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    Para - After I caught the man falsely claiming 450C on a 275C system, I was banished from Doral by the R'ster himself. Thankfully, that allowed time for other pursuits.

    Per Murray, there was a broken ceiling fan and two wall mounted fans that had spider webs / never ran.

    It is impossible that a physical heat exchanger / fan system were in the mezz / upstairs window area. This would not have been missed by Murray or Smith.

    Shane D - hilarious!

    Para - I've got an order in for the entire archive. Want to find those rust filled flowmeter pictures. If I understand correctly, the pictures of the closed mezzanine door might now reveal yet another Rossi invention of the century. In addition to the magical mystery steam circulatorator, the mysteriously appearing, gigantic, silent, invisible, mysteriously disappearing heat exchanger, the supersonic steam silencer / muffleratorkabob and now - an phalanx of arrayed invisible pipes carrying supersonic steam to the cooling room with an equally magnificent return array thru the closed mezzanine door.

    Bruce H - the letter was to Fulvio. The pipe would have had to be full to avoid rust. I don't think that any magnetic spin was used on the flowmeter - we were able to prove that flow in a 20% full pipe was equal to the flow measurement in a full pipe using the meter that Rossi selected. That, combined with the rust,

    was something that Rossi did not want to have to defend on the stand.

    Well so far the R'ster is having a terrible awful bad day - and its still early. His number two Swede has admitted that there was no heat exchanger then doesn't appear to be able to engage over what happened to the heat while accusing me of ignoring the heat AND hiding behind the moderators. This is getting better by the hour.

    KM's pleas for moderation have a familiar ring.. Some may remember when the Rossians were getting destroyed in the comments section of Mats blog.

    Mats turned off comments in response and has yet to reverse that decision.

    Heat management, of any form, has never been a core competency of the R'ster and/ or minions.

    A very useful admission - I guess KevMo missed the boiling goldfish bowl episode where Rossi's brain was located inside the container. After months of ignoring the black elephant in the room (Rossi's Doral Black Swan), the R'ster eventually realized that the heat studies were right and that he would have been dead in 1 hour inside of his magic factory. He had no choice but to conjure up the imaginary, mystical, silent and all powerful heat exchanger. Oh yeah......he would have needed the most incredible noise buffer / muffler in the history of Planet Rossi as well to quell the imaginary supersonic steam moving thru his system.

    Case closed. DQ for another further blather from KevMo.

    Can we get rid of this guy now?

    Mel Miles was in there with Parchamazad - they had some interesting results along with some decent support from the school.

    We concluded that there was little chance zeolites could be coaxed into a scalable system and were not able to justify the funds needed to further that research line. Got to know Mel and Iraj thru the process. Mel is an incredible human being who walks the talk! Really liked Iraj as well.

    Zeolites have other potential applications - Iraj had some great ideas and supporting results for use in biological systems which seemed within the realm of the possible and worthy of consideration if someone is interested.

    With the Doral squad of R minions back from the Bermuda Triangle of Planet Rossi and the heater tape in the radiator box being regarded as not important by those discards, I guess we should turn our attention to the magically appearing, invisible, silent and magically disappearing "heat exchanger". Why was heater tape needed after Rossi's most incredible invention yet did its vacuous balancing act? After they conjure up a conjecture to cover that then we get to ask why in this world would the R'ster discard the very system that could have saved his world? Why did he abandon this generation of Doral acolytes and all of their passionate defense of his efforts into the dustbin then, as if on cue, call them back for a new round of lie bombing? I think he is rusting out as he fades away.

    Always remember that the R'ster claimed 450C off his system controls / TC when a temp gun showed 275C and when caught, he immediately claimed runaway reaction / cleared the room. I checked it after getting close enough to the reactor to realize that there is no way he was putting out 450C.

    Then there is the empty reactor that performed equally as well as a fueled reactor episode. This was actually a sting operation very brilliantly set-up by using the old upside down 6 is a 9 numbering method. The R'ster has been caught cheating so many times that it doesn't matter anymore.

    The rust line in the flowmeter that the R'ster was trying to sneak out of the building on the morning of inspection day in Doral showed something less than 50% capacity where it formed. They had drained the system (eliminating any chance for measuring system coolant mass), boxed and sealed the flowmeter. Rossi ordered Fulvio to physically prevent Joe Murray from opening the box after the scammers were surprised at 6:30am (rather than the 9am agreed upon start). Joe opened it after IH lawyers arrived and got the pictures of the rust line.

    Was it the one where he convinced the Japanese govt to invest millions in LENR research?

    For the record - this was following the comment of Bruce H under the Atom Ecology discussion before it was moved to Clearance by the esteemed mods of L-F.

    More specifically - it followed

    I'm afraid I am having trouble with this. What forum would you be chairing that would include an audience of theoretical physicists? By "expert audience" I didn't mean one that would occur at an LENR conference. I meant a forum in which the audience would be composed almost exclusively of theoretical physicists.