LENR-Cities project incubation stage is ending this summer.

  • [url='https://twitter.com/xewow/status/487069962578579457']This Tweet[/url] from the account of Michel Vandenberghe of LENR-Cities For a previous description of the project: [url='http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/49-Interview-with-Michel-Vandenberghe-of-LENR-Cities-moving-forward-Towards-a-Europ/']Interview with Michel Vandenberghe of LENR-Cities ... moving forward! Towards a European LENR ecosystem ?[/url]

    If Rossi have achieved prowess in engineering, here it is more about human factor, business.

    As far as I know, all is going as planned , just a little slower. Anyway, Murphy law loves human factor.
    Stay tuned...
  • Things are moving indeed.

    Dr Blog, more serious than usual, or more clear (because I know the story) have made an interesting article on LENR-Cities

    It describes well the problem of corporate, who cannot gamble with their shareholders money, scientists who need to concentrate on their core business instead of running for funding, and investor who cannot estimate risk better than assuming they will lose all their investment at worst.

    LENR cities just provide the tool to build the framework for all LENR stake holder, current and potential, to collaborate inside a competitive market economy.

    stay tuned, the channel is hot.

    PS: where is the Easter egg?