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    Alfors, There are multiple theories. Unfortunately, we only need one. I'll take it from wherever it comes. But the fact is, it's been almost thirty years, and the "current" batch of theories has been getting nowhere in regards to determining…
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    For those interested I have added in the attached zip document excerpts from the most recent theoretical description for ultra-dense hydrogen. Perhaps Wyttenbach will be able to make complete sense of them (by the way: Holmlid doesn't think anymore…
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    For those interested in the link between LENR and Ultra Dense Hydrogen (UDH), I made a selection of scientific articles that deal with this subject. This selection does not aim to be exhaustive, nor objective. Current version (August 2017) contains 77…
  • Note that even if the source is DC, the current won't be constant if you are using a series gas tube which is highly nonlinear, even containing regions of negative resistance. The gas tube is also used as a noise source, and the noise can become an…
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    According to these interesting papers, bloggers should still believe that it's enough to load nickel's lattice and wait, to watch LENR.
    This is not the case, as nickel is so difficult to load into the bulk.
    However, its structure is close to palladium.