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    Has there been an official announcement on ICCF21 anywhere that can be linked to? I am sorry but I do not know how or who is the steward(s) nor the process.

    It is not official but Jean-Paul Biberian made an comment on his blog about the Conférence à Asti http://blogde-jeanpaulbiberian…rence-asti-4eme-jour.html

    "The conference ended with a gala dinner, during which it was announced that the next ICCF 21 conference would be held on the East Coast of the United States in the summer of 2018."

    It is a general question, is LENR real?

    In my opinion YES, because for what other reason would all these unbelievers here and outside so massive engage?

    The number of words by unbelievers' is 10 times higher than that of the 'LENR-believers'!

    That makes sense only if there is something in the story!

    Of course there is no guaranteed commitment,

    Thus, IH signed a license agreement on the payment of over 100 million US dollars, without ever having approximately the sum of money available, in the dare hope that in the case of a successful test somebody else would give money. And what is a successful test determines IH alone and if they do not like the result, then the contract partner and all who were involved in the test are accused of fraud but the IP is nevertheless requested. And this should be a serious business?

    they have signed a contract with the knowledge that they can possibly not raise the sum and so they could not be interested seeing Rossi successfully running a long term test

    "That they can possibly not raise the sum" True or False? ... it is obvious, read the papers, there is no hint that there is any guaranteed contract, commitment what s ever for this sum.

    "so they could not be interested seeing Rossi successfully running a long term test" True or False? ... the court papers say, that IH, Darden do not accept this long term test for to meet the requirements of the license agreement and claim overhead that the test was not successful and denounce it as fraud.

    This is your problem, you are not reading properly, because I do not draw any conclusions at all (other than you).

    I simply point out, with the assistance of the court documents, that at the time of the signing of the license agreement and also later in the for the trail relevant period, IH did not have the necessary financial resources to comply with that treaty. 'Whether' and how they, 'possibly', 'perhaps', 'might have', 'under certain circumstances', etc. could have come to money is completely irrelevant. At that time, they did not have the financial resources at any time.

    The main question remains, had IH the full sum of money in order to meet the obligations of the license agreement at any time available?. The answer is no!

    Speculation as to how they could have raised money is superfluous, because they have signed a contract with the knowledge that they can possibly not raise the sum and so they could not be interested seeing Rossi successfully running a long term test - because they did not have that $89 million at no time!

    I (unfortunately) do not have a screenshot of me's reactor showing cop 10, but there was COP 1,49 and Barty reported 2,0 and 10 in the chat, this is of course not much reliable, but worth to be investigated!

    To get it to the point; me356 has faced the challenge and will surely annoy itself the most, that the experiment has failed by a technical defect. I am convinced that such a failure can not be planned, so me356, when planning the test, was convinced having a functioning reactor.

    Unfortunately, it did not work 100%, but this does not mean that you can not repeat this experiment, because what the data showed is that even a non-functioning reactor shows COP at a time equal to 10 and this MUST be investigated.

    Vielleicht trauen sich ja tatsächlich mehr renommierte Forschungszentren hier auf der leider verbrannten Erde zu investieren

    Ich denke da sind viele bereits dabei, denn mir fällt sehr auf, das nach dem kurzen 'Hype' Ende 2011, Anfang 2012, wo es Meldung von z.B. der NASA, Airbus, National Instruments, Toyota, Lockheed, Vattenfall usw. mit Bezug auf LENR gab, dann plötzlich sehr still wurde, wobei eben nichts dementiert wurde, sondern praktisch so etwas wie eine Art Nachrichtensperre in Sachen LENR 'verhängt' wurde ... dafür gibt es zwei mögliche Erklärungen, die erste ist, dass tatsächlich Nichts an der Sache dran ist und die zweite, dass alle sich jetzt in einer Art Rennen befinden, in dem es um zum einen um die IP geht und zum anderen um die Entwicklung marktfähiger Technology. Beides Varianten sind möglich, ich denke das dass zweite Szenario wahrscheinlicher ist, denn sonst gäbe es viel mehr Dementi und Diskussionen darüber, dass LENR nicht funktioniert.

    Rends, thanks, any evidence that this might help or just a hunch?…oReportSubmit.pdf#Page=53


    Sample 1 was ash coming from the reactor in Lugano. Only a few granules of grey sample were
    possible to obtain from the ash and they didn’t look exactly the same. One large and two very small
    granules were observed.
    Sample 2 was the fuel used to charge the E-Cat. It’s in the form of a very fine powder. Besides the
    analyzed elements it has been found that the fuel also contains rather high concentrations of C, Ca,
    Cl, Fe, Mg, Mn and these are not found in the ash.…et-catalyst-jamie-sibley/


    2) Lugano reactor contains more carbon than would be expected from a carby-nickel produced powder. Possibly up to 6.6% by weight. I suspect that this carbon is actually only on the surface of the particles.

    I think the purity of the fuel is the problem with any replication, if the fuel is to pure without traces of e.g. C, Ca, Cl, Fe, Mg, Mn (and here especially Carbon) then there will be no excess heat. I personally think that Rossi has found the Carbon reaction by coincidence.

    Remember it is not likely that any Jury will come with the pre-existing idea that Rossi's devices work

    Even if there are sufficient indications inside the tons of court papers that the Ecat may not work, there is at the same time the same amount of evidence that it is highly efficient and functioning future technology. In the jury will sit most probably no studied physicist and why should they not not believe in Rossi , if the for the Nobel Price responsible Sweds, the U.S. Navy and even the NASA have Rossi's ECAT on the top of the list (even if the first 'fact' is more or less a legend)?. The lawyers on both side have only a few days (hours) to create an image and my opinion is and was (even if this mistakenly assigned me to camp allegiance) that Rossi's picture and overall impression is simply more convincing and above all more sympathetic if you do not have all the facts and no time to get more details.

    I want Rossi to prevail because I have never considered he is a scam artist or even delusional. I think he has what he claims and I'm convince that even with producing only 250KW he still beat the heck out of a COP of 6. I'm convinced that if either side starts trying to explain and rationalize the data in Penons, like you and Jed do repeatedly, then that side will lose. As for myself, I'm still able to rationalize just about everything Rossi has said or done and I've not read anything in the depositions that changes that for me. I think Rossi is opinionated, cantankerous, belligerent, stubborn and a total narcissist, but in every interview I've watched him in he came across as sincere and honest and I believe that's what the Jury will see also. Even with that I believe it's still too close to call.

    Really very good analysis! I think IH is not really aware of this power of conviction of Andrea Rossi alone by his appearance and essence. It is for the judicial review and a jury's verdict in my opinion even more or less unimportant whether the E-Cat system has 1MW, or only 250KW, a COP of more than 6, or less than 1, or even works at all. It is like you write the classic David against Goliath drama play and Thomas Darden really must be very calm and convincing in the witness stand if he wants to keep up with Rossi. Thomas Darden I trust this balancing act, but if JT Vaughn, or more worst Dewey Weaver have to testify as witnesses, then I think it will be very difficult to get rid of this Goliath / Dark Force role.

    Anyways...I just lost a lot of respect for you.

    This is the usual way as discrediting and depreciation of a person versus a community works...

    That is an often used strategy to shut down conversation

    ...and this is exactly the reason for this behavior, good analysis.

    *At the request of the admin and moderators team, I announce that this is my purely personal opinion.*