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    Director - you seem to be more involved in attempting to shape this story that you've been willing to let on. Dubious is the word that comes to mind at present.

    If the R'ster was so concerned about security at that demo then perhaps he should not have left the fueled reactor behind. Sort of along the same vein as shipping the blue container reactor across the ocean and thru US customs with fully loaded reactors fully exposed and unsecured ON TOP of the container. He was busted and lazy - not paranoid.

    Director - very creative re-write attempt. While there were mitigating factors, self-inflicted wounds and some bad breaks, Patterson failed mainly because he ran out of beads that worked and could never figure out how to make a working replacement batch.

    Axeman - the known and established liar / convicted criminal in this story is the R'ster. He is cornered into perpetuity as a confirmed liar from his deposition testimony in his litigation miscalculation. Lovers of the truth are going to dog him until he slinks away into 2nd rate real estate rental management.

    The R'ster and his stooges cannot overcome his trail of lies, cheats and deception.

    Rose67 - there is nothing new in the R'ster's latest gig except form factor. Its the same old tired re-purposed spin. For such a unique genius - you'd think he would be a little more creative with this iteration but why stretch yourself when it is so easy to lead his little posse around by their collars. It is interesting that he has had to "move" this episodic fairytale from Florida - I think he has generated a different kind of heat for himself there - perhaps as an exit strategy. Couldn't be happening to a more deserving person.

    Right on cue Gru.

    Insisting on an awakening against the incipient re-creep towards some snippet of legitimacy using only words and very poor stage craft is not forcing anything.

    How many times does this cycle get to run? The R'ster is howling at the ignorance and ease with which he gets to practice his craft. What is it about hope and technology against the guise of duplicity that enables this opportunistic condition?

    Then again - if some folks here need the entertainment then perhaps such a need should be recognized and moderated as such.

    Shane - We were intentional and took huge risk because we wanted to see if CF could be proven up or down and if up, in a worthy enough manner to support an attempt to re-invigorate the field with an eye on eventually making CF useful and available for humanity. Some or all of the Swedes were also either duped or are now complicit.

    We may eventually accomplish our goal but in the mean time, thank you for making my point. You're letting an established multi-cycle fraud run rampant on this forum with his tried and true method under mod cover / support. The field doesn't need another ECW - reverse the trend - your frog water is approaching simmer.

    Same old convenient tired words - the Swedish physics academics, some of whom are apparently still involved (why???), were pretty convincing on the due diligence side of the equation. That was good enough for many of us back then. Its clear R SPs / stooges have their way around this place as the drift towards LF ECW continues. Alan wouldn't recognize free speech even after it hit him as a chocolate thunder-dunk punch in the nose.

    Shane - you're letting a multi-decade criminal genius roam freely & dominate the only functional public CF discussion forum on the planet. There was a window when the leadership opportunity was there for the taking. Instead - you're letting the repeat cycle run again with mod support. We got taken and it was costly.

    If and when someone else gets taken beyond time lost - LF will have played a role in making that possible. When will enough be enough?

    Why do I feel the need for a shower after reading this contrived production?

    (originally posted in the QX thread and moved by the R'ster's mod boy)

    LF is slowly swirling down the drain.

    Radiation event in Lugano? Where did that come from?

    The only radiation event in Lugano that I can confirm was one that cooled the R'ster's rental car in the parking lot.

    My understanding in Miami is that the hunt is on and that is good because this can resolve that there has never been any radiation there either. No smoke = no fire. I hope they find him and get some written responses on file.

    AA - Life on Planet Rossi must be a desolate, lonely and incredibly demoralizing existence when there no winners except the R'ster himself (aka real estate).

    You do have my sympathies. Next time pick a better planet.


    AA - your ongoing antics are truly entertaining. As you are so well connected with the R'ster, surely you know the number of authorities who have not given up

    the hunt. From what I've been led to believe, the boiler and radiation safety folks are not going to let an another opportunity to nail a blatant violator pass. If they find him, the only way he survives is if it is fake - which means he likely survives in FL to sunset into his real estate career.

    If the R'ster's upcoming demo is in FL then I understand that radiation and licensing / certification authorities are planning to attend.

    Based on what we know, I don't see how he could afford the risk of conducting this next "test" in FL. Reality is once again closing in.

    And now the R'ster SPs the great Ellul. Brilliant!!

    FYI - there was a gamma flash during a test in Ferrara as well. Probably the same technique - never to be seen again once $$ changed hands and the devices were moved to the States.

    Shane - that smoke infested rot started long ago. You've been infected by the topsy-turvy kingdom and I hope there is a cure.

    Many have fallen - you are not alone.

    I was actually quite pleased with the Greccio event and remain positive / excited about things - the sector is making progress.

    Clean the ship if that is within your capabilities.

    Nice one Shane - fortunately for the planet, you haven't the foggiest idea what you're trying to say.

    You should also pay more attention to the credibility of your sources.

    And furthermore, this place is stinking to high heaven as of late. I believe we get to call this your watch.

    Where are the grown-ups?

    S12 - The R'ster looks for marks that he can draw into his schema then keep them there after reality is revealed (based on greed and in a corrupt manner).

    That has worked well enough for him in his previous runs. He wasn't counting on running squarely into the incorruptible.

    We seek opportunities that might work and that can change the status quo for the better if they work - the antithesis of the R'ster's modus operandi.

    AND they were both broken, covered with spiderwebs and didn't turn a single RPM during the R'ster's reign in this space.

    Regarding supersonic steam decibels - anybody remember Renzie's picture of the R'ster listening to a Saturn V rocket motor with his stethoscope?

    Guess what I found in a lab drawer today?

    THE stethoscope!!!!

    Wow Russ - I don't know you but I do know Mike and stand by and with him 100%. He has been a steady and persistent guiding light for the sector for decades.

    He has experimented with scientific rigor, provided world-class guidance to all who seek him out and is a standard bearer for us all in the court of scientific reality. Having Rossi defenders by your side doesn't help your restart position - perhaps you should focus on your experiments.