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    I think the explanation for this article is that this site is simply an Indonesian bot supported website that takes articles from all over the world and publishes them without quoting the source. The format suggests this was a wiki article that has since been scrubbed or changed and therefore you found by mere chance. You must have gone pretty far down the Google pages to find this.

    I was referring to his separation of people into “vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers” as if it were a competition. In this context is where I mean we all lost.

    Scott Adams grants the win, however, in this ongoing tragedy, we all lost.

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    If it gets some attention, I am all for a little PR. Not sure it will work though. ICCF24 was as newsworthy an event as any, yet attracted literally no media interest. Not that the organizers did not do their part trying to make that happen. Always worth a try though.

    Not sure what it will take to finally be noticed. Maybe a "sex sells" campaign? :) We already considered making LENR "glamorous", so why not take it to the next level?

    The 1997 movie “The Saint” featured “glamorous and sexy” Elizabeth Shue as the Cold Fusion scientist everyone was out to get. A couple of hot scenes of her on that movie, so one might say it was already tried 😆

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    We already knew about this initiative, this is more of a PR campaign for getting support for it, which is good news any way.

    Gennadiy Tarassenko , two posts above @alan has provided you with a contact that could help you reduce the hefty shipping charge. Albeit the goods are also expensive, the freight cost doesn’t help at all.

    Hi Gennady. I noticed the high cost of delivering capacitors from the USA. Often companies there charge a lot of money for overseas shipping because they are reluctant to do it. It's a 'go away' price. But the company linked above (which I have never used, so this is not a recommendation to use them)) is one of many that offer a 're-shipping' service that reduces costs. Your US supplier ships to them, they do the paperwork and ship to you.

    Thanks for this Alan Smith , whenever I have to purchase something in the US I have to bug my sister but she lives in CA and shipping rates from there are steep.

    ..."attempt to metabolize the probe".

    Makes perfect sense, if you think in microbial life, that would attach itself to the surfaces exposed to contact with the surrounding liquid medium, and potentially be able to degrade it, depending on their metabolical abilities. It may seem far fetched to you, but you can find litholitic bacteria deep in the Earth's mantle, so anyone with basic Astrobiology formation expects to find at least bacteria.

    I don’t get married to ideas, I was just making a connection between

    They act like neutrons, and they smell like neutrons

    and the proposal of Parkhomov. That Bob is intense, I can’t argue against it, but I don’t hold it against him. If I recall correctly, if not at that precise ICCF, but in other where he presented on behalf of Parkhomov, he was undergoing a bad episode of gout in his hip, and limping around with a cane.

    They act like neutrons, and they smell like neutrons, but they are possibly what Edward Teller called 'meshugganons' (meshugga = Yiddish, look it up!) I know another researcher who experienced what looked like a huge neutron flux during a glow-discharge experiment but it obviously was not, because he survived. William Collis is interested in what he calls 'exotic neutral particles' - which could be the same thing, but he has not yet got experimental proof. See also 'Bush and Eagleton'. papers

    The giant slow Cold Neutrinos that Alexander Parkhomov talks about?

    That entire episode is shrowded in intrigue and deceit. Richter was hired by Peron at the behest of a German advisor who was an aeronautic engineer and involved in the development of the German jet fighter (and later in the first Argentinian Jet), that knew Richter since they worked together for the Fuhrer. Richter was a very paranoic man and never really let anyone else know what he was doing exactly. The huge expense of the project and the heavy water plant he asked and Peron paid for, along with his impossible to work with personality, ultimately made him fall from grace with Peron and he was "let go", and later Peron himself fell from grace with the Argentinians because they stopped believing his vision of Argentina as a developped and technological power. Richter died in the late 1980s and was considered a crazy reclusive person by most people that met him on those final years.

    Albeit I still haven’t been able to get a full picture of this “hydro wave” technology you talk about, I see it has an overlap with what many others have done and/or proposed, like the work of Ryushin Omasa in Japan, who has experimental data on tritium inactivation and was also dismissed in 2013 (and more recently through the proposal of the MFMP to the Japanese Government). I also see a great degree of overlap, from another point of view, between the proposals of Q Hydrogen and the “hydro wave”, specially because the hydrowave uses the shape of the propeller to create the resonant cavitation, while Omasa uses his vibrating fans that also create a lot of resonant cavitation.

    Interview to Japanese Medical Doctor Masanori Fukushima after hid videos questioning a Government official about the Japanese Covid-19 policy went viral on the web.

    “Unprecedented Vaccine Disaster”: An Interview with Professor Masanori Fukushima – The Daily Sceptic
    Professor Masanori Fukushima, a Japanese infectious diseases expert, describes the mRNA Covid vaccines as an “unprecedented disaster” in an exclusive interview…

    I disagree. It is easy. I had a client request $200000 of additional assays to prove what I already told them and demonstrated by the elemental lines on the XRF, which was that tungsten interference was making fake platinum results on the XRF. I would have run 10 samples instead of over 2000, but we sure did prove my point with the extra data.

    I am not saying these results are wrong, but it takes a bit more work to show that it is right.

    From finding Pt in a very complex matrix of Pepto Bismol to finding a lot of things previously not there in a rather simple close to pure Nickel Electrode, you are not conparing apples to organes,’younare comparing apples to whales.

    They can be incredibly accurate and precise when steps are taken to qualify the data received, etc.

    For As and Ag, I can do +/- 1 ppm down to 3 ppm actual concentration, for example, with a common handheld model. Backed up by wet chemical and fire method analyses.

    Some elements work better than others, depending on specifications. The matrix type is a critical consideration and the calibration should use a similar matrix, and directly compared samples should have the same matrix as the calibration. (Powder vs metal, etc). Even the sample crystallography and grain size affects the results.

    I am fully aware of all that. Still, getting the results Parchi showed by mistake is out of the picture.

    Handheld XRF is only as good as the standards and blanks plus the skill of the operator.

    I already explained how to fake percent level Pt results that are not there at all with Selsun Blue.

    As I already said, I agree they are not accurate, as the % are relative to the elements present, but they can identify elements that are there from what is not there with high reliability.