Peter Gluck report discussion With LENR-Cities founder, Michel Vandenberghe

  • On his blog, Peter Gluck report a discussion with Michel Vandenberghe about LENR Cities.

    There are many key subject thate he covers.

    One key concept that he covers is that the challenge of LENR is more a market disruption than a technology disruption :

    Quote from Michel Vandenberghe

    Sometimes people ask me what I'm thinking about Rossi. What is really interesting to me is the market and Rossi' story. This shows that if LENR scientific challenge is huge, it is nothing compared to the market challenge.

    Michel Vandenberghe also explains his vision of what is LENR, much wider than energy, and the Nanoscale term used in LENR :

    Peter also discuss about the context, the timing, making a link with Berlin Wall crumbling :

    Quote from Peter Gluck

    LENR Cities came just-in-time because 2015 is the game changer year of the breakthrough, of the great progress for LENR. As the Berlin Wall has fallen 25 yeras ago, now the imaginary but impenetrable wall between energy dream and energy wall will fall too. And LENR-Cities is here, well prepared for what will follow, ready to lead the changes for countries, regions, industries, technologies and people. So be it!

    Timing in innovation is a key factor, and sadly we have seen it. Unlike what we imagined 2012 was too early and many ealy adopters like NI, or we the supporters, had to step back and wait more.

    There are many more in that article, as there is in his previous blog articles, with many recent posts.