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    Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) Briefing Material, Department of Defense

    (2016, September 22) LENR briefing on the military utility of recent U.S. industrial base LENR.

    Published July 6, 2017.


    “Cold fusion is rising again, thanks to allegedly successful experiments and demonstrations. Now interest in the field, also known as low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), has reached the highest levels, as the House Committee on Armed Services has asked the Secretary of Defense to provide “a briefing on the military utility of recent U.S. industrial base LENR advancements” by September 22.

    The Committee quotes a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) assessment that says if cold fusion works, it would be a disruptive technology that could revolutionize energy production and storage. That is putting it mildly. Commercial cold fusion as claimed by Andrea Rossi and others, outlined in our April article, would remove dependence on oil or other fossil fuels, domestic or imported. In military terms, it would enable ships, aircraft, and tanks to continue indefinitely (or at least for months) without refueling, with abundant power for lasers or other directed-energy weapons.”

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    Los Alamos Scientist Awarded Giuliano Preparata Medal

    Los Alamos scientist Dr. Thomas Claytor was awarded the Giuliano Preparata Medal June 8 in Piedmont, Italy.…-giuliano-preparata-medal


    A Los Alamos scientist known for a modified cold fusion experiment in which he repeatedly got radioactive tritium produced in a low energy system, has been presented with the prestigious Giuliano Preparato Medal. Dr. Thomas Claytor, one of the first researchers to understand that low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) could be triggered outside an electrochemical cell and is primarily a near surface effect, received the medal June 8 at the 12th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals in Castigliole d’Asti in Piedmont, Italy.

    Unfortunately, I see many weak arguments from smart people. To speculate about bad intentions and be critical of the user who contributed a lot of facts feels useless.

    Me356 is the member who shared huge amounts of interesting infromation for all members who can read, he gives more than he takes in contrast to many others.... I would not let MFMP measure my equipment unless I'm convinced of excess heat. I know that me356 is convinced.

    So please stop speculating about bad intentions. Within a few weeks, we know if me356 has the product that can changes history.

    me356 What you are trying to do is magnificent.


    Surely it is within the margin of error. Although I would expect it to be slightly below 1.0, not slightly above.

    The calorimetry is impressive, but it can't be all that good, with these instruments and conditions. The margin of error must be several percent.

    The machine is not doing what me356 claimed it does. Perhaps it is not working. The people from the MFMP told me they will leave their flow calorimeter equipment. If me356 reports positive results from their equipment, they can go back to confirm it. This seems like a sensible plan to me.

    Sounds very good

    This morning I received an update from me356.

    He tells the research goes forward and that he will try to find time to answer some questions soon.

    Validation / Test document by Bob…gwJpUvzHSvWM84-geOCF38pw/

    Youtube from MFMP (validation team)

    Update 2017-05-24

    Now it's getting closer to start

    From MFMP



    We are planning to test the AURA device this is the MFMPs internal name for the as yet officially un-named technology from ‘me356’. me356 is a researcher/inventor somewhere in eastern Europe that claims to have prepared 2 copies of his most recent device that he has developed over the last several years. He is claiming around 12 kW output with a stable coefficient of performance (COP) as high as 10 based on the current generation of his technology. In certain circumstances for short periods, me356 says this COP can be increased to as high as 40. One of these devices will be connected to a large family house heating system, the other is understood to be in a separate building where we will have greater freedom to move around it, mount it, and configure the test. We know almost nothing about how his recent technology is configured internally. We know he has observed radiation in the past. The MFMP has been invited to validate his performance claims in private communications with Bob Greenyer.

    The validations tests will be done openly, as is the hallmark of the MFMP, but the technology being tested will be treated as a black box, at least for now. me356 does not wish to see the technology stopped because some rushed/poor attempts to re-create it lead to accidents that lead to legislation that would prevent it being delivered to aid the masses. In the past he has committed to making this technology open to benefit humanity and over the years he has not said otherwise.

    Following our initial verification, he has said that he would like to see wider scale verification by trusted parties and testing authorities and then a large scale scientific verification, say 100 units. This is in line with the MFMP goals and we have philanthropic people that have offered to help finance this stage of the process. The aim would be that the technology is widely verified in many locations before full disclosure and so it would be impossible to prevent. This is his desired strategy given what he knows about the nature of his implementation of the New Fire technology


    Finally we have finished first control box prototype which is designed just for the purpose. It will offer touchscreen for basic control, data logging, remote configuration and regulation.


    It will be powering our 10kW unit so I am very happy it is finally ready, so we will not need any other third party systems as it is designed here. Controlling will be just matter of pressing the start button.


    Now we are designing the reactor enclosure so it can be maintained by anyone with no risk for electrical shock or burn. It could be ready in 2 - 3 weeks so then more wide tests can start.

    Is a privilege to be part of the team running LENR forum, it's exciting when we're in the front row in a field that can change our planet fundamentally linked to energy supply.

    Much has happened in the past year.

    * Jean-Francois Geneste - Vice-President, Chief Scientist at Airbus Group shows that Airbus is serious in research around LENR as a new fuel.

    * Bill Gate's starting to support LENR research after he visited Dr. Vittorio Violante and got updated on the status of research in Italy.

    * Carl Page, brother of Larry Page (Googole founder) is now on the board of the Brillouin energy.

    Many researchers in our field, choose to publish new findings directly into the LF community, this means that we have exciting news almost every day. We also have an important task in the game how effective information in the field are published, disseminated and translated from various languages. It means that we can also influence how fast the development will go in a field.

    It is also a major challenge when so many messages are posted every day. LENR Forum team needs to grow, join us and write history!

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    Traffic at LF is increasing, we need to make sure our team of moderators can keep an eye on the thereads, we want to keep control and trolls gone.

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    Summary about lenr and the economy of Alexander Kleehaus



    There has been a huge discussion about the technology of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) devices. Some of the common assumptions about this technology discuss the projected major transformation of our present society in points of infrastructure, cost of power and power storage, but a clear economic impact simulation in a business plan systematic review manner with different parameters and scenarios is still missing. The question is how will the lives of people be affected by LENR and how will power industry adapt the potential huge changes in infrastructure and cost of power. There is no doubt that access to LENR will change the lives of average citizens for that matter. The here described model is a monte-carlo simulation scenario model to find a proposed business and socioeconomic value of the LENR technology as impact on current infrastructure, economy and citizens of a given country. The simulation is a good tool for pricing discussions, price modeling and predictive modeling on the technology impact. The validation of the model over common mechanisms is work-in-progress.

    March 01, 2017

    BERKELEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Following the successful replication of “over-unity” amounts of thermal energy from its LENR renewable energy technologies, Brillouin Energy Corp. announces the closing of $7,750,000 in its Series B round. The lead investor in the round, James (Jim) Farrell, has also joined the Company’s Board of Directors.


    “I’m convinced that Brillouin Energy is positioned to accelerate our R&D efforts this year and that we have the best team and experience to execute our plan to develop commercial-level LENR technologies,” said Jim Farrell, Managing Director of Beyond Carbon Energy LLC. “Since joining the Board in 2016, Brillouin Energy has made significant progress towards commercializing the development of our LENR technologies.”

    Brillouin Energy enters 2017 with an aggressive research and development program aimed at building on its significant progress toward commercializing LENR technologies. The Company is in the process of finalizing a $15 million Series C round offering, which it intends to launch later this month.

    “This kind of financial support allows us to continue to build on the significant progress we have made toward commercializing the development of Brillouin Energy’s LENR technologies,” said Robert W. George II, Brillouin Energy’s CEO. “We’re excited that so many new and current investors value the opportunity ahead for Brillouin Energy as much as we do. Together, we’re going to make ultra-clean, low-cost renewable energy a global reality.”…loses-7.75-Million-Series


    for Brillouin Energy Corp.

    Grant Draper, +1-415-745-0254

    [email protected]

    Official Press Release:
    Brillouin's own Report: