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    AA - your's is an increasingly lonely voice in what is turning into the earned and justified wilderness that was Planet Rossi.

    I know all there is to know about that rust bucket piece of 1MW junk. 4 AAA batteries put out more power than that charade ever did. There was rust AND algae in its veins while it was running. What a howler.

    Bob - I check in occasionally over here.

    To answer your question - I witnessed a demo to WIF at the original RTP lab where R was claiming 400C+ and my IR temp gun showed 275C. He spotted me with the gun out of the corner of his eye (must have been the red dot), flipped a couple of switches, declared a potential runaway and cleared the room. I'll never forget that look. He asked that I be excluded from the lab from there on out and I happily obliged.

    Ahi - you're confusing and stretching matters again. We've invested in several companies who have helped us along the way and have many patents moving thru the system. Some may even turn out to be useful. The patented Burgess invention that you reference is assigned to an unrelated party. Keep searching though and hope that the R'ster doesn't stumble back into the crosshairs.

    Welcome back P - I think that your aforementioned protocol should be named the "Levi Protocol" to ensure that history properly records

    this particular method of creating imaginary XP. The Uppsala profs insisted that any questions or concerns about the Lugano IR camera settings / interpretation must be discussed with Levi. They wouldn't allow any further mention of the subject and were adamant about their position - Levi owns this one into perpetuity.

    Z - impact investors don't expect you to hold their coin - it is put to work.

    LINR - Ahi assembled info on Letao from the internet and presented in his unique special sleuthsayer approach. Most of the IH team was disbanded to conserve cash for the litigation and some really great folks got really good jobs elsewhere. Planet earth's loss - we still have a chance to recover but in a different configuration and capacity / approach.

    SSC - I know exactly what happened in the settlement process. IH has previously proposed a walkaway but R's attorneys were insisting that IH write a check as part of any agreement.

    IH was not about to give Rossi a dime for settlement and was prepared to bleed out fighting for justice if necessary. The walkaway was a dawn of war decision by Rossi - it saved his ass. Albeit temporarily (my opinion).

    MY - as intimated before, TD had a hunch that the splash from engaging / funding Rossi would lead to other opportunity whether R was real or not. A combination of huge vision and gigantic nerve/skill.

    The sector had been resource starved for almost 2 decades and very good dedicated folks had managed to stay in active research sometimes at great sacrifice to themselves - these folks turned out to be excellent people beyond their research capabilities which makes this fun on top of rewarding. I'm greater than 50/50 now that his hunch is going to end up working out. (not much greater but confidence is growing - still a long way to go).

    TTM - You are always ready to accept words as true only if they emanate from a Planet Rossi iterative (every word). That one way mirror has great potential to get you further - keep using it and best wishes in the future!

    MY - I was also disappointed as we had the R'ster on the ropes. He was going to have to perjure himself under oath to keep his version of the story together and that had great potential to also lead to sanctions

    for his attorneys. R badly wanted out and it was prudent for TD/IH to take the exit as well to conserve remaining research $$ and eliminate the small risk of personal and CIP economic penalties from a confused jury. (R didn't have such a bad strategy in that regard). On the positive side, he also left a good dropping trail for any future investor to consider in the process.

    Ele - may I remind you that Rossi is the one who proposed a walkaway settlement minutes before Darden was to take the stand to begin trial testimony.

    Darden was ready to go and Rossi apparently wasn't. Rossi was not ready for the truth to go before Judge and jury and that settlement was his only way to weasel out of a very difficult jam that he got himself into. He was very fortunate to have escaped and we'll see how long he can stay out of trouble this time.

    Kirk - thank you for the response and yes, this answers my question. Finding gas products from a small scale reaction is very difficult especially with the gas volumes that we're all dealing with. We have access to a 5ppb Finnigan and so far have not seen anything that is substantially enough above background to get too excited about. I didn't realize that tritium wants out more than H2.

    Ele - you don't know when to stop and must be drinking the same juice as your cohorting cotraveler SSC. Breaking old news....there was no trial (hard for some of you to understand) and Rossi's attorney proposed a walkaway settlement minutes before Darden was to take the stand. Rossi did not want anything to do with having to defend his numerous depositions and wanted out. IH took the proposal because there was risk of a split-baby decision from a jury trying to make sense and bring a sense of fairness to a very complicated (thanks to Rossi's vast imagination) litigation. IH also wanted to put the $1M in July legal fees back to work with CF researchers. No brainer really.

    No trial happened - got it?

    The summer ambient swings in Dr. Mizuno's lab were up to 7C/day. He made an airbox with some mitigating capabilities to try and combat that but those swings remain a factor.

    We never got to an HVAC upgrade investment due to the distracting obligation drain that suddenly manifested. Test in our lab of two separate but technically similar smaller reactors did not yield any defensible anomalous results above the noise. Rossi claiming that this is a replication is beyond outrageous but nothing new there either.

    It gets very cold very quickly in Sapporo in the winter - quite a wonderful and interesting place!

    TTM - The money lost to Rossi may end up not being a total waste as it did create awareness that caring risktakers were showing up with resource.

    That opened some doors - some of which may still turn out to be useful. The criminal shame is the $5M+ that was designated to fund research had to be diverted to attorneys. Perhaps those lessons will end up having convertible value as well.

    Alan - I agree with the lawyers statement. The accountants are a result of regulatory burden overreach - they are simply filling a need. I think that has a chance of getting fixed in a US to the extent where more balance in the mix might be possible.

    Bravisimo!!! But of course - a study of the 12 papers (4 of which Alan could have gotten his name on by emailing on a comment or two) indicates that the pinball wizard is the perfect guy to be directing the Uppsala researchers and future potential investors on ECat temp measurement / interpretation. Sadly, there does not appear to be any publications on pinball source code research but I now know where to go when I need some help on cosmic ray measurement, perfezionado coffee machines, highway traffic simulators (maybe that counts for in the pinball source code category), superconducting gravimeters and / or time of flight simulation.

    Moved from RvD aftermath thread. Alan.

    Dr. Mizuno is a really good man and I was fortunate enough to have been able to develop a friendship with him over the last 3 years. It is true that we were not able to replicate or confirm his findings but that is not conclusive regarding his present or overall research. I believe that he has experienced more iterations of working CF reactions than about any other researcher on this planet.

    I think that Dr. Iwamura and his team are having better luck replicating Mizuno's insitu cathode prep / nano deposition process (a very smart approach) and seem to be getting some excess heat.

    Jed is his most trusted English speaker who also does a good job holding him accountable on calorimetry / measurement. I'll look forward to hearing Jed's interpretation of the data when he gets it.