LENR Theories Discussion.

  • I already explained it once or twice. First real ball lightening has been produce by a Brazil researcher just by luck. An electric arc travelled over silicon dust along a window and bang! as sphere flew away. So the center of this sphere have been strongly positive silicon atoms. All Evos have atomic centers! I never did hear that one could produce them under vacuum....

    Here is a letter which could change your mind.Richard Feynman letter to Ken Shoulder.pdf

  • Emergent properties in Chemistry.

    (Open access paper which leads me to speculate that LENR is also an emergent phenomenon that is dependent on particular. sets of conditions where the properties of bulk materials may be radically different to those of assemblies of more finite numbers of atoms.)


    Certain properties of an object only emerge when a sufficient number of those objects are present in a definite arrangement. For example, one or two water molecules cannot said to be in a liquid state, but a drop of water can be. This concept of emergence has been studied extensively, but only occasionally discussed explicitly in the context of chemistry. In this paper, we aim to show the fruitfulness of the concept of emergence for chemical inquiry by considering four case studies of emergent chemical properties, i. e., the liquidity and freezing of water, structural properties of crystals, thermodynamical phase transitions and quantum mechanical phenomena. We show that some of these properties emerge gradually, some at discrete points, and some should be taken to emerge only when the number of constituents tends to infinity. We argue that studying the way in which chemical properties emerge presents a useful avenue for research that promises greater insight into the nature of those properties.


  • I have made another addition thread for electron-based gravity. RE: Electrogravity (electron-gravity) as a cause of nuclear reactions..

    I proposed that an electron and an unknown particle combine to form a pseudoelectron.

    I proposed that attraction between pseudoelectrons cause the self-assembly of charge clusters.

    I proposed that charge cluster catalyze nuclear fusion.

    Further, in the latest post I propose how pseudoelectrons and pseudoantielectrons can alter nuclear structure. I then proposed explanations of the images of Matsumoto based on my model and Matsumoto interpretations of his images. One can compare my model with Matsumoto's model. My model gives more depth to the claim that cold fusion creates stars. That would include DIY (Do-It-Yourself) blackholes.

    Give it a look. Worst case, you could find it entertaining.

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