BLP WO2017127447A1 patent application published

  • Just from reading what has been written by and about the Swedes, I would find it VERY surprising if they conspired with Rossi.

    No Mary, I was suggesting they (Swedes) could be considered Rossi collaborators, not co-conspirators. I never met a dishonest, or dumb Swede BTW. That is why I took to this Rossi story in 2011 hook, line, and sinker. Kullander, Essen, the all sounded so good. How could Swedes be so wrong? ;)

  • I avoid collaborating in the Rossi story.

    Randell Mills.. when he finds time away from his patent generator machine..and Suncell.. posts minimal tweets on SocClassPhys-Yahoo

    to keep his followers 'informed' such as

    "The dome diameter is 7.5 inches.

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    On Aug 26, 2017, at 8:24 AM, [email protected] [SocietyforClassicalPhysics] <[email protected]> wrote:

    Just some more thoughts on the August update.

    I see ten times the solar cells will be needed at the larger radius for Si PV. Assuming that relates to the surface area of a sphere, that means the radius is three times larger. Not sure what it was before, say one foot. But now it will be three feet or six feet across. That's pretty big. Not sure of the power output but certainly more limited application.

    Interesting note on redesign to prevent cell and injector melting. Did that get bigger too or is it a material change such as lining with some ceramic material? Maybe the feed tubes for the silver had to be cut into the carbon. Never understood why two silver reservoirs necessary. Why not one with two feed tubes? Perhaps the injectors had to be extended deeper into the cell and formed by more complex carbon milling to assure silver streams meet consistently. Also why increase radius versus reduce temperature. Temperature will reduce output by an inverse fourth power as I recall vs. the inverse square for radius. Perhaps related to the bandwith of the PV.

    See no reason we shouldn't see a closed cell demo in the next month or so since that is unrelated to the PV issues.

    Just some speculation.

  • Randell Mills.. when he finds time away from his patent generator machine..and Suncell.. posts minimal tweets on SocClassPhys-Yahoo

    to keep his followers 'informed' such as

    Can't claim that I'm slacking on making this happen.

    Also, have to appreciate the effort required.

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    On Aug 27, 2017, at 11:29 AM, [email protected] [SocietyforClassicalPhysics] <[email protected]>wrote:

    Enjoyed a peak at the mechanical drawings located toward the back

  • We've know about both Penon and Fabiani for years. Many electrons have been spent discussing the merits of various things they have written or said.

    No matter how long these people are known. The point is that one can not say that Rossi is not working with anyone just because the names of people working with him are not known. There is no way to draw this conclusion on the grounds that in the past Rossi quoted Fabiani and Penon, and now he does not mention anyone. The moon does not have one face, though we never see the other.

  • Penon and FF were not even collaborators. A better description would be part of Rossi's gang -the Italian prosecutor stated that Rossi was the ring leader of a criminal gang, as they destroyed key data, and deleted emails to Rossi to cover their scam.

    What the hell are you talking about? Which Italian prosecutor?? Which criminal gang? Now we are in madness ..... in order to insult Rossi, people invent absurd stories based on nothing ...

    Regarding the destroyed data and deleted emails, if you are referring to Penon you are saying nonsense. Penon was required to deliver reports to IH and he did so. He was not obliged to even deliver his private correspondence with Rossi, so if IH then asked him to deliver all the emails he had written or received during the entire test run and then IH was deemed unhappy about what received, the problem is only of IH. Penon did not have the duty to keep any word exchanged with Rossi, and he certainly could not know that one day there would be a trial and someone would have asked him to deliver all his correspondence. This speech of erased emails is a stupid rumor and the fact of repeated it does not make it more serious.

  • Well, maybe you can say the Swedes are, maybe even Levi, but do you have some evidence of any others. I have never heard Rossisay he worked with anyone else. Hard to hide that kind of thing don't you think?

    Why should it be a hard thing to hide? Rossi could work with dozens of people around the world. It's enough that he and the other people do not write anything about that on the internet and so you can't know anything about them.

    Considering the amount of nonsense that is written on Penon, I think Rossi would do well not to disclose the names of his collaborators. It's a way to protect them from the mud that so many people would pour on them just because they were connected to him.