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    Thanks Alan - the doc in the link that you provided is an internal doc that appears to have been submitted to USPTO with incomplete docketing information as Robert H surmised. The doc was made by the USPTO pdf builder and I don't think it could have come from anywhere else.

    Still tracking it all down.

    Alan is a Rossi defender promoter who said he would stay in the shadows but cannot manage to do so - one day will find out why.

    KevMo continues to insist that an anonymous SP was involved in a real offer discussion. There was nothing real about it.

    It was a Planet Rossi positioning and PR play. He continues to live on "facts" from non-factual sources and criminal con.

    Figured as much Jtomas - you remain sealed as a teardown artist troll along with the rest of your Planet Rossi brethren.

    BTW - Your boy is having a bad day with his paper on Researchgate - real scientist have been checking his math and the f word came up..... again.

    Jtomas - a "loser" on Planet Rossi is a winner on the planet where it matters. Do you realize how you come across? We're the only guys willing to broadly fund research into this forbidden science with a goal of pollution mitigation and heat / light for the least and you try to portray us as the bad guys? The winners write the history and Rossi is already cemented into his position as a footnote stain. We're putting our time and money where our heart is - what are you doing to make a positive difference?

    WCG - Thank you for bringing up a pre-trial reminder. Rossi caved like a wet paper towel at the start of the trial testimony because he knew that IH and our legal team were going to destroy him with truth under oath. The real battle was commencing and Rossi, thru his new attorney, cried uncle and waved the white flag of surrender. It was familiar scene - he was a nervous wreck in that Miami Federal Court that day and had the look of a scared child, much like the court photos published from the Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera" archives of his PetrolDragon trial days. It seems that we might have to relive that with a deeper history lesson if this crap continues.

    Just to save you some time, it was a business decision to accept Rossi's walkaway settlement offer made just as Darden was taking the stand. We rightfully decided to use money that was being consumed by the lawyers for its original purpose, to fund CF researchers. Disappointing that we didn't finish R off in court but not a hard business decision.

    R has since destroyed the remainder of himself with his exhausted antics and traveling clown car posey.

    Do you want to keep going down this little excursion back into the archives?

    Shane - We set off to figure out if CF was real and if affirmative, enable the sector to the extent that we can. Things are looking good across the board right now including theory, modeling, math, physics and at the experimental / replication / verification levels.

    With no offense intended, this place has turned into SoftSwerve Central and, as a result, will not be where the red meat gets served.

    WCG - we stood close to the fire and came out fireproof.

    You know that Rossi's criminal charade is over - he sits in tatters at a computer somewhere, desperately trying to find someone and something else to cling to in a negative Sigma .01 kind of way. Focardi, Kullander, Essen, Cook, IH, the rest of the Uppsala Swedes, etc are of no use to him any longer. He has to find a new sucker and enemy.

    Along with his PR machine, he's now attempting to conjure up Shoulders and Black Hole Algebra to keep his lifeline to the relevant real world. Its over - the SS R'ster is on the bottom of the Dirac'd sea.

    I do hope you're going to like the coming season.