Demonstration of the E-Cat QX - 24 November - Summary thread

  • Hello friends,

    Less than 10 days to the demo of the E-Cat QX.

    Lenr forum have a reporter in place at the demo. Our faithful moderator Alan Smith  

    Alan Smith also want to say thanks to all donations that made the trip possible.

    Update 25 nov (E-cat QX presentation 24 November 2017)

    Carl-Oscar Gullström: Working with theory about the Rossi effect


    Location: Stockholm

    Mats Lewan will organizes the event.

    Date : November 24th, Time : (12 P.M.) Miami time.

    Stream will be available on

    Together we can update this thread .

    When new Interesting information come up, I move it to the first post.

    Update 2017 11 17


  • This is really from LENR Calendar's post from Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

    But thought it might be good to have it here as well.

    Looks like we'll have the demo around 10am and the stream around noon.

    Don't forget your ID!

    Andrea Rossi

    November 14, 2017 at 12:52 PM




    Warm Regards,


  • Barty,

    I think the DPS will start in the morning, and the video put up sometime *past* 12 noon Miami time. Rossisaid at first, that the video starts at noon, but changed it to sometime in the afternoon.

    I'm still guessing Sweden.

    Noon streaming does seem like too close to the arrival hour if all times indicated are Miami time.

    I am still betting on Miami with video available later than planned.

  • start at 10? and then video at 12?

    It sounds like it may only run for 2 hours.

    Not long enough to rule out stored energy.

    Even if we find it is a box filled with oil, It would be easy to stratify it and then when on it mixes to appear like heat generation.

  • s it to much to ask that this thread just reports facts and asks sensible questions, rather than degenerates into another site for trolls to destroy? (Eg ban comments like MY's above.)

    I like to keep things civil. Certainly I came close to moving both your and Interested Observer's posts sniping at each other into the 'Clearance Items' thread. It is very difficult for moderators to strike a balance between free comment and unfair comment. Sometimes (I like to think) we get it right, sometimes we don't. But very little the mods do is done without discussion and agreement. We are human, just like you , and a team of more people than just me.

  • Not sure where this came from. Some errors like when Leonardo started. Sloppy oeverall. Oddly, the originator of the story (accesswire): is located in IH's back yard, at the Research Triangle Park, NC:…ESENTATION-----wwweCatcom

    MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2017 / From humble beginnings in 1991, the Leonardo Corporation has plowed time, energy and research funding into alternative energy production from non-conventional sources. Their brand eCat QX has been developed to redefine the way LENR, nickel-hydrogen reactions are used in industrial heat and energy plant design.

    2017 see's a breakthrough in their exclusive development of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology, also recognized as Cold Fusion. Founder and CEO, Andrea Rossi, is very much looking forward to revealing details of their most recent innovation in a LENR Demonstration, to be held on November 24, 2017 at 12pm Miami time.

    Given the truly astonishing implications of the E-CAT technology systems, the demonstration will exclusively be offered to 70 attendees, including some Government officials.

    They will be there to lay witness to the ways in which the commercialization of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion, will have a profound effect on many sectors of the economy across many different industries. The demonstration is an opportunity for a select few to see, first hand, the use of a revolutionary new energy source - LENR - the success of which has not so far been proven irrefutably.

    The use of eCat QX could consummately impact the production of electricity, both here in the USA and across the globe, and offer paradigm-shifting results, producing commercially useful amounts of heat.

    Andrea Rossi, in his search for a Fusion based clean energy source, can also confirm that Sigma 5 has been reached in preparation for the eCat QX.

    The Leonardo Corporation has been monumental in developing LENR technology that can turn fusion into a reality, to manufacture a truly renewable energy source that far outperforms all other current options.

    The live demonstration will be held solely for attendees, with a streaming event on November 24, 2017 at 12pm. You can find out more about The Leonardo Corporation and their world-leading advances in the applications for LENR energy at

  • I haven't checked again but the last update I saw was the meeting started at 9:30 not 10:00

    Not a crucial error, but I find your repetitive negative comments about Rossi aggravating and uncalled for in a thread that is supposed to be news and information.

    You need to read and understand before you condemn. Notice post (#2) was a copy of the announcement by Rossi requesting people be there at 9:30 with ID's to have them checked. If you check you will find that the demo is not scheduled till around 10 and a delayed video streaming scheduled at 12. I do not know what you mean by repetitive negative comments. Learn to stay with facts instead of insulting and attacking others.

  • "" is a PR type of organization which will distribute any text/copy given to it by essentially any business and they do it for pay. I do not know how much.

    Check it out:

    In case anyone thought the "news release" above came from any sort of legitimate newspaper or news website, let me disabuse you of this notion. It's just Rossifiction on a giant paid-for email list. It may be picked up by some genuine news sources, probably not major ones, but it is still, except for the schedule, simply drivel from Andrea Rossi. The dreadful English is explained by the source-- Rossi and perhaps someone working for him. Rossi has no class. He never did.

  • I haven't checked again but the last update I saw was the meeting started at 9:30 not 10:00

    Not a crucial error, but I find your repetitive negative comments about Rossi aggravating and uncalled for in a thread that is supposed to be news and information.

    If people have to arrive at 930 it is fair to assume that the demo will start around 10. Note that oldguy used a question mark in his post as well.

    Edit: "Looks like we'll have the demo around 10am and the stream around noon." <- to clarify, those are my words and not Rossi's

  • I really doubt that Rossi would take the the risk of flying one of his prized σ5Qx to Sweden.

    Dismantle it (he is good at that), put it in checked baggage, and he should be OK. Lot easier to bring it to 70 people, than 70 people to it. Plus, he says in the press release that a government official will be there. Probably a EU type, and doubtful they would fly to the states for this.

    Although, if Alan brings shorts, I may have to revise that.

    Edit: I see he won't answer, so I am sticking to the land of the Nobel. Rossi even had a sockpuppet bring that up on JONP, so it is still on his mind.