LENR-Cities Oxford conference... Airbus Chief Scientist was there! Is it the D-Day?

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    On LinkedIn LENR group, LENR-Cities founder Michel Vandenberghe make first comment on the event. He shortly describe the event, scientific presentations, LENR-Cities strategy... An attendance limited to 50 including scientists, Airbus's Chief Scientists, academics, enterprise, consultants, journalists...
    Airbus confirmed presence, incarnated by it's chief scientist make of that even a milestone in LENR recognition by decision makers.


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    I just edited the news with answers to some of my questions, and from Franck Ackland ECW article ...

    There was mainstream journalist and academic, showing interests, some journalist even "impressed".
    I wait for the press package.

    You should also wait for media coverage... At least in Wales. ;)

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    Mika Helsingius made a short report on LinkedIn, with interesting remarks on industry acceptance:


    It was interesting event and there was a wide range of different people there. After the presentations it came even more clear, that using "nanoscale" instead of "nuclear" in LENR is justified as there might lie a whole world of different phenomena and not just anomalous heat effects. I had many interesting discussions, and one is always learning something new. LENR seems to be gaining momentum, even though it is not so visible in public.

    The talk by Airbus was very good, it made it more clear why the wanted to be in. It seems that many companies are interested, but LENR is still a delicate topic. I got the impression, that the energy sector seems to be more active than they say openly.

  • I was present at the Oxford meeting too and the most remarkable statement Jean-François Geneste of Airbus group made was something like "Airbus wants to shape the future and not be shaped by it!".

    It remained unclear to me how and with which mandate (and for what term) they connect to the LENR-Cities initiative.

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    They just published a photography of part of the team :


    on another post they explain that they work hard on the publication of presentations...


    The collect and organization of access for the Oxford presentations for attendees and public is being in progress… The access wil be given from here.

    “on rame” for you, be patient.

    (NdT "on rame" means, we work hard but it is difficult and slower than expected... Row Row Row your boat)

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    Now LENR-cities publish a trailer, featuring some of the participants of Oxford Conference.

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    Beside the player we know well, maybe some of you will be able to recognize known people ?
    journalist ? academic ? politician ?