Chinese press Article on EmDrive

  • ... but what is even more relevevant is the fact, that China came from about 0 to 100 in not even two decades.
    They started to push their research-program a lot more, then other countries are used to.

    Showing themselves as big player will definitely work.

    Tey have a lot of verrrrrrrrrrrrrry well educated people, making the average researcher's quality increase in general.

    They are still a people's republic, what , worldwide, always produced very talented researchers ( imaging the doctors in Cuba ).

    The funding of their research has in general one aspect: imporve everyday life of its own people.

    Though there might be some investments, which really DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT. We call this "Schwund", literally translated by g...le: Fading.

    Who cares ?

    As I noticed, all the people, which lived in the old volcano's crater-valley, which now is the biggest single readio-telescope on earth, were given money and housings, especially built for them, in advace.

    If China now does not cover the Em-Drive research, this is also a positive sign for all of us:

    They are not really interested in keeping secrecy about a potential warfare advance.

    This, at its top, is the thing to go for, at least for me.

  • Situation is complex.
    I see many buzz that says that Yang Juan is fed up with EmDrive and convinced she was fooled.
    However the Chinese news is quite official... but Chinese politics is complex...
    Some claim they have found errors in NASA EW papers, but I see no answers to the reviewed paper referenced...
    On MiHsC I follow Michael McCulloch who is claiming good agreement with facts, and explains MoND, while some maintream supporters claims that conventional model using darkmatter co-evolving with matter, agree with recent findings and explains MoND-like results.

    Emergency is to make good experiments... strange how it looks like LENR at the beginning.