Interview of Yogi Srivastava and Alan Widom

  • LENRG publish a small interview of Yogi Srivastava

    Amond the subject he covers, I caught his description of the problem to train young research, and the problem that LENR may kill their career.

    Too bad, He don't cover his theory. Anyway there are conference on Internet. On of the best is probably the one made for CERN.

  • I don't know Alain. Nearly all YouTube stuff works for me with my outdated MacBook running an outdated Firefox. Things are getting much less friendly on the old Mac since I cannot update Plugins, Firefox, Adobe etc. because the 10.5.8 OSX is no longer supported. I suppose I'm going to have to yield and buy something newer. Someone suggested the Apple Mavericks OS, which is free, but I first have to buy a regular old 10.6 or higher OSX in order to "upgrade" to Mavericks.

    Since it all seems like a marketing ploy, rather than patronize them any further, I'm thinking of moving over to something in Linux.

    See added comment above, as of March 24 or perhaps earlier, it is now working.