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    Wow - wasn't it Parkomov who filled in the data gaps in his "replication" with his own interpretation of what might have been?

    Isn't it Parkomov who has not been able to successfully replicate when outsiders are in the lab as witnesses?

    And how did Piantelli get left out of this conversation as the father of Ni/H2 anomalies?

    Having asked these questions - I do wish Parkomov the best moving forward. He seems to be better resourced these days and I'm hopeful that some of his work can be successfully verified.

    Fletcher - stop the lies about me.

    Askie -The first investment TD made into the sector was Brillouin. He also funded some research grants prior to the agreement with the R'ster.

    The attempts to redeem a con to some subsistence form of legitimacy are entertaining. The winners are writing this history.

    The first investment TD made into the sector was Brillouin. He also funded some research grants prior to the agreement with the R'ster.

    The attempts to redeem a con to some subsistence form of legitimacy are entertaining. The winners are writing this history.

    THH - the SKINR EOL story is complicated and the core research lives on. There were forces aligned against them that did not want that mission to continue. There were also some self-inflicted wounds as well as was some deception on verification side of the Spring 2017 XH results and promised funding. The clock ran out with departments at the school more than happy to take over the lab space. The other shutdowns of last year were not unrelated and the moral of the story is to keep your friends close along with a critical close eye on your frenemies.

    7of20 - not quite. After the empty reactor with a COP of 8 incident, R was allowed to run enough rope out during that one year to effectively end his career as a cold-fusioneer. We didn't think that he would actually litigate with all the data and facts stacked against him but the guy's audacity is beyond compare. He is quite good at what he does.

    Axil - that is up for debate. The video snippet played by Forsley at the end of his hybrid reactor project intro with NASA featured Back to the Future's Mr. Fusion with a beer can followed by some MFMP team members (at the time) pounding beers in Korea and with Greenyer getting bothered that someone had taken his beer provided that I interpreted correctly. Forsley has a wicked sense of humor and is possibly still howling over this end of conference tagging.

    Greenyer got plenty of air time at ICCF21. Some of his questions were good and some made him look & sound foolish. He ran his presentations every afternoon

    of the poster sessions and even on the remaining mountain top bus while the rangers were searching for the missing David French. The Parkomov 1700C transmutation video / claims are interesting but the record remains - nothing has ever worked in his lab when outside visitors are in attendance. We'll see if that changes.

    Frank Gordon, formerly of NRL, filled the only open slot that I was aware of while Ruby got a promo snippet moment as well. Greenyer is a smart gent but his O'day fundraising antics have severely impaired his credibility with the field. He did get his own MFMP video moment at the end of Forsley's presentation on Friday. The debate is still on as to whether that was a visionary at work moment or a comedic slice of the jugular. One thing is for sure after this conference - Rossi is a forgotten speck in the rear view mirror of time .

    Alan Smith creates more lies and insults on behalf of Planet Rossi AS A MODERATOR on this forum. He doesn't have the demeanor or judgment needed to be a moderator and should immediately be relieved of that responsibility.

    SPargbo## - You guys are like the clown car in the center ring at the circus - you just keep coming.

    What gives you credibility to even ask your question?

    I participated in a test and caught the Wealthy Career Specialist cheating. Upon spotting that he was caught, he quickly shutdown the experiment claiming potential runaway.

    IH did a control / fueled reactor test and caught the WCS cheating - he flew out the door in a rage.

    The WSC admitted first hand to lying / cheating in Doral - all recorded under oath into perpetuity for those willing to read the record.

    Dealing in truth is useful - not a waste of time.

    And your point is what Tony? We're committed and continue to spend time, effort and resources to move this field forward after the deep and wide Rossi setback. I'm sure that efforts by you and others to support the convicted felon / Wealthy Career Specialist to detract, distract and strike again will continue. You are a teardown artist who continues to add ZERO value to this discussion or the field.

    Tony - the witch has been cornered and caught by his own hand. Nothing you can do will be able to change that.

    The applied starting line for CF will not involve the WCS.

    See ya!

    Shane - I mostly agree with you. I do feel terribly for Peter Gluck. He invested man years in trying to help get CF to a starting line only to fall under the WCS spell.

    I hope he can recover and live long enough to see a true applied engineering starting line become reality.

    These incredible human cost mean nothing to the Wealthy Career Specialist - they are useful collateral / fodder along the way.

    Oh snap.... I've seen him flip switches before - the last time to avert a potentially catastrophic "runaway" when the temp was half as dangerously close to what he was claiming.

    I hear you IO - Planet Rossi has had a horrible week and we can't help that AS continues to lead with his chin.

    Having said that - I'm backing off until until challenged again.

    Somewhat nobel Alan -and very pleased to hear that your research is expanding - wish you the best there.

    I do wish that your curiosity and passion for details extended in the other direction but it never does.

    Your ongoing quickdraw defense of most things Rossi remains revelatory in the light of your words.

    Staying focused on the science will better serve this community. Science never demands or needs an apology.

    Alan - I had nothing to do with the IVA announcement or decision.

    Your ongoing efforts to sustain the ever shrinking sphere of influence the Wealthy Career Specialist have moved into the hypocritical. By whatever modality and, ignoring the big picture criminality for now, you're defending / supporting a system that seeks truth on one side and promotes / sustains lies on the other.

    You need to stop with the unforced errors and avoid any further damage to LF.

    I deal in facts - I don't know what you're dealing in or with. Open your eyes Alan.