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    if confronted with the choice of wearing a mask or not, better to wear it.

    I don’t know if you are joking with the ammo stuff, that sounds like a “prepper”.

    Anyway I’m glad I live in a desert with scorching temps that makes any virus last very short in the open.

    thanks for that Alan Smith , the HIV similarities are being greatly downplayed in the mainstream, but is hard to think this is just a coincidence (it would require two coincidental coincidences).

    Zerohedge is one of the best sources of information about the corona virus.…hospital-hong-kong-closes

    Well Director , ZeroHedge is considered a far right crackpot site in general terms so I don’t think of it as anything other than yet another site on the web in which anything that is said needs to be really checked to take it seriously. Nothing personal against you, just to be clear, I am just surprised of this recommendation from your part.

    The amount of disinfo and speculation on this topic is riveting. However, the strong reaction of the Chinese government is fertile field for all this kind of speculation. I am just watching this develop and hoping for the best.

    What makes me more happy than anything else about the SAFIRE project is that Aurtas international started its involvement as a contractor being paid to independently test what most orthodox experts and highly praised academics would call “a foolish pseudoscientific loony idea”. And so the project started and they did their job, and, to their own surprise, they came to the conclusion that the “foolish pseudoscience” was at least on the right track to explain many of the observations about the Sun. And in the way they also found many unexpected things as transmutation and “energy efficiency”.

    The fact that Monty Childs - who admittedly entered into this just doing his job and could not care less if the sun was electric or not- threw his independence through the window and became involved and commanding the development of the SAFIRE project results, speaks volumes.

    With all due respect to Mizuno, BEC seem to have far more control over their reactors than Mizuno does his. They also seem to have a better understanding of how to reliably manufacture the key components.

    Of course, but need to remember Mizuno did it with less that 1 percent of the USD 17,6 millions raised by BEC.

    This is not a contest, however, and I praise BEC for having captured at least in part the interest of Team Google.

    My comment about the COP was solely to highlight that the comment of Robert Godes was posted within the context of a Hot Fusion news item.

    Here’s the article to which Godes was responding. He is obviously in a campaign to rise awareness and funding.…eality#comment-4777146334

    We already discussed the open preprint of this article:….1007%2Fs42452-019-1391-6

    The problem is that these guys are not able to correctly calculate the amount of 63Ni they use. The given derivation of transmutations is at least 2 magnitudes below the error bar and thus totally nonsense. Most likely they measure products from sono-fusion and electrodes. The tiny amount of 63Ni they use needs special precautions. Only a measurement after totally dissolving all reaction products would be the correct method. The beta radiation of 63Ni is faint and if 63Ni gets implanted by sono-fusion it will simply disappear.

    I think they can perfectly calculate the amount used. There's the other paper in Radiochimica acta (, which is not open access but I have read, authored by Cardone as main, that addresses the radiation measurements in more depth. They also provide the total mass and volume of the sample treated and the concentration of nitric acid so one can reverse calculate the total amount of Ni63 present in the solution. They are perfectly aware of the weakness of the Beta emission, so they provide a rationale and assumptions on how they are calculating the shortening of the total decay time by the sonication treatment. Of course they are revieweing all this from the point of view of their Deformed Space Time theory, which I know is not popular at all, but they are convinced this is what drives the process.

    from the radiochimica acta article:

    The Italians claim there is no change in the radiactive decay rate, they claim the reduction comes from transmutation of Ni63 into stable, non decaying elements.

    Their words, not mine.

    .....Why do they sonicate the samples for only 200s? Surely several hours or days of ultrasound exposure would be more effective and give statistically significant results? Or like the last sentence is this all garbage?

    the paper says why, but as nobody reads carefully, I can tell you that the problem is the heating of the appatatus. The company that owns the patent has a continuous working version that requires a lot of cooling.

    they have two publications on the same topic in late 2019 (SN applied sciences and Radiochimica Acta) and this one is a general comment on both. I had just found this a couple of days ago but haven’t been able to take a look at it. The system is deceptively easy, there are a number of things they don’t disclose and that are important for it to work.

    However, I contend, and intend to show it experimentally, that any ultrasonic cavitation inducing system, albeit without the same rate, should be able to cause, at least, a partial transmutation effect, as just a random fraction of the nano bubbles would be in the sweet spot.

    I honestly think the report, even if "better" than prior others, fails at large to be any convincing. Their policy of making reports to keep "shareholders engaged" seems to be in full force.

    If I had to make any decision based on the report data provided alone, I would not invest in them on a million years.

    Just my two cents.

    ouch! A little more than 15 cents per pound is all what is left.

    Well, Director , you have a remarkable level of patience!!!

    Great sleuthing!!! The elements that they did not mention seem to be Lanthanum and Cerium. All the others I recall seeing in the images but not those two.

    In the gases panel there seems to be a last valve after AIR that I can’t figure out what it says,it’s written within a white rectangle.

    They seem to have been speculating on this for a good while.

    Curbina would think they should have paid attention to a mainstream scientist with 300+ publications while also referencing Krivit's article. I suspect that Holmid have been snobed. Hope he didn't make any generalization about other scientist like Santilli unfortunately did.

    As far as I know, Holmlid is not given to badmouthing those who dismiss him (as Santilli has been doing for decades now). He is just working quietly, publishing, and patenting as he and his team goes, not really worried about what is said about him.