German Ex-E-Cat Licensee Speaks

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    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']I am not able to understand the German here unfortunately, but a video of former German E-Cat Licensee Hartmut Dobler, CEO of E-Cat Deutschland GmbH speaking about how he lost his licensee status. I am relying on a couple of posts here from German speaking ECW readers who have commented here today for my interpretation. […][/feedquote]

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    (starting at 04:40min in the video

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    He talks about the fact that he already had the licence for the distribution of the E-cat in Germany and that he could examine the E-cat two times on site at Rossi.

    He had already found an old power station where the E-Cat could be installed for demonstrations for several German customers and only one visit by Rossi for fixing the contacts was missing, where flight, hotel and shuttle were already booked.

    Rossi, however, at that time had sold all of the E-Cat patents to the U.S. and was no longer master of the business decisions and had to ask by phone for every single item of the contracts. Finally from the United States came a no-go for Rossi and so the business consultations with the German licence holder stopped and by mutual agreement all the existing contacts were undone and he received a compensation from Rossi.

    The German licence holder regrets this development and says to the question of the interviewer why it's come to this, that: 'He can only imagine that higher national interests in the U.S. are behind all that' but he did not want to specify this statement and he hopes that cold fusion will enter the market soon.

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