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    kevmo - I don't know who you are or where you came from but I can assure you that you are perpetuating a lie when you claim that Rossi offered to buy back his IP from IH.

    That hasn't happened but should he be thinking about making that offer then the check he has to write now includes a bunch of legal fees on top of $11.5M.

    I'm busy - cameo out.

    Alainco - IH, along with others, is shepherding the next ICCF21 Chairmanship into the right hands. The Elders are in agreement - all is going to be okay. At this stage, it is more appropriate for the research community to lead itself. Besides, the business guys have a temporary distraction that must be dealt with. Back to the front.

    Rigel - I'm going to take the bait but only momentarily. I wouldn't want to be anybody else but me right now. I don't like having to deal with criminals, haters and naysayers but that is sometimes the price for pushing boundaries forward on the frontier.

    I'm actually quite pleased with where things are right now and very much looking forward to a season of combat to set matters straight. The slow sunrise continues for CF despite the global man-century and tens of millions lost by the recent unpleasantness / distraction.

    IHFB - how did you get the call on this one? Puzzling but oh well.

    is this the same standard of evidence / proof that you used to believe in and accept the Lugano results?

    AhiAhi - I see that you got put back in the game after some bench warming.

    Trace the Reston address to the Florida address in Dade County for the next tax year. Ruiz blows up after some recent unpleasantness then AR goes solo.

    Yeah buddy - the smallest one is 475 sq ft and he was asking $1500/m for rent. I bet one QX could heat that puppy in the summer - there needs to be room for the heat exchanger as there is no loft. Maybe he can hang it in the window sort of like an AC unit.

    Surely there is a way. Then there is the 1MW QX assemblage which should be able to heat several city blocks down there in the summer.

    Its going to be a fun summer in Miami!

    Double Dang - R and his cohorts are up to 20 properties in South Florida. $5M+ worth of real estate. The search continues.

    And who in the world is his former co-owner in one of those properties - Ricardo Ruiz of Davie Fl? Sounds like he has a Sterling problem if this is the same guy.

    IHFB - you weren't there and you continue to not have the slightest clue what you are posting about. Nothing of Rossi's has worked in the IH era.

    I know this is hard for you to accept but the empty reactor had the same performance as the loaded reactor on a side-by-side basis.

    RiRi - thanks for sharing your view of how things work for you on Planet Rossi. It pleases me to know that you are a successful person and have the time and interest to weigh in on this matter in such an intriguing way. You also continue to demonstrate that you have no idea what you are talking about regarding Darden, how he conducts himself, how he uses his resources, why he is who he is and why he does what he does. That is a permanent flaw that renders and relegates your opinions into the realm of the useless. Your buddy Rossi is about to get a full dose of what happens when you cobble together a lifetime of lies and try to take that in front of a US Federal Judge. I, for one, am really looking forward to what happens next.

    Rossele - perhaps you should consider withholding judgment on sanity. An eyewitness report saw Rossi turn off the power on the control run in what was described as a sudden motion (read panic). How are you in position to counter that information?

    And while you're sharing your wisdom - why in the world would anyone turn off a control run when you're only halfway up the power curve anyway? It renders the loaded run results baseless (literally).

    Give your bosom-co-traveling-buddy my best!

    IHFB - great news (I hope that you'll see it that way) - a new generation of smart, well educated researchers and enablers are beginning to emerge. The pioneering elders

    that have kept the faith through 30 years of minor feast and major famine (through pure perseverance and belief) are in position to hand-off the baton when they are ready. We still need the guys who can

    do the math by hand to stay in the hunt for as long as possible. (including our Dirac trained specialist warrior). Your aging out mantra is Planet Rossi story lore and belongs in the rearview mirror.

    Hearty thanks to me356 and the MFMP team for this effort. You're just getting started and I'd like to encourage several more "at bats"

    with low expectations. Excess heat from an LENR reaction is a temperate and evasive anomaly that presently only comes out when an unrealized combination of

    factors occasionally manifest and cross into the sweet spot zone. The possibility that me356 dabbles in the XH zone seems real enough to me and I hope this effort can continue.

    Remember that Dennis Letts went years between excess heat manifestations and is still chasing reliable and sustainable heat in the most tenacious and determined hunt that I have ever witnessed. It takes these kind of men to make the breakthroughs happen. Lastly - Naysayers are going to nay and haters are going to hate - don't let them get you down. Stay after it!

    Wytte - whats with the quick rush to conclusions along with such a judgmental statement? Is MFMP using any of your time or nickels, pence or euros?

    While everyone obviously has many more questions than answers that are available right now - I think this effort is pretty cool and that we should all be grateful

    for the chance to watch this unfold. It is going to go where it is going to go.

    IHFB - you're the best that Planet Rossi has to offer in sticking with your piecemeal points / arguments and of course you're forgiven because you cannot help yourself. I'm really looking forward to more details coming out about the empty reactor that Fulvs said was performing so well and that caused Rossi to absolutely blow his top once confronted.

    LHH - no one on Planet Rossi seems to know that before and after measure instrument and data acquisition calibration matter in real world research and engineering environs. Joe remains an absolute stickler for that because he lives in the real world. Rossi could not produce real documentation during discovery but has never stopped him before - everything is possible on Planet Rossi, especially now that we have to deal with the add-on post-rental event stealth heat exchanger ( I hope he puts that miracle on the market soon as well - he can double his money on every QX sale). Penon didn't even think about including critical calibration information in his "ERV" report which tells those who deal with reality all that we need to know and, as you point out, was not even "his" (JM invoice precedent noted).

    As if it was needed - doubt upon doubt will soon be going exponential.

    IHFG - both the empty reactor and the loaded reactors showed the same results. I know you find that hard to believe and there were other people in the room witnessing the takedown. Fulvs thought they were all loaded reactors but one was not. Turnabout was fair play.

    Alan - why to you autorotate into defensive position for Rossi? Do you know that he was not nervous?

    He was nervous as a tick on a car roof in August - he shut down the control run-up in what could be described as a panic move.

    An "independent test" with the inventor abruptly shutting down the control run. It should have ended there.

    Ele - You know that Rossi was not interested in helping turn on an ecat or in any other demo that he or Fulvs were not directly in control of. That is why Boeing was needed before Joe joined the scene. Ferrara was interesting but you have to remember who was present and observing the demo - they were admitted easy targets. Once you get into the generator and reactor details from Ferrara then it all goes squirrelly anyway.

    The Uppsala IR (owned by Levi per the gang from Sweden) and the high COP dummy issues are clear now.

    If you take $10M for an IP license after claiming ready for commercialization then you have the obligation, and should also have the desire, to support and take the IP into the marketplace with your customer. Rossi chose an antithetical path instead and will be held accountable - we are all the sum of our decisions.

    You know IHFB - when you Monday morning quarterback using only highly select snippets then there is no chance to take you seriously.

    Murray had no time limit and once we discovered the broad chicanery then any future ecat R&D efforts became moot. When R signaled that he was going to guns then some of the research resources had to go towards making sure that we could prove what he actually did which is exactly what happened. Why don't you focus some of your curiosity on what Rossi did and see what you can come up with. With the known facts - you quickly end up in the ditch with no skid marks.

    IHFG returns with his circular argument logic using .03% of the available truth and disregarding the other 99.97% of the available facts.

    He must win everything on Planet Rossi - Bingo, Hopscotch, Musical Chairs, Spoon, Churchill Solitaire (oh wait... only the Brits are smart enough for that game).