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    crawdaddy: I am convinced that I understand source of radiation and reason why there are neutrons and also exactly how to control this.
    It is really beutifull phenomenon, that reflects how far mankind is.
    Sadly, we were able to do this for more than 100 years.

    On the other hand, I have to admit that absolutely no energy source is completely safe. It is simply impossible to avoid any hazard if energy is produced and consumed.
    I also believe that knowledge of LENR process will be available very, very soon to all.

    I am a very patient man, and, as an experimentalist, intimately familiar with failure and frustration. Take whatever time you deem appropriate.

    Where did all that expensive equipment come from...the government funded it. The science community works for the government and all the data produced with government money must be openly published. This is a dilemma.

    There is no requirement that research be openly published. The MIT Innovation Office routinely patents research and never publishes it in an open way. The dilemma is only a short term concern, in the long run mainstream science will improve upon the existing research to build a mechanistic understanding of the process and all the predictive power than entails.

    If me365 has what he says he has then LENR can generate neutrons, and logic dictates that a refined understanding of the mechanism will allow for even more neutrons to be generated. Conversely, without a clear understanding of the mechanism of LENR, no cold fusion device will ever be truly safe to use. Empirical research in secret will never yield a mechanistic understanding of the effect.

    Assuming the validity of the current claims, commercialisation of LENR will have to wait until neutron emission is understood. This will have to be a community effort. I'd prefer to start today.

    You cannot have 100,000 people all producing neutrons and going to the hospital with radiation sickness or with gaping red hot shrapnel wounds. That situation in counterproductive to the advancement of LENR.

    Absolutely true. Mainstream science involvement is the best way to ensure this never happens.

    Science research is already a closed community. Every chemist in the world could synthesize enough nerve gas to kill a small city, but they don't.

    One tool that can be used for control of the development of LENR technology are non disclosure agreements. The govenment(s) must not classify this technology.

    Whether or not this technology becomes classified is not related to how long it remains under secret development. If it is too dangerous to be used it will be restricted. Delaying disclosure will not help in this regard.

    I am currently sitting within a 2 minute walk from 100 million dollars worth of equipment capable of building and characterising almost any material with atomic precision. The only thing preventing the application of this equipment to the study LENR is institutional blindness. We have a few million dollars worth of high resolution gamma ray detector equipment, already arrayed in a pleasing spherical symmetry, begging to be put to use. There are hundreds of facilities like this in the world.

    No amount of regulation can prevent the study of this process. Reactors can be built from commonly available materials to low cost. Its commercialisation can be halted by regulation, but that will happen regardless of how long it is kept secret.

    This is not true. While there is not a really working recipe, mass replications will not start. Public will be still unaware of it and from nothing there can be a LENR device you can buy freely.On the other hand, with mass replications there can be already many accidents before we can buy anything certified. Government and other regulation institutions can be aware of possible issues. Thus there may be new limitations defined by law and doing such things might be even illegal overnight. This is not good start. Are you sure this can't happen?If we will proceed according to all safety precautions, such devices will be tested where it can't cause any risk, this can't happen that easily.

    The basic fact of our world is that hundreds of millions of people suffer daily due to lack of energy. This results in mass pain, death, and wasted potential. Every day that this solution to the global energy crisis is hidden from the broader scientific community is another day that hundreds of thousands of people die prematurely, and others enter into adulthood without the skills to realise the beauty of the world the way we do. The real question is: are you sure you are qualified to judge the best way to introduce this technology to the world? Are you prepared to accept the mantle of responsibility for all the people in the world who are suffering at this very instant?


    What I mean to say is that from a certain point of view the alumina tube, with a heating coil within it, could be thought of as akin to an incandescent lightbulb, since the alumina is transparent in the wavelength range of the bulk of the black body radiated power of the high temperature coil and the nickel powder within the device.

    It's not a very good analogy because the coil is conducting some fraction of its heat to the alumina directly. My question is: "To what degree does the alumina transmit radiation emitted by the heating coils/nickel core?"

    This effect would lower the COP and would not be observable at low calibration temperatures since the emitted power of the coil at low temperature is in the low emissivity window of the alumina.

    Here's a question I haven't seen addressed in the discussion of emissivity.

    Given that the alumina is largely transparent in the wavelength regime strongly emitted by the heating coils and support tube insert/nickel powder, what fraction of the input energy simply radiates away from the reactor?

    I imagine this a question of conduction vs radiation.

    Don't be afraid, I am perfectly well. I am just very busy.
    I don't want to convince anybody about my results, so I just work and finish what is necessary in piece. I do not care about IH or other issues. Why I should? I believe that the truth will prevail.

    Hank Mills: You are very wrong.

    I'll give you some free business advice.

    Working in obscurity and attempting to keep total control of this invention is a dead end.

    Your best course of action is to contact people like Carl Paige and Dr. James Truchard and offer to show them your technology if they sign a non-disclosure agreement.

    Google and National Instruments will send highly qualified verification teams to go over your invention and work in exquisite detail. From this moment forward your success is guaranteed.

    They literally cannot steal your technology from you without naming you as an inventor on their patents.

    Going it alone is not possible. You do not have the legions of lawyers and millions of dollars required to protect your invention long enough to commercialize it yourself. Incumbents with billions of dollars will crush you within weeks as soon as LENR is considered a commercially viable technology. Only with the protections inherent in partners with very very deep pockets can you maximize your return.

    Rossi's commercialization strategy is absurd. He has been working on this for almost a decade and has nothing of value to show. I guarantee you that in a hundred years he will be mentioned in the same vein as Robert Kearns and Tesla... cautionary tales of naive fools.