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    Siffer - Rossi's multi-decade trail of deception, destruction and theft has come home to roost and everyone whom he previously has associated with eventually got used up and tossed by the wayside. The trail of heartbreak and ruination left by this guy over the decades is staggering. Magnus was not to be one of those exceptions and I feel badly for him. Rossi thought he could trick or inculcate us fully into his skulduggery but he bet incorrectly. The Uppsala crew will also soon learn the price of choosing to stay by Rossi's side and assisting, whether intentionally or not, with his deception.

    Siffer - Your one way evidence monocle got very tiresome last summer.

    Magnus is apparently a nice guy who couldn't fully weather the financial risk associated in dealing with Rossi. You might be able to check the divorce courts in Sweden yourself for the latest.

    Planet Rossi is a permanent monicker well beyond this forum despite Alan's best wishes and desires. I believe this latest epitode (combo episode and epitath) of his also highlights his lack of judgement, temperament and inability to function as a capable moderator for L.F.

    Ah Siffer - I've researched what it all means in your home country. You're welcome to keep adding to the mess you've made.

    THH - I agree - the Spoliation motion could end it all and was surprised / disappointed at the Judge's treatment of the filing.

    You'll see it again soon enough.

    Peter - you seem to be back in your disturbed place which may just be a result of your haste / emotion. There are plenty of answers to your questions

    in the docket right now and I can never seem to be able to satisfy your curiosity without setting you off so lets just leave it at that.

    Careful Monty - you're leaving droppings again and I'd like to point out that there is a full-fledged troll culling underway.

    Para - The IR story is interesting. The images show no discernible heat differences between the neighboring facilities but we have not been able to get the necessary data certifications that would allow this to be admitted into court evidence. There is more than enough dry powder remaining if needed but this would have been a lovely addition to the mix.

    Here here Para! If I may ask, where did you get those pictures of the windows and the tree outside of the Doral location.

    If there is a living tree witness protection program - somebody needs to register that poor tree post haste.

    Peter - with the rare exception, you continue to be a gentleman and I don't think that the tighter management of L.F. would classify your postings as inappropriate. I remain saddened that you are not able to grasp the reality of the Rossi situation even after a review of all the new information that is available for your education. You continue to hold out hope against hope that Rossi somehow has something useful even in the face of overwhelming evidence that everything and everyone involved with Rossi's side of the story is a not telling the truth and deliberately trying to pass of their deception as plausible. The "ERV" standard would not be acceptable as a standard for a porta-potty sanitation inspection.

    Alan - your moderatroll ways are so tiring. There is a very clean and legal way to obtain server logs and IP addresses.

    We'll see if that lever needs to be pulled. L.F. moderators can tell who is logging on along with when/where they are logging in from. IP spoofing / cloaking has likely been used but the cycle of Rossi SPs and most prolific Planet Rossi troll logs would be very telling. Especially with the manic posting burst

    from a handful of handles. Certain Planet Rossi types are here to phish and prod as part of their underhanded legal tactics as well.

    They think they are so smart and its just as well as checkmate is at hand.

    Do you wonder who is "financing" Rossi's litigation?

    I see the Rossi SP / Planet Rossi storm from overnight drew some just invective and, sadly, also lured Sifferkoll out of hibernation (high possibility they are directly related). I'd love to have a look at some server logs and IP addresses. Its not a total loss - I don't need any more ammo on that front but this will surely be helpful if he wants to revert to his last known state of mind.

    I've been very curious as to why more of Planet Rossi is not proclaiming Penon's "ERV" report? Rossi teased and led his followers on for almost a year around the importance of this document only to pull the rug out from under them with his long planned litigation and the intentional withholding of his all important report. He then tried to spin this and blame IH for his inability to publish the planet saving, so to speak, "ERV". The document is so fatally flawed that it could not be useful to collect even .89 quid. There is no measuring equipment description, no data measurement or collection methodology, no calibration or certification. No attempt to establish any credibility or competence as a measurement standard. Rossi, Penon and Fabiani all got their stories crossed up on how the information was even gathered / delivered and then to top it all off - they destroyed the emails and the data. What is left for any Rossi remnant to believe in?

    Portions of Barry's depo are included in the IH exhibits. I don't see where Rossi's legal team used any of my deposition in their latest exhibits which is not a surprise mainly because the testimony is devastating for Rossi (and beyond).

    What the heck is "durapox" anyway - a derivative of chickenpox or smallpox on Planet Rossi?

    Wytte - the hundreds of pictures from the inside at the end of the "test" include many of the ceiling and do not support your supposition.

    However - I really do want you to push this narrative and try to get this miraculous development into evidence. (oh snap - time might be up for that).

    Please petition the court so that this important development can be considered.

    Interesting how several of the SPs show up in swarms to spew their junk.

    The swamp is being drained. Lying cheating stealing Rossi is in checkmate.

    Wait until you see what Rossi asked Bass to locate for "steam circulation". The Bass response is even more priceless.

    It fits into the same category as a left-handed skyhook smoke sifter.

    IHFB - Rossi slow-walked all of his discovery just so that he could get statements like this in deposition from honest people.

    What was actually provided was a mess and a sad joke. What was "destroyed" probably never existed in the first place.

    The other sad joke remains on the Rossi hopeful who continue to desperately believe there is something to his story behind an encyclopedia of lies. There is not - Rossi is the Father of Lies and only the deluded cannot admit to this right now.

    IHFB - don't stop believing. The data provided is fake junk. Since you have so much time on your hands - go find where Penon, Fabiani and Rossi could not even agree on how the "data" got to Penon. There is no toehold for Planet Rossi on this. You're done.

    Shane D - very surprised that you would quote anything from JONP - I thought you were smarter than that.

    IHFB - your inability to process and understand even the basics makes you self-made alright. We'll leave it at that.

    Peter - there is no intelligible data from Doral in the evidence. What was admittedly destroyed by FF, Penon and Rossi

    means that adverse interpretation is heading their way by a legal standard. From your point of view, the raw data behind the most important invention

    in 100 years has been destroyed along wth realms of other evidence. Somehow you will still find faith in your boy Rossi but please understand you're looking

    incredulous to the truth in the process. Your loss may not be irrevocable - you have to come to terms with this. March madness has turned to March sadness for the Planet Rossi remnant. Please start to deal with this, dig deep and find a way move on.

    Planet Rossi doesn't realize that Rossi's lawyers have all of my emails as part of discovery production and that the privilege order covers IP emails. Planet Rossi's attempts to assemble some type of footing and impeach others in all this mess are sad, silly yet are highly entertaining. How are they able to ignore the blatant deceptions by Rossi which Planet Earth can now see. And always remember - the dry powder in reserves for trial is staggering.

    Regarding the hot seat - Rossi and his lawyers already had their chance and it did not go very well for them. It was a great pleasure looking Rossi in the eye on numerous occasions and calling him a defacto liar in my deposition. I hope this fiasco ends before trial but really do look forward to testifying at trial if called. Bring it!