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    In addition to my comments above, I think you left out "Live long and prosper." Personally, I think you mistake this planet or reality with one where humans and humanity are perfect angels. Sounds to me that would be a very boring place, something like the Eloi in the Time Machine.

    *If* I had an invention I knew worked, and if I knew I could significantly improve it with some more time, and if I wanted to leave any competition in the dust and dominate the market for the foreseeable future, almost surely I would delay a mass market release. Rossi is doing what I would do.

    I agree, that makes excellent sense. Don't come to market -- better to assume the risk that someone else will come to market before you and establish a dominant position. After all, that is just what Henry Ford did -- I mean, didn't he wait until they had perfected an automatic transmission and an electric starter, or Apple Computers, or Microsoft waited until they had perfected their software. I mean the list of people who waited until everything was perfect is endless. Alexander Graham Bell, Edison, Salk -- they all waited.

    Evidence is very much in the eyes of the beholder and subject to spin by those who present a lopsided version of the story.

    There is not 'zero' evidence for Rossi. It may be far from persuasive, but there is still some evidence. I will agree that from a 'common sense' perspective there is very little chance of the Ecat SKL working as claimed, on many fronts. But when there is an uncommon element involved - like a Rossi - I am no fundamentalist that common sense must prevail. And, strangely I feel good cheering Andrea Rossi on. If the time comes when I don't, I won't. Simple.

    What is said "some evidence?" Other than RossiSays of course.

    I don't know about Big Foot, but I believe in big feet (being a size 14 myself).

    If there are positive legitimate third

    party tests then there should be

    a commercial product.
    But like you say a lot of road blocks

    to get it to market.

    That "If" at the beginning is carrying a whole lot of weight. If I win multiple superlottos, lose 100 pounds and acquire the charm, good looks, etc. of Cary Grant in his prime, I should be dating supermodels. I think the likelihood of my conditions precedent occurring is higher than the likelihood of positive legitimate third party tests.

    BIG NEWS: Rossi is going to change the color of the box -- that's a game changer.

    Rossi will undoubtedly win the Nobel Prize, actually several, if he has the technology he is claiming and it is proven to work as he claims.

    Thing is undoubtedly he doesn't, and he won't.

    If it is proven, I will commit myself to an insane asylum and volunteer for a lobotomy, one flew over the cuckoo's nest style.

    And I don't mean Mizuno or someone else doing it and then Rossi's claiming they copied him.

    P.S. Rossi is a turd, (alimentary reference added for Alan's enjoyment 8o)

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest was EST (electric shock therapy), not a lobotomy. EST can have significant advantages in certain situations.

    So, cheating, lying, fraud, theft, etc. are what business implies. That explains Enron -- oops they got caught and went to prison. And if you truly are leaving, bye bye.

    We only moderate the Rossi thread very lightly - this is a difficult area of course. Where we apply moderation it is mainly to keep discussion focused on Rossi himself, and not on anybody who may have bought a pint of milk off of him 10 years ago.

    Ah, the great dairy conspiracy -- Holstein or Jersey. Personally, I prefer the rocky road cows, they make the best ice cream.

    This video might be similar to how

    Rossi has hopefully succeeded with

    his technology.His Team.

    But I believe that Henry Ford was somewhat more open with what he was doing, i.e., he was able to show real hard concrete, or rather steel, evidence of what he was proposing.


    where i'm agree with you is that this model couldn't come from his mind, good or bad..

    He is only a ground experimenter.

    Now, i would expect he should create a residual charge stabilized as for double layer to explain his theoretical electron model.

    Just wait a few weeks and you might see him doing that, now that someone has suggested it. Full disclosure, I don't have a clue what any of you are talking about when it comes to physics, engineering, etc. But then I don't think Rossi really has one either, IMHO he is just good at making up gobblety gook nonsense and/or copy pasting from someone else.

    And, just like sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, sometimes the absence of evidence is because the damned widget doesn't work.

    Okay, I have posted enough today. Time to go download some porn, I mean check the political news to see how our esteemed, brave and fearless stable genius has fucked up the country today.

    Mea culpa Alan, no more politics for the earlier of one month or Rossi letting an truly independent party verify the results, so one month.

    And for working cats too :)

    My post was ironic. I'm a founder and member of OFRSC (Old Fart Rossi's Skeptics Church)

    Cats don't work. As the proud slave of numerous cats over the years, they eat, they sleep, they crap and piss, they clean themselves, they whine and they love to play with your toes when you are trying to sleep. I was doing a deposition on Zoom today and everybody ooohed and ahhed when one of my cats jumped onto my shoulder during the depo.

    So in other words, you mean that if no one has ever experienced a flying carpet, that doesn't mean there are no flying carpets that really work. Do I understand your point?

    No, no, no. Homer Simpson proved this whole point to his daughter Lisa with his rock, IIRC, that kept elephants away. Lisa, not truly understanding the power of the rock, said the reason that elephants didn't come by was because there were no elephants around. Homer said, see, I told you it worked. Just like Peter Pan and the Tooth Fairy, you just have to believe.

    Rossi's 100cm^3 = ~4.64x4.64x4.64

    Rossi never said he reduced the size of the reactor to less than 5 cm cubed.

    He is just too stupid to calculate the volume. It is tricky like converting Kelvin to Celsius.

    Since the device isn't real, when confronted with his stupid error, he just went ahead and said 100cm^3 is correct with no explanation.

    No way in hell he shrank the reactor by a factor of 10 in volume suddenly, after being confronted with his error.

    A two-inch cube with 10,000 hand-soldered connections. Why would anybody be skeptical about that?

    I think it is actually about 4 inches to each side (the Great Gazoogle tells me 10 cm is almost 4 inches). But other than that, I agree with you.

    This whole Rossi approach has given me a great new idea. So Rossi has a controller/power supply that runs the ecat, which generates electricity to run the power supply.

    Suppose you took a motor, geared it to another motor shaft that acted like a generator, geared such that the second motor created more power than the first consumed? You would have to first briefly plug the first motor into the mains to get it kick started of course. You would need to cool these and the excess electrical power could be harvested, with perhaps 2 solder connections as opposed to 10000. I wonder if anyone on the internet has ever tried this?

    (Before someone humor challenged starts lambasting me, yes this is sarcasm)

    By George, I think he's got. Overunity at last. Yes, I know it was sarcasm, but post a youtube and I am sure that a lot of people will accept it.

    WOW WOW WOW. Color me convinced and eating my hat with a side serving of crow. Rossi says it works and, to paraphrase the Bard, "Rossi is an honorable man (excepting the lies, the fraud, etc., but excepting all of that Rossi is an Honorable Man)." To my fellow sceptics, we should all acknowledge that we were wrong in doubting the next winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, along with the Nobel Peace Prize. I mean, just look at all the evidence he has shown us -- how can we doubt him now? That's all, I just threw up in my mouth and have to go rinse.

    Rossi is not harvesting heat to generate electricity. Rather it seems he is directly harvesting the voltage differences between plasma layers, although he has not said that outright.

    Do you have any concrete evidence to back this up, e.g., schematics, RESULTS OF TESTING, etc. IMHO, which I believe is based on the same concrete evidence you have, he is trying to generate a tachyon field (I heard it on Star Trek, what do I know) by having two leprechauns rub their heinies against each other.

    Nobody has the honesty to say that it is impossible to stabilize a magnetic field at a temperature over 100 millions K, and everybody is happy like an Easter.

    And the experts used to say that trains couldn't go through tunnels at more than 25 mph because the pressure would crush people, and they used to say that electricity would never be practical, and that solar energy and windmill electrical generation would never work, and Edison considered his patents on the "moving picture machine" pretty much worthless because who would sit for more than a few minutes to watch, etc. The list of people, experts or otherwise, who have been wrong at one time about just about everything, is endless. For example, there are many experts who say that LENR or cold fusion is impossible and a pipe dream. I don't know, but I encourage the exploration of it, as I believe most of the people on this forum do. But do I believe in Rossi and that he is anything other than a charlatan, con man, crook and fraud? No. I don't believe in him, I don't believe him and I have yet to see any rational evidence based argument for doing so. To me, people who believe him or believe in him, are taking everything about him on faith. And to me, that is a religious belief. And to me, a religious belief that is belied by all the evidence and facts.