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    Portions of Barry's depo are included in the IH exhibits. I don't see where Rossi's legal team used any of my deposition in their latest exhibits which is not a surprise mainly because the testimony is devastating for Rossi (and beyond).

    What the heck is "durapox" anyway - a derivative of chickenpox or smallpox on Planet Rossi?

    Wytte - the hundreds of pictures from the inside at the end of the "test" include many of the ceiling and do not support your supposition.

    However - I really do want you to push this narrative and try to get this miraculous development into evidence. (oh snap - time might be up for that).

    Please petition the court so that this important development can be considered.

    Interesting how several of the SPs show up in swarms to spew their junk.

    The swamp is being drained. Lying cheating stealing Rossi is in checkmate.

    Wait until you see what Rossi asked Bass to locate for "steam circulation". The Bass response is even more priceless.

    It fits into the same category as a left-handed skyhook smoke sifter.

    IHFB - Rossi slow-walked all of his discovery just so that he could get statements like this in deposition from honest people.

    What was actually provided was a mess and a sad joke. What was "destroyed" probably never existed in the first place.

    The other sad joke remains on the Rossi hopeful who continue to desperately believe there is something to his story behind an encyclopedia of lies. There is not - Rossi is the Father of Lies and only the deluded cannot admit to this right now.

    IHFB - don't stop believing. The data provided is fake junk. Since you have so much time on your hands - go find where Penon, Fabiani and Rossi could not even agree on how the "data" got to Penon. There is no toehold for Planet Rossi on this. You're done.

    Shane D - very surprised that you would quote anything from JONP - I thought you were smarter than that.

    IHFB - your inability to process and understand even the basics makes you self-made alright. We'll leave it at that.

    Peter - there is no intelligible data from Doral in the evidence. What was admittedly destroyed by FF, Penon and Rossi

    means that adverse interpretation is heading their way by a legal standard. From your point of view, the raw data behind the most important invention

    in 100 years has been destroyed along wth realms of other evidence. Somehow you will still find faith in your boy Rossi but please understand you're looking

    incredulous to the truth in the process. Your loss may not be irrevocable - you have to come to terms with this. March madness has turned to March sadness for the Planet Rossi remnant. Please start to deal with this, dig deep and find a way move on.

    Planet Rossi doesn't realize that Rossi's lawyers have all of my emails as part of discovery production and that the privilege order covers IP emails. Planet Rossi's attempts to assemble some type of footing and impeach others in all this mess are sad, silly yet are highly entertaining. How are they able to ignore the blatant deceptions by Rossi which Planet Earth can now see. And always remember - the dry powder in reserves for trial is staggering.

    Regarding the hot seat - Rossi and his lawyers already had their chance and it did not go very well for them. It was a great pleasure looking Rossi in the eye on numerous occasions and calling him a defacto liar in my deposition. I hope this fiasco ends before trial but really do look forward to testifying at trial if called. Bring it!

    Thanks for answering my question IHFB - you're not capable of accurately discerning much of anything. I think there is a diagnosis for that somewhere out there.

    FF is in a lot of trouble with the courts and with IH for destruction of evidence / company property and that includes email along with everything else covered in the contract.

    The Judge slightly slowed the next round of tactical truth drops but I am looking forward go watching you wrestle / spin those Rossi whoppers.

    Of course IHFB would go to Fulvio's deposition for what he wants to hear as the Planet Rossi truth. What part of the contract says its okay to destroy email and data records, especially with pending litigation - are you capable of you realizing how bad this is

    for Fabiani and Rossi?

    You need to triple-check everything you type IHFB because you are 98% wrong with incredible consistency. (not that it matters, you just dust off and jump back into the fray with your empty argumentative voidself)

    Fabiani turned himself into crispy burnt toast ash with his destruction of email evidence - maybe we should send some of that to Uppsala for "testing". FF's contract said the opposite - prolly takes R down with him (as if that is going to be needed).

    Did you see where Rossi destroyed the Penon data emails (with the stretch assumption they ever even existed)? Did you see the Penon and FF conflict on how information from the system was sent? I didn't think so.

    Watching Rossi getting pulled into vortex of truth and taking you down with him is expensive but it doesn't suck.

    Was wondering when someone would find the "your mom" retort - an absolute classic! You'll notice that IH had the decency to not include Rossi's tax behaviour in the public filings even though the Judge has apparently green-lighted "Highly Confidential - Attorney's Eyes Only" discovery as fair game for public disclosure (which is yet another head-scratcher). That one is going to hurt if this gets to trial. As you can already imagine, the tax docs are doozies!

    Another howler - the prince of Topsy Turvy thinks that contracts say emails were to be deleted after the contract expired. Quite the opposite and par for the course for interpretive truth (lies) on Planet Rossi.

    The dummy reactor take down is going to be classic movie scene one day. I need to go take another shower after reading some the latest Planet Rossi rubbish.

    Ele dearest and the rest of you Planet Rossi trollbotboyz- the full story is mostly before your eyes. Normal people with

    normal processors see the truth and have adequately discerned for themselves that Rossi's ability to ruse is over. Many facts are in full view in all of their glory (there is already a huge cost for that). Hundreds of pictures and some most interesting juicy deception / lies that reach beyond Doral are coming. Rossi is not going down by himself. We'll see how your spin room handles those tacticals when they hit. "Tennis balls off a tank" my arse.

    Looks like a fight to the finish, whatever that looks like, with the Planet Rossi trolls that are left. Its interesting that they knew just where to look to assemble their controverted and contrived story out of all those documents while choosing to ignore the vastness of truth they are up against - I guess that is how professional liars roll.

    Looks like that heater tape on the JM radiator side was just part of the "revolutionary" process. Bass asks some really good questions of the "director" which remain dry powder. There are plenty of pictures to finish this creep's add-on story off. What size imaginary pipe do you think he would need to hang to get his "steam" up to his imaginary second floor "heat exchanger"?

    The Judge's quick rejection of the Spoliation filing is a head-scratcher. Powerful evidence of destroyed emails and system hardware in the doc. Perhaps she has made up her mind and doesn't intend to waste time on anything else now that the SJ filings are in the docket.

    We now have proof that Planet Rossi is inhabited by vampire cockroach drones - those who are still standing have yet to realize they were hit by tactical nukes overnight.

    They are going to keep arguing even after the stake is thru their collective heart and the garlic neckless is jammed down their collective throats.

    Sure is taking you guys a long time to find the Penon report -197, exhibit 3.

    Eric - Thank you for your service in making these docs available to those who are interested. You need to open a gofundme or something like that so that folks can send you donations to help cover your document cost. Today has been expensive in that regard and the fun is not over yet.

    Alainco - P.R. EBN is Planet Rossi Emergency Broadcast Network. The sirens ran into the evening when they broke down so they have no idea that another round of truth and reality is inbound.

    Breaking News - The Emergency Broadcast Network on Planet Rossi is believed to have been activated.

    Either air raid or missile warning sirens have been heard on Planet Rossi.

    All denizens real and imagine are being advised to take cover.

    Inbound truth and reality strikes are reported to be imminent.

    They are advised to monitor P.R. EBN for upcoming announcements.