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  • Drgenek Replied to the thread Strong evidence for a new kind of radiation..

    BLP makes energy from water, not hydrogen. If they didn't have some expectation that the oxygen plays a role why are they now looking to control it? Thunderstorms arc are so energetic that they make neutrons like Santilli has made neutrons from electric…
  • Drgenek Replied to the thread Strong evidence for a new kind of radiation..

    Why is strange radiation important? Because hot fusion produces hot radiation and cold fusion produces cold radiation. Cold radiation is a better term but you may call it strange radiation or one of the other terms. The key point of cold radiation is…
  • Drgenek Replied to the thread LENR vs Solar/Wind, and emerging Green Technologies..

    (Quote from rubycarat)

    The challenge isn't some heat, but enough heat and the means of its conversion to more electricity that what is required for apparatus. I have shown by mass balance and stoichiometry that Hydrogen and Oxygen can be combined via an…
  • (Quote from Rob Woudenberg)

    The absence of hard gamma and further the absence of most of the energy one would expected based on the amount of transmutation is a good question. One must measure the amount of transmutation to see that. Most so called LENR…
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    (Quote from Rob Woudenberg)

    I have proposed the nuclear reactions occur as a result of a self-assembled "nano-star", that could be a cluster in a metal (NAE, nuclear reactive site) or a particulate dispersed in gas. As a chemist, I suppose mass transfer…