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    It's interesting that Rossi denied to have a real independent third party from SGS or TUV attending the GPT. Here a cut from 215-06 Exhibit F, an email conversation between Darden and Rossi (Rossi in capital letters):


    Because in case of disagreement we can have troubles.

    ^^^^ Sure.

    BobHiggins has just started a fully automated experiment:

    The GO button has just been clicked for an automated Ni + LiAlH4 experiment. Whilst Bob [Higgins] will always be able to intervene, but if he doesn’t, it will take 6 days.

    The experiment contains 1.02g of pre-processed AH-50 carbonyl Ni powder and 0.11g of LiAlH4. That was all that he could fit in the 2″ end of my smaller ceramic tube.

    There is a very slow temperature rise and the system will not be >600C until late tomorrow. The script includes soaking and evacuation cycles to clean out residual water vapor and O2. Bob will be putting the data files, photos, and and videos in the following shared Google drive folder.

    Maybe BobHiggins can tell us something more about it here :)

    Update by Frank Acland:

    I have made some inquiries about this presentation. The conference organizers informed me that the proceedings of the conference will be published in June 2017 on their website at , and nothing before them. I also contacted a member of the Nissan team asking if they could share a paper or slides. He responded that they could not, because he said they don’t understand this phenomena correctly, but after they understand it they would publish a paper in the future.

    This is the most important event to happen in the LENR field in a while: I hope they recognize the significance.

    I would not expect too much

    Nissan is in its very early stages of research.

    If their experiments ever were successful, I would not expect more than COP > 1.5 in the mW to W range. Very well within error margin, but revolutionary if measured properly.

    However, this is basic research, not final market product engineering, which is focused on fully exploiting this effect to its limit.

    Nissan, worlds third largest car manufacturer, is working on an Lugano/Parkhomo based LENR experiment. They will present their results at the Japan Cold Fusion Meeting taking place from 19th to 20th of March 2017.

    Here their presentation abstract:

    Maybe this is of interest, a summary from an ECW commentor of a 22passi discussion:

    Some Italian scientists on 22 passi think E-cat works like this: Take a cylindrical container of piezoelectric alumina, or quartz or barium titanate, which has the function od head for the emission of ultrasound (mechanical sound waves) to obtain nuclear fusion reactions (well described and tested in the studies of professor Fabio Cardone) in the dust of raw nickel located inside the cylinder in which there is lithium hydride and aluminum or even deuteride lithium and aluminum. In this cylinder there is also a resistance that raises its temperature to a certain threshold, in which the reactions are possible. But the fact of modulating the alternating electric current modulated pulses to some preset sequence, up to reach the trigger threshold of the phenomenon is not to drive the resistance for the temperature, which instead is kept constant, but for modulating the pulses of the head / cylinder for ultrasound emission. That’s why many replicators fail, they think that the secret is in the mixture of powder or catalyst, but instead it is in the container / ultrasound emission head. And that's why no one can NEVER disconnect the AC, because it stops the ultrasound emission, which is the real secret of Rossi, but secret catalyst.

    I find this part of the description of IH's own experiments by Thomas Darden in Doc 167-02 exhibit 1 most interesting:

    It looks like they saw sudden uncontrollable excess heat bursts in their own experiments :huh::/

    As Darden describes this, it looks like these experiments were totally independent of Rossi, just following his "step-by-step" IP-guide.

    Also interesting is how he describes IH's very careful relations to Rossi. They knew about how strange this guy is, all the time, and didn't believe anything what "Rossi-says".

    This is good to know. At the beginning of the lawsuite I feared they blindly trusted Rossi, because they allowed to do such unconventional "independent third-party" tests without moaning.


    You hit the nail on the head.

    Only more scary than Bob's behaviour is to see the many people over at ECW just swallowing what he says and take it for real.

    If it wouldn't be that sad I would say this is part of a scientific crowd behaviour study.

    PS: I guess a good indication that currently no one is interested in stopping LENR research is the fact that we (LENR Forum) have yet not faced at least one attempt of an hacker attack, DDoS or something else.

    At the moment LENR "researchers" are unfortunately damaging themselves, so there is no need for an "evil force" to do something :(

    PPS: btw: Frank has closed the "redpill"-comment thread at ECW and referred to Bob's own site.

    I renamed the thread for clearity, because other MFMP members have distanced from Bob Greenyer's claims.

    I moved it to the Trash forum too, because it has nothing to do with LENR and contains only crazy claims which are harmful for LENR when directly connected to LENR research.

    Barty "There is absolutely no logical sense for a government to suppress a technology"

    Most politicians and civil servants in government have poor knowledge of which technology is better

    Yes, sure. They don't have the knowledge, but have consultans.

    If LENR is real, they know it's possible existence since nearly 3 decades(!!). That's enough time to have at least a plan in the drawer for supporting the economy when marketable products are ready (where we are far away from).

    See the emdrive. It became mainstream with high NASA support. Of course there are doubts because there is yet no scientific model describing the measured data, but there is no "evil force" tryimg to shut down the debate about it. Why doing it with LENR?

    In my opinion the story BG is propagating is complete bullshit.

    Sorry to say that.

    First I was shocked about his sudden change of mind, now I'm only able to shake my head.

    There is absolutely no logical sense for a government to suppress a technology which may be further developed in other countries without their control.

    They - let's say, as in BG's example "the US" - would lose all their technological advantages in this technology while other countries are becoming independent on - let's say - US oil.

    Even if it would completely change the energy markets as we know them now, it would be intelligent to have control over this technology. And when it is just to introduce it in a controlled manner to avoid financial crashes.

    Sooner or later there will be a game changing technology. Whether it is LENR or something else. And our governments know this. It's not the first time in human history.

    I can't imagine why the CIA or what ever should stop it. That had long enough time and will have more time to prepare for it, even when Rossi would start selling his ecats on monday.

    Shane D.

    I already had the same thought.

    I'm afraid me356 will revoke his offer to let MFMP validate his reactor when Bob continues to damage his and MFMP's reputation.

    I don't know in what Bob exactly got into, but his claims are more harmful for the credibility of LENR than the "evil elites" he is accusing to exectly doing this.

    So Greenyer just pretended it? :/:?:

    According to Bob his emotional outburst is related to theses things he saw:

    Bob Greenyer wrote:

    Thanks Artefact - the last few months since meeting Egely have been
    Spiritual and everything I have done in my life now makes sense given
    the presentation I had no choice but to deliver yesterday - and the
    fruit that bore today. More happy than you can possibly imagine - but I
    need to go to sleep now!

    artefact wrote:

    Has the dark side something to do with the reaction or is it something different?

    Bob Greenyer wrote:

    It is to do with the power density and the many ways you can instantaneously deploy it.

    Who is Egely?