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  • Bang,

    Yes, that is a good point, and funny. But it seems to me that most here are missing the significance of the US Navy offering for license an LENR based technology. This is official, and generally the US government is not in the business to scam…
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    This thread is about replication attempts. Please put speculative posts in other (relevant) threads, so we can keep this one un-cluttered.
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    (Quote from Paradigmnoia)

    What is fascinating is that all these experiments have so far failed to produce any verifiable reaction. Either heat or other significant artifact.

    And yet.... on ECW... they are discussing who the "global USA food company" is…
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    Try opening the images in new tabs. LENR-Forum is making them small. You can also click the "view source image" button to achieve the same.

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    The first LION-AG active run started at 23:50 UTC on 7 April. The streaming data is available at

    Plotly update is pretty slow, so be patient and it will eventually show the moving graph of temps and power.

    The fuel load…