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    Interesting post on our partner forum about EMDrive:…ion-r/&postID=110#post110
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    Liked Alan Smith’s post in the thread Atom-Ecology.
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    Things continue to go well, for sure. Our lab findings and Wyttenbach's theories continue to lead us along closely aligned paths to better performance, and the latest upgrade in our fuel preparation system seems to have produced some tasty biscuits. …
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    Replied to the thread Russia LENR Developments.
    Just one question: Did Parkhomov ever work together with a respected scientific institute to build an independent replication?
    Or did he only work with some shady mostly unknown "researchers"?

    His whole story is still very vague.
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    • Rossi is the worst example
    • First thing to confince an honest skeptic is (you did it) get reasonable discussion, understanding that without all data you have acquired not believing LENR is just rational. To understand how LENR is impossible, my advice