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  • bayak Replied to the thread Bubble fusion (theory).

    Even if our reasoning about the role of the shock wave in bubble fusion is correct, it is not yet very clear what the geometry of the chain of nuclei along which our single shock wave moves is. In other words, we will need a mathematical description of…
  • bayak Replied to the thread Bubble fusion (theory).

    So, to overcome the Coulomb barrier when gas bubbles collapse, we need to create a shock sound wave there. And since the permissible wave numbers of phonons that are excited in a chain of nuclei folded into a ring depend on its diameter, the accelerated…
  • bayak Replied to the thread Bubble fusion (theory).

    It turns out that this approach is well known and it is called quantum mechanical consideration of vibrations of a one-dimensional lattice of nuclei. Moreover, it turns out that the classical consideration of lattice vibrations leads us to the concept of…
  • bayak Posted the thread Bubble fusion (theory).

    As far as I understand, there is no theory of sonoluminescence, and therefore there is no theory of bubble fusion. But such a theory must exist. Let's solve this problem together. In my opinion, the main thing here is the correct formulation of the…