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    Our induction field by nature is not a steady state field nor should it be lest we suffer the same issues plaguing other programs.

    Hello k.e.kopp , thanks for coming to LENR-forum and commenting on our thread about the EFS LEEF technology. The quoted statement is related to the oscillating nature of the plasma achieved in the electric arc that is mentioned? What temperatures does this happen at?

    Albeit you may disagree that this is LENR, the extended definition of LENR includes systems that are by no means low energy, but on levels that are still considered (by ITER pushing experts) to be of low probability of fusion, and you will see that plenty of those systems are using electric arcing, being electric Arcs capable of nuclear reactions themselves, so we consider your system to be on the LENR family nevertheless.

    I am about halfway the video and in general terms is what I expected within of what I have learnt from watching videos of the MFMP in these years, but the effect of the dissolved oxygen in the water as key to obtain results is something that even if has been talked before now makes much more sense considering that bjhuang mentioned a certain trend of having better results with colder water, and colder water can have more dissolved Oxygen in equilibrium with the atmosphere. The presence of Oxygen is what explains the end result of the transmutation rich in Carbon observed, following the logic developed.

    Not exacly: the inner tube was brass, and it was plated with Fe only (no baking / annealing done). The default outer tube was also brass, but since my device was not permanently sealed, in one experiment I changed it with one made of aluminium and another made of copper, just to measure how the voltage and current were affected. It seems that this is the case in fact. This makes me think that voltage generation is due to some specific and "conventional" metallic potential (Volta, Galvani or work function). The ionization though, that is the "prime mover" of the device, seem to be independent from the metals.

    Thanks for clarifying that for others, I have understood this to be the important factor since the beginning, the voltage is a consequence of this ionization, and whatever is causing this ionization is the mistery of the LEC, not the voltage.

    Bob Greenyer of the MFMP has this new video out

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    where he proposes another, more conventional explanation of Huang's excess heat. Too long for me to watch, but maybe BJ Huang, or Curbina might have the time and interest.

    Shane D. , I did not watch it entirely, just the last minutes but I can assure you that the explanation is not conventional at all. Following the line of thought developed by Bob Greenyer, Cavitation is a much more complex phenomena than just a collapsing bubble that smash things together.

    Dear bjhuang , much thanks for your thorough response to my enquiries! I look forward to your paper and to the results of water analysis, I think you will find some surprises there! Your work is really much appreciated, and I am really happy to know you intend to continue to do research in this fascinating field!

    Looking at the sub micro Joules per second energy release, I would not exclude the same effects as suggested even with iron plating. I think we can conclude that additional tests are required to exclude conventional effects. I rest my case for now.

    Conventional effects haven't been ruled out even by the inventors, yet, but they have been at this for far longer than it would seem, at the Srinivasan memorial conference they were already more than two years into this, and they have tested them for months, filled a patent application, and even tested several other models (100 at that moment).

    If you review their January presentation, they could not achieve the same effect with a verified commercial radiation source that should have been able to ionize the gas, so, the ionizing effect, from a radiation that was observed and verified already by Rout, Srinivasan et al in the early 1990s, is there, is quite strong, and no one still knows of what kind this radiation is.

    Since air will consists of very little amount hydrogen (only 0.000053 percent) it's probably the best doable option to exclude chemical effect timewise. So, test a LEC that contains normal air and let it run sufficient time (approx. calculation required).

    Make sure to not use palladium plating that has been put in a pure hydrogen environment earlier to exclude hydrogen adsorbed in the platinum.

    Rob Woudenberg, the results reported by Stevenson today were obtained with Iron plating, not Pd plating, as Frank Gordon reported at the ICCF23, it also works with Iron, and Stevenson achieved it right from the start.

    IR’s name for the friends is “heat” and the LEC clearly emits more voltage when heated, so I think you are in the right line of thought.

    The assertion of this being likely a form of LENR doesn’t come from me but from the inventors themselves, and they also have put forward evidence of it, as there’s definite evidence that some kind of mildly ionizing radiation is being emitted that ionizes the gas and allows the generation of current/ voltage. I just happen to agree.

    But the mildly ionizing radiation emitted by Pd hydride / deuteride was already observed and detected by “fogging” of x ray sensitive plates in 1992 by the people of BARC included Srinivasan.

    A critical note, although I don't want to spoil the fun:

    To prove that extraordinary power is generated (LENR assumed) it's necessary to perform an energy measurement, not a short term power measurement. Total amount of continuously delivered energy should surpass any possible chemical energy. Only in such case enthusiasm is founded.

    I understand your caution Rob Woudenberg but you have to understand that for the voltage to be present there’s already something “exotic” happening as the gas in contact with the WE is ionized, there’s no other possibility, Stevenson already ruled that out, so these results are remarkable just considering that in an on itself.

    Much thanks for sharing these updates to your data and your presentation Dr. Huang!!! bjhuang.

    Much appreciated!

    I hope you can share more technical details of how to build, control and monitor this kind of set up with us eventually, thinking on independent replication. I really appreciate the results in the KW orders. Can you elaborate in the conditions that triggered the higher COPs and tell us if these conditions can be enhanced or controlled to certain extent? You mention that colder water was better, but was it the only condition that allowed higher COPs? What about water flow? Was the water distilled or tap water? Did you analyze the water for synthesis of new elements?

    You briefly mentioned that you experimented with copper foil In an ultrasound water bath, Can you share the thickness of the foil, as it looks heavily eroded and this is similar to some pitting found by Roger Stringham ( Roger S. Stringham ) in copper and Nickel in his experiments with ultrasound.

    I hope you can continue to work in this kind of research or at least to direct new researchers in this direction in the short term.

    Sorry for all the questions, your results are fascinating and beget much more questions, hope you can shed some more light.

    Whatever is causing the magnetism, It seems is being mass deployed in all sorts of vaccines now, this is a case of a French baby that got the 2 months jab and can get a mobile stuck to the leg. Either this or they are adding the Covid jab to the normal 2 months jab without telling anyone.

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    In other words, he died of the virus. The virus injects mRNA into all organs. That's how it works. The vaccine cannot possibly do that, because it does not reproduce. A small does or mRNA produces the spike proteins for a few days until the mRNA dissolves -- as all RNA always does -- and then it produces no more. The only way you can get RNA into the other cells is with the full genome that makes a self-reproducing virus, which spreads everywhere.

    The patient tested positive for COVID. He was somewhat asymptomatic. It says: "Although he did not present with any COVID-19-specific symptoms, he tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 before he died."

    I read it as a whole, and I agree he died from the virus, but if you put it all together, the post Mortem says he got good antigen titers from “The jab”, yet they did not protect him at all from getting Covid from an hospital roommate, and he got hospitalized in the first place as result of some clotting that caused his acute GI symptoms, so, the TL/DR version is that this elderly men was sent to death because of having the jab.