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    In earlier posts I have come to the conclusion that the MFMP Lugano thermal simulation must have been wrong and that this was possibly due to the cast being a not pure (composite) Alumina or being casted of another ceramic type.
    In my last post on this…
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    Replied to the thread Covid-19 (WuFlu) News.
    Keeping distance

    Yesterday a train im my country (Netherlands) became too crowded which resulted in passengers being too close to each other.
    The train conducter then asked some people to leave the train, which was refused,
    He then called the police which…
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    Replied to the thread Covid-19 (WuFlu) News.
    (Quote from Alan Smith)

    I am following the news on BBC TV quite closely during the day and agree with your analysis what is happening in the UK.
    I think that that is likely due to having basically only two main politic parties.
    However my impression is that…
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    Replied to the thread Covid-19 (WuFlu) News.
    (Quote from THHuxleynew)


    Political games should not be played in these times.
    In my country (Netherlands) our minister of medical care became overtired during this crisis and had to withdraw hinself from his function.
    Instead of picking a new…
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    Thanks. I see that the diagrams are from http://www.astro.utu.fi/~cflynn/astroII/l3.html#bremsel
    It should be noted that this has to do with radiation from electrons as they are decelerated by collision or near collision with positive…
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    This post tries to come up with some theoretical background on the ECAT plasma reactors.
    It assumes that the plasmas in these reactors where thick plasmas.
    We have however no proof that this was the case.
    Nevertheless ...

    Plasma :

    There are basically two…