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    TrueTroll sticks with the script - keep lobbing bombs and I'll keep swatting them back into your hole.

    No dirt is even possible from the clean angels of Planet Rossi. Nothing to see here - everyone please move along and leave the misunderstood genius alone. The R'ster must remain the victim and there can never be any accountability. All others are to blame into perpetuity. Period.

    Trolly shows up with a page right out of the Planet Rossi playbook.

    If your kind had only held your boy to one tenth of the same standard then millions of additional CF research dollars would have ended up in the hands

    of genuine and sincere researchers rather than invested in 2nd rate Florida real estate. The wealthy career specialist set CF research back one decade.

    TrueTroll: I repeat - you'll be among the last to know.

    Bruce H - Rossi's system failed the "control test" and he stormed out of the Raleigh lab after being caught red-handed in the process.

    Remember that he also claimed to have shutdown and "re-fueled" the Doral reactors 1 day before Penon and IH were to inspect the "post-test" reactors.

    It would have taken 2 engineers several days to refuel those systems - they were not designed for quick refueling.

    Ed, Jed, Melich and others all thought that Rossi's system needed further investigation. The pre-IH Navy test impressed everyone who knew about it.

    For whatever reason, the R'ster left that reactor behind including the fuel. Remember that R shipped the blue container across the ocean fully loaded and fueled. That remained a huge curiosity until we figured out the truth.

    42 follows their SPtroll pattern so beautifully. Twist and troll. We're all tired of it with the exception of couple of


    IH has no one to blame but ourselves. We got tricked by a career specialists and lost some money in the process. Are there others who were/ are complicit in

    this? I believe the answer is yes and that time may give us a more definitive answer to that question if they keep going.

    I've got some more news for you. Ferrara came with some geiger blips that were above the noise. For whatever reason, they were never to be repeated or seen again. How the heck did he pull that off? If you go back to his original patent filing, he claims that device heated a factory for a solid year

    (invalidating the patent if not true). Where are those miracles? I think the market has spoken.

    We're done with those clowns and have moved on but have plenty fight left for folks who want to keep bringing this up.

    Alan rushes in right on schedule as part of the R'ster's bucket brigade.

    The R'ster spent years in prison for fraudulent bankruptcy, money laundering and precious metals smuggling.

    There is no acquittal record for those episodes. The gap out between his TEG and CF careers contains more information for those that want to

    go there. He was last nabbed coming back into his home country in the middle of the prototype / testing failures / "lab fire" episode. His metals partner was later nabbed in Miami International on an Interpol warrant and returned to Europe to face justice.

    The R'ster is a wealthy career specialist who can get in and out of a contract almost as quickly as he has been able to get in and out of prison.

    He has multiple successful cycles in both regards. His PR wing is clearly regrouping and gearing up for another try at something.

    I don't have direct knowledge of what is going on in Lubbock outside of an understanding that everything is operating under strict NDAs.

    I believe they have made progress and are trying to figure how to further develop / exploit what they have.

    It is also my understanding that Violante is back in Italy with his own lab - his research continues which is very good news for us all.

    We're alive and well with slow methodical progress. It is very good to see the Takahashi summary of Japan's progress in the sector.

    F&P got it right and we owe it to them and to our planet to make it real!

    A first person experience: The R'ster was claiming 450C and climbing in a demo while the handheld IR temp gun (with laser dot on) on a blackbody showed 275C. After spotting my actions ("how disrespectful of that guy" some of you folks thinking), the R'ster flipped what seemed to be two switches on his front panel and immediately claimed "we have a possible runaway" with a request for everyone to leave the room. I got the temp gun out after using my hand in a near field wave to get a better sense of the heat output from the device during the demo. I'm no walking thermocouple but knew there was no way his claimed temps were as high as his instrumentation was stating.

    That is a gigantic delta - say no more, say no more.

    True troll - from your point of view - there was copious smoke. AR cost IH a bucket load of precious CF research $$. The smoke from burned money is exactly the extraction distraction

    he had in mind. The guy is no dummy.