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    You are mostly correct about the biomass business. Where you are wrong is that it is even worse than you suspect. There is a wood-pellet Mafia, there really is. I was offered and refused a directorship in a biomass company around 10 years ago. I preferred to work as a consultant instead, which I did for a while. Unfortunately the more investigating I did as part of my role the more I realised that it was just a game for making money, and nothing to do with environmental protection at all, so I got out.

    A documentary that was recently published for free in YouTube focused in the biomass energy industry as a part of the green energy movement.

    It’s hard to watch and will probably shatter many illusions, but is inline with what Alan Smith is saying, that the biomass industry is just a money making scheme.

    If anything, this documentary makes The case for LENR being even more necessary than most would want to acknowledge.

    Just because I read this article a while ago and It kind of obsessed me, and I had tried to verify the data but it was not available, for a while, but today I could get into the site and retrieved the same data set (took me a while), and I expanded it a bit with respect to the article I read, but basically I can say that the author has a very plausible point.…e-suspicious-68d4e2b6be6d

    I attach the data tables I translated with Google from Chinese to English, and I manually copied the total cases and influenza cases per month and created a spreadsheet. I was more than halfway retrieving the data when I realized I better pasted the link to each original data webpage, in order to let people check the original for themselves, sorry for the missing ones, but the search recommended in the article allows to fetch the rest of the pages rather easily.

    I kind of think that the author of the article has a point, and perhaps there is a good deal of Covid-19 cases hidden in the influenza peak of December 2019 and January 2020.

    I repeat that I am kind of obsessed with the possible cover up of the pandemic numbers in China, so I kind of had to do this and get it out of my system.

    I contacted the author of the blog article through his Researchgate page and sent him the same files, I have not heard from him, I hope he reads the data and updates his article if possible.

    I wouldn't call this news. I would call it rumor.

    What Curbina should really have written is something like 'I think this is the proper place to convey yet another interesting rumor that aligns with our preconceptions'.

    This is not rumor, the source is direct, just not to be disclosed. Please refrain to make accusations of us spreading rumors.

    I think this is the proper place to convey very good news that we have been made aware of, through the back channels, from a person working directly with Dr. Mizuno:

    The Hokkaido replication team is currently able to reproduce close to 1 KW excess heat, at will, with their current version of Mizuno’s R20.

    These are indeed great news, that come as a relief in these very challenging times where the world is struggling, and the efforts being made to follow with this development in these complex circumstances have to be celebrated and heralded.

    Something that struck me of this video is how thin Monty is today compared to 2012, it’s impressive. I hope his health is good.

    Well, it happened, I had a mistake in my table, it was April 4th not 5th. 64.236 at this moment in worldometers.

    Here in Atlanta, several hospitals have asked skilled seamstresses to sew cloth covers for N95 masks. The N95 masks are supposed to be used only once, but there is a shortage, so they are being cleaned. The cloth covers extend the life. The covers are laundered. These covers are shaped like the mask and include filter pockets and an inset for a nose wire. Children's Healthcare wants 10,000 of them.

    So, my wife is cutting and stitching away with a sewing machine that is as old as I am. But it still works!

    You might want to check this video from Bob Greenyer, which is based on a Nature publication for creating an active layer of protection in breathing masks.

    I think we have also to stress the need for eye protection, but there are not much alternatives. Specially for people that, like me, are in need of optic glasses.

    Don’t want to pop anyone’s hope bubble, but this article is a glimpse of something I have suspected and indirectly confirmed, and that is happening even in a country like mine where the pandemia is just beginning:

    The true numbers are much higher. Period.…t-call-covid-19-lockdown/

    My own country was caught red handed doing this (5 fatalities unaccounted, and still unaccounted for even after the scandal broke a few days ago) and that was denounced by a major of the same political sign of our president. It is and ongoing scandal here.

    A motive very on the same lines was given to me for rejecting the idea of even submitting a proposal to this call, by an Italian researcher. He said that a good portion of the budget would only be for bureaucrats going to good hotels.

    I am just wondering how more promising an experiment can be to at least get above "thresh hold". Compared to the funds available, the request of DENEUM is peanuts. The whole process seems like a farce to me.

    I devoted a great part of my career to write research grant proposals for R&D+I (from 1999 to 2012) and I can tell you that, no matter how good an idea, no matter how cheap the proposal, if is not properly written and focused within the criteria of the proposal picking parties, there's no hope. I one wrote a proposal for a UK fund, and It got to the last stage, was very interesting for the selecting comitte, but it failed to have the proper partnership with an UK based company so it was not selected.

    I hope this trend of doubling of fatal cases every 6 days as seen in the following projection with data from the Worldometers database:

    Date / Total Dead

    09. March 4,025

    17. March 7,979

    23. March 16,513

    29. March 32,145

    does not continue.

    I will leave the potential numbers every 6 days from now on here. Let's really hope it does not follow the past trend.

    05 April 64,000 6 days

    11 April 128,000 12 days

    17 April 256,000 18 days

    23 April 512,000 24 days

    29 April 1 mill 30 days

    5 May 2 mill 36 days

    11 May 4 mill 42 days

    17 May 8 mill 48 days

    23 May 16 mill 54 days

    There are other curious, to say the least, indirect data, as the 1,2 million above average pneumonia cases in China in december 2019, and the fact that Chinese telecom industry reports a net loss of 21 million cell phone contracts and 840 thousands fixed line users in the last 4 months.

    We will probably never know the true extent of the covid-19 problem in China, as we never did lnow the true human lives lost in the unfamous Tiananmen incident decades ago.

    You have not paid attention then. Mizuno has been able to get excess heat but not at the levels of the R20 reactor. This has been stated by JedRothwell even before ICCF22.