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    RiRi - lets clear something up. Planet Rossi unleashed a slander, defamation and misinformation tidal wave last Spring that just happened to coincide with the launch of his litigation. I was outraged at this and started posting to counter their lies. IH asked me to stop as they wanted to let the smear campaign from Planet Rossi cycle out on its own. I tried standing down for a little while but couldn't stand-by while Planet Rossi twisted stories and fabrications against some of the finest men I know. The onslaught of garbage that came out of several bloggers was so outrageous that I couldn't sit back any longer and decided to make a stand. First on Mats blog until the truth got too hot (with the accompanying Planet Rossi call for moderation) and comments were turned off, then over to E-Catworld until Planet Rossi called for moderation to stop the heat rounds. I was effectively banished there both as nckhawk and Dewey Weaver. The last remaining forum for exchange was L-F where there initially was a lot of bias towards me (and IH). That has calmed down dramatically as more folks have realized that Rossi might be wrong and operating from a 4 decade old pattern. This has actually been a great distraction from my work but I think that it has been a useful exercise. I do look forward to being able to focus on progress / the hunt and will rejoice when that day fully returns.

    Shane D - thank you for your comments. Mike McKubre's shoes are not retired yet and I am certainly not anywhere near being capable of even carrying his shoes. Hoping that he'll be back soon - the world needs him.

    Regarding your question, the pleadings have to be closed before you can reasonably reach the SJ stage of the litigation process. I like this Judge and expect her to be tough on both sides as this moves forward.

    Okay Peter - I realize what you're doing but we'll play one more round of this game. The "Rossi Effect" will have its roots in mind-control, belief systems, separating well intentioned folks from their money, manipulating the narrative using digital tools (he has a soon to be famous quote about that from several years ago) and, one day, might just also be a psychological study across more than segment in that field. We'll get around to naming the fields after summary judgement or the trial, which ever comes first.

    THH - thank you for your ongoing observations. My hunch is that a line of science is about to open up that has 100 years of discovery ahead as a co-traveler.

    The answers may have been right before our very eyes since the earliest days of CF. The answers may also have been hiding within the mainstream body of work as well which makes the acceptance challenge a whole lot easier if we can have some math and confirming experiments reasonably land in agreement.

    The next couple of years may be seminal but it remains helpful to remember that in the crawl, walk, run compendium - we may only just be starting to figure out how to crawl.

    Peter - With sympathy and apologies, I am unable to help you if you cannot grasp my posts.

    Shane D - I think that I am one of the most fortunate individuals on Planet Earth. I work with amazing people and have been blessed with the most fun and exciting endeavor - truly the opportunity of a lifetime. With every great adventure comes a wilderness experience (or two). The stormy seasons makes one stronger, more aware and ready for the larger challenges ahead. We believe that LENR is potentially a world changing technology. The people involved understand the risk and have the patience to see if a verifiable experiment can be prototyped for a larger engineering effort. We have a long way to go in that regard. The waste of time and resources in this recent unpleasantness are unfortunate but we'll get through that soon and will be able to focus full time on the main CF mission.

    Shane D - No settlement - Rossi has poked the wrong folks in the eye and best prepare for the consequences. Oh yeah - Strike 3.

    RiRi - The Captain says those are just ice shavings on the deck and that you really just only scraped that berg. All ahead full for Planet Rossi.

    Peter - go check your history. The onslaught of insults and lies started in April 2016 and coincided, in fact even seemed to be coordinated, with the filing of the lawsuit.

    Planet Rossi was a spewing machine but the outlets and offenders have slowly been educated / picked off with facts. There are not as many of you as there were before.

    In fact, there are hardly any real identifiable people left defending Rossi. Maybe you should think about that over the weekend while you ponder this riddle:

    Who's quote is this and what was he thinking? “Organic wastes, exposed to changes in pressure and temperature, have been transformed into oil; perhaps, imitating this process, you can get oil from waste.”

    The crux of the biscuit is slowly revealing itself. One who blogs lies, slander, libel, uses aliases to try and control narrative, uses sockpuppets to demean others and perpetuate partial truths, dupes and plys journalist, bloggers, scientist with lies, etc...etc...etc.... clearly thinks that everybody else must do that as well. They cannot possibly accept that the other side could be telling the truth because only Planet Rossi's version of "truth" is useful. Everybody on Planet Rossi thinks that everybody else is lying all the time anyway. Well that gig is almost up. This guy picked a fight with the wrong people and chose US Federal Court as his battlefield. The pleadings are closing shortly, discovery is wrapping up and there will soon be no where else to spin and hide. Bring it!

    Its amazing what you can find once you start looking for patterns. Did ya'll know that Rossi's Petroldragon patent got him an honorary Engineering degree AND a permanent US visa offer from Jimmy Carter?

    What a stud!!

    Er.....are we not in the Playground? Dem boyz seem to be a little jumpy of late - wonder why?

    Maybe we can now deduce the definition of "playground" on Planet Rossi as well?

    StephenC - since you have an opinion on the condensate side, can you share some more of your thoughts where and how the phase change may have occurred in this system?

    Do you agree with E48's interpretation that there was a master pump post flowmeter?

    Regarding SPs - this is my shocked face................