maybe that there is another law, but I would prefer that no person, cooperation, or organisation is accused here as long as there is no judicial verdict.

    Eric and all the moderators and admins are human beings, and we often have to make decisions here and therefore read tons of text, which means that we have to read EVERYTHING in order to make a judgment that is timely, which is very difficult if you, for example, lives in Europe and most posts from the US at 4:00 am local time.


    "I mean look it, this is a big case. [... ] I think we need to have an argument on this or we think that this stuff is hidden in a mountain in Colorado and we shouldn't have to go get it, so we need a judge really to decide whether or not, you know, it's proportional to the needs of the case. Not, you know, oh we gave them videos and we did this and we did that. This is garbage. This is not what I'm here for. So I suggest you guys start working on this stuff a little better. I don't know who is, you know, doing the communicating between you, but if it's not you two and it's someone else, they need to communicate. And if they can't get it accomplished, then you two get it accomplished before you come and see me again. I'm not here to resolve kindergarten matters, and I'm serious about this."

    JOHN J. O'SULLIVAN UNITED STATES MAGISTRATE JUDGE December 20, 2016 in response to Mr. Pace

    "Garbage", "Kindergarten Matters", good points Mr. O'Sullivan

    In Germany, we have a good tradition in court, the so-called judicial expert opinion. If in Germany (where we have no Jury at all) the court has a doubt then, several independent experts are commissioned, for example to proof function of a device. I sincerely hope that there is this appeal in the US too, to put an end to these senseless debates here!

    I want to add some facts concerning the questions if IH is somehow related to Cherokeefund or not, which is denied by Darden
    The email address domain used in all the communication is allways ...

    like Ampenergo have been

    Ampenergo were not deceived, they became in 2013 by investment manager tactics Shareholder of IH. Which resulted in the fact that in 2014, before it ever came to the long-term test, Craig Cassarino waited like a commanding receiver for the instructions of Vaughn / Darden / Mazzarino. Some may ask why this guy never signed the Second Amendement.

    What is interesting is how the links between Leonardo and USQL suddenly stop at the end of the test, when we know from other evidence (Fabione deposition) that Fabione angered Rossi by (Rossi thought) providing too much information to IH about the test.

    Fabiani provided (or better promised) not "too much information" but all that is necessary to replicate the system without Rossi directly to to JT Vaughn and Thomas Darden.


    "Then I will work on my official report to bring to light all the flaws and functional deficiencies of the system in order to have sufficient information to replicate a system with lower costs and with greater reliability."…iani-0029-exhibit-21-pdf/

    And at the same time he applied for a new contract, which suggests that at least Fabiani was sure that the system works and he can even optimize it for IH.

    I just look who has reason and decency here in this community (not important that I agree with his or her opinion) and who is not, but many people have not understood that we are taking it very seriously in our community. Here no one is corrupt, we are ALL here without getting money, we respect human dignity and even if we disagree, we can still pursue a common goal without degrading and degrade other people as Dewey Weaver practiced it.

    I believe (may have got the details wrong) that he is an old friend of Tom and one of the investors in IH. And he is working for IH as contact with LENR people. So he probably find that the lies spread on ECW about IH piss him off. They certainly would me.

    Understand, but for example I quote from court files and of course try to lure people out of the cover, but how is it possible that someone in the position of a Dewey Weaver could be so unprofessional? This is somehow characteristic of the whole case.

    For example you and I had massive disputes, but I can not remember that I attack you on that level!