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    S12 - The R'ster looks for marks that he can draw into his schema then keep them there after reality is revealed (based on greed and in a corrupt manner).

    That has worked well enough for him in his previous runs. He wasn't counting on running squarely into the incorruptible.

    We seek opportunities that might work and that can change the status quo for the better if they work - the antithesis of the R'ster's modus operandi.

    AND they were both broken, covered with spiderwebs and didn't turn a single RPM during the R'ster's reign in this space.

    Regarding supersonic steam decibels - anybody remember Renzie's picture of the R'ster listening to a Saturn V rocket motor with his stethoscope?

    Guess what I found in a lab drawer today?

    THE stethoscope!!!!

    Wow Russ - I don't know you but I do know Mike and stand by and with him 100%. He has been a steady and persistent guiding light for the sector for decades.

    He has experimented with scientific rigor, provided world-class guidance to all who seek him out and is a standard bearer for us all in the court of scientific reality. Having Rossi defenders by your side doesn't help your restart position - perhaps you should focus on your experiments.

    THH - that combined with the fact that the Feds (and State guys for that matter) concentrate on financial crimes beyond the "chump change levels" of >$100M. (although they did nab the R'ster's goldbug off a plane at MIA and sent him to a German prison by way of an Interpol warrant)

    Axil - but of course. I've been forwarded docs from two different sources that ensure that the R'ster is no longer able to "engineer" from Florida (as in Cease and Desist). Hilariously - he had to claim that he never "engineered" on an unlicensed basis while in Florida which is the truth with the exception of an ongoing fiction.

    There must be a lot of folks still after some accountability.

    Axil - you know the answer to that. A couple of parlor tricks worked then certain academics issued a report that corroborated the R'ster spin.

    He fooled many folks when he first got started. When real engineers got involved, he couldn't handle it but still tried to pull off his next money grab, failed then had the unmitigated audacity to litigate as part of his ongoing scam. That was his undoing. That is where the truth caught up with him - $$ story ends there.

    While we're at it - you're a good person to ask since you know so much - do you think that the R'ster is still "engineering" all of these amazing new contraptions in Florida?

    Tiresome Axil - step one in applied engineering is a replicable prototype. Nothing from the R'ster worked. The R'ster

    fabricated the Doral fiasco claiming a brilliant path to market. That machine didn't work as confirmed by R's abandonment of the design.

    It was a money grab alright and the repeat con managed to weasel away.

    Axil -You've got gigantic nerve invoking "Leonardo". The truth is antithetical to your observation. Your boy has shafted most of his "partners" and his home country over his 5 decades as a scam artist. He poisoned forest roadsides, waterways and water tables in Italy by illegally disposing the waste oil he was paid to dispose of. He has conned $$ from investors and tricked governments and companies while creating false hope with his claimed inventions. His legacy is sealed and his "mark" is secure along with what is already an infamous footnote in the history of this sector. All facts - you're now becoming as stained as he is.

    Shane - I'd like to remind you that much of the R'ster's efforts in discovery were invested in trying to find if IH shared his "IP' with others. They scoured the emails and focused on that topic in depositions with all deposed IH people. Because that didn't happen, there was no evidence that the R'ster's attorneys could have found or used to make this point in the trial. There was not a hint of evidence to support this lie of R and his disciples. All IH folks told the truth and guess what - you can tell the truth the same way every time!

    Axil - may I remind you than an empty tube runs just as well with a high COP as one full of the R'sters "fuel" in one of his contraptions.

    Its been checkmate for quite some time now. Too much truth is out. Any ongoing speculation is useless with the exception of a good movie script fodder.

    Another history rewrite alert:

    Axil - the reason that I am posting again is to preserve the facts from whatever you're up to. IH had funded the litigation through trial. Your boy was the one who white-flagged as Darden was to take the stand and begin testimony. Your boy was the one who was sued by members of his legal team for not paying his bills.

    Your boy started the legal fight and was not prepared to finish it.

    Rossi is an untouchable based on the way he has treated people who tried to trust him on multiple continents over past several decades.

    It is entertaining that he is running the same tired old playbook again. Nobody is falling for it this time and if it wasn't for his insider noise generation system, another chapter in this melodrama tragicomedy would not even be possible.

    Wow - what a great laugh that image of the staged "demo" brings. Just look at the brilliance and elegant simplicity of the projected "circuit" Absolutely hysterical!

    How many living and breathing tool followers does the R'ster have left?

    THH - with the added kicker that the above referenced court case was birthed into existence by Rossi.

    I think that he is still having fun though - his yarn-spinning creativity and self-promoting productivity continue to impress. I hope that IH was the last investor to lose money on him. His story telling is likely to continue unless some authorities catch up with him. At this point, I beginning to think that he is going to be able to retire to his real estate empire. I wonder what kind of landlord he is?

    Axil - your mission continues to clarify and truth is hunting you down.

    You know that Rossi ignored any test plans not devised by him along with anything from a sensor / system configuration that would hold him accountable. He even located and removed hidden sensors in the "1MW" container - still not sure how he found all of those but he did.

    It became clear that obfuscation and deception were his way forward. In the end, he was trapped then busted by his own systems though.

    We learned to recognize when we were on top of one of his tricks - he got red-faced, tensed up, threw somebody out, started cursing in Italian and / or flew the coup.

    History will judge whether it was all worth it or not - that gets written by the winners.

    Axil - nice rewrite attempt. Are you referencing the IP that the R'ster has abandoned?

    If no then what a nice reminder for anybody that the R'ster is attempting to engage moving forward.

    He's made himself into an untouchable.

    I do wish that the R'ster would not have chickened out just as Darden was about to go under oath.