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    And the SOLE basis for your conclusions is RossiSays.

    What evidence is there that the "power" is going up, other than, of course, RossiSays?

    Maybe the Court had no way of knowing (or maybe they did via the counter case which of course was not presented) but Rossi ripped off IH to the tune of $11.5 Million. In my world, that's a bit out of the piddly ass range. Certainly not Judge Judy range of claims.

    Considering the level of Medicare, Medicaid, etc. fraud (remember Governor Scott's company, while he headed it, paid a fine for health care billing fraud of over a billion dollars), boiler room securities fraud ripping off widows and orphans, the illegal drug trade in Florida, the real estate scams, etc. 11.5 million is piddly ass. No one was killed or injured, the defrauded party was an out of state corporation and nobody important in Florida, other than the parties, gave a damn about this case. No reasonable and sane prosecutor with too many cases and not enough resources is going to get involved here (unless someone involved in IH is politically connected in Florida).

    ". . . and they absolutely do not want to discourage law suits. Those are their bread and butter, after all.

    Just out curiosity though, while there was no trial testimony, there were sworn depositions. Lying in those doesn't count for anything? If so, why do them?"

    Firstly, judges do just about everything they can legally do to DISCOURAGE litigation. They get get paid by the suit (despite the claims of many) and just about every court has too many suits and not enough resources. That is why they try to push mediation, arbitration and settlements. As to the depositions, they are first and foremost used as a discovery tool and to lock down a witness'/party's testimony. If someone testifies one way in a depo, that testimony can be relied on or attacked at trial based on other evidence. Testimony at a depo may lead to the discovery of additional evidence. I am sure that you have heard the cliche to never ask a question at trial that you don't already know the answer -- you find out the answer during discovery, e.g., depos.

    Yes, lying in a depo could have repercussions -- but really, who is going to pursue a piddly ass case like this. Prosecutors, and courts, have real criminal cases to do with.

    I cannot speak to the claims against Bass made to licensing agents as I am completely unfamiliar with licensure for engineers in Florida. However, complaints made about the lawyers to the trial judge, at least as described above, will go nowhere. Firstly, no evidence was ever admitted and presented to the jury -- the parties settled before that. The lawyers' opening statements are not evidence. Secondly, judges receive these types of complaints all the time and, unless the complaint contains incredible allegations of corruptions, supported by real evidence, the complaint gets ignored. Here, the complaint apparently alleges that the lawyers' opening statements might have been misleading -- as noted above, opening statements are not evidence -- so the complaint gets round filed. A possible exception might be if there were credible allegations that a party's lawyers conspired to make witnesses unavailable, destroyed or hid evidence, etc. -- but IH's lawyers never made any such claims to the trial judge. And the parties settled -- judges hate wasting time on cases that the parties have already settled -- the court is not going to take any action, other than possibly sending a form letter saying "tell the state bar," which is really the correct agency for lawyer complaints. And I suspect the bar here would also blow them off.

    The courts generally don't have the time, the money or the desire to get involved in small potatoes disputes like this unless forced to.

    Oh, I almost forgot. How do we know that the Rossi lawyers knew that the claims were fraudulent on their face? I am sure that Rossi had a good story to explain everything away and painting IH and its representatives as evil, manipulative IP thieves, i.e., one plausible if you were only looking at the evidence in the light most favorable to your client (and his checks all cleared and he was current on his bills). Apparently, Rossi is a very charming guy, as well as, IMO, a conniving con man, and although I am confident that IH would have won had the case gone to a jury, I can easily see a jury giving IH the win on the primary case and Rossi the win on the cross-complaint (which I have said from the very beginning), which is essentially the result from the settlement.

    I do believe however that the case has significantly damaged Rossi's ability, to the extent that it otherwise existed, to obtain legitimate investors/major partners. I base this on, among other things, that there is no INDEPENDENT evidence that anyone wants to invest/partner with him (sorry (not really) AA, but RossiSays is not evidence -- take what RossiSays to any Starbucks and I am pretty confident that they will still ask for real money). RossiSays that he has a REAL client, but won't name it, RossiSays that the factory is being built, but won't say where it is or give any details about it, RossiSays his widget has gotten all necessary certifications (excepting those RossiSays the imaginary client is going to get), but Rossi won't show those certifications to anyone (question for the engineering community here -- are such certifications generally made publicly available nowadays online), RossiSays that he has real live people working with and for him, but nobody has publicly admitted to working with or for Rossi and, to the best of my knowledge, no one here has claimed to have actually met with any such persons and confirmed such a status, and OH, l almost forgot, no one has actually seen the insides of the widget, no one actually knows what is inside the widget (and AA, saying that RossiKnows doesn't count as evidence), no one actually knows how the widget is supposed to work (even his acolytes here disagree and post competing theories), no one independent has actually tested the widget (and given that the current widget is supposedly completely different than his widgets from the pre-Doral days, claiming that maybe possibly a really early widget might have worked doesn't cut it), Rossi won't even describe the non-super double secret components of the widget, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT ROSSI HAS ANYTHING AT ALL.

    Now I know that someone will say, then why does Rossi have investors/partners/customers/employees/factory if the widget doesn't work? How do we know that Rossi has any of those things -- because RossiSays / RossiKnows.

    And yes AA, I know you will deride and disclaim all of this as just more uninformed and silly babbling from a babbler and you will insist that none of we babblers will acclaim and applaud Rossi (and you) when Rossi proves in January that we babblers are wrong. I look forward to January so that we can hear Rossi's (and yours) latest excuse for why the widget is not yet ready for prime time. I suspect his excuse will be one, or a combination, of (a) the consumer backed out or was unable to obtain the necessary certifications (obviously because of the machinations of the RossiHaters, the bureaucracy, the fossil fuel industry, the renewable energy industry, the nuclear industry, the financial industry, the lawyers, the insurance companies, the regulators and possibly the flat earthers (all of the above and the rest of the world being, the "Usual Suspects"), (b) the widget was sabotaged by one of the Usual Suspects and (c) the customer insisted on the delay because the customer now wants the new, improved and vastly superior "New Widget" which Rossi developed while feverishly working to bring the current widget to perfection.

    Alan, I hope you are successful and wish you the best of luck. However, I am highly confident that when you are successful, Rossi will promptly sue you for stealing his IP. After all, you attended a demo and obviously the only reason you did was to steal his IP (and we really need a sarcasm emoticon).

    My electric kettle does not make radiation, so I am not surprised that Rossi's devices do not make radiation either.

    That does not mean that every LENR type experiment/demo does not make radiation, or is safe.

    YOU ARE WRONG. I KNOW BECAUSE AA SAID SO. SO THERE. (we really need a sarcasm emoticon).

    If the radiation were dangerous, Rossi and a lot of other scientists would not be alive and well today. To later suggest this is proof Rossi's reactors don't work has it backwards.

    Government nuclear authorities know nothing about strange radiation, I doubt they have even heard of it. So they will look to see if Rossi is using radioactive material and whether there is radiation they can measure. Which there isn't.

    I see we can add an MD to AA's resume. I am sure it is a great relief to all those potential mesothelioma patients that Dr. AA has sad don't worry if you don't show signs -- ignore the literature that shows latency periods of 15 years to 70 years. Dr. AA knows better.

    In fact, a simple search reveals that "Occupational respiratory cancer after exposure to carcinogens mostly occurs after a latent period of at least 10 years," so again, no need to worry.

    I must admit that I am completely impressed by Dr. AA's ability to find entire new areas about which he can demonstrate not only his complete ignorance, but his unparalleled ability for verbal crap and nonsense. Keep up the good work AA, your arguments continue to make a stronger case for the conman.

    You know, when I think of Edison the first name in contemporary science that comes to mind is Andrea Rossi: After all, Rossi is 68 and has at least one patent, which has never been developed into anything publicly recognized as being useful. Poor old Alva, at age 67, only had a few more patents, approximately 950 more, the products of which revolutionized the world we live in. So it is easy to confuse the two.

    You might get run over by a car, (>30,000 killed per year.) so I suppose you advocate no one should ever leave their house.

    AA and Director: Damned straight skippy, bring back the Corvair, bring back electrical sockets with no GCI, bring back untested medications, get rid of all those pesky agencies, you know, UL, FDA and other regulators, get rid of the FDIC, arsenic, lead and mercury in your drinking water is just A-OK with me -- AA and Director are right, just unleash the pure inventiveness and creativity of people like Rossi and hey, if another Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or Fukushima results, then, as my Torts professor used to say "too bad, so sad." Fortunately, IMHO any of that is highly unlikely with Rossi because he is a total fraud and con man.

    Roseland67, I must vigorously disagree with you -- never underestimate AA's thickness.


    The Rossi/Ecat “Bullshit-o-meter” pegged at 11 many, many years ago, the fan club is finally coming to grips with the fact that this guy is running a scam and they fell for it because they weren’t smart enough to see thru it.

    I must partially disagree. IMO the "fan club" will never come to grips with reality. Also, I don't believe they fell for Rossi's BS because they are not smart enough -- I think they possess the raw intellectual horse power to see through Rossi's BS but IMO they are so psychologically invested in their adoration of Rossi that they are not capable of dealing with the reality of who and what Rossi actually is.

    When you read what his acolytes say, you can see that they have to acknowledge that Rossi has lied, cheated, etc. But they always defend such actions by providing Rossi with an alibi, e.g., Rossie had to cheat, etc. in order to protect his IP, because his partners are not trustworthy, or because the Russians stole the fuel. All of Rossi's moral failings are always someone else's fault.

    LOL indeed. You know perfect;y well I don't. You still have not answered the yes or no question. (6th tme of asking)

    Bertrand Russell said,
    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

    You are certain about Rossi, I have doubts.

    Your logic is impeccable. NOT. Your logic is a load of codswallop.

    Cats are animals, dogs are animals, therefore dogs are cats. Just because some wise people have doubts, that doesn't mean all people with doubts are wise. Please let us know where you were involved in the construction of industrial facilities -- in order that we may give a wide berth.

    It is good to have a dream. Acolytes rarely, rarely, rarely admit that their faith was completely misplaced -- instead there is always an excuse for the failure of the predicted event to come true. Just look at doomsday/rapture/end of world cults that set a date certain for the world to end, the rapture to happen, the economic system to collapse, for mass arrests of whomever is hated at the moment -- when the predicted event doesn't happen there is always an excuse. The evil cabal, the dark powers that be, the deep state, the evil and ruthless competitors, etc. prevented the event from occurring, or it will still occur but be delayed.

    There are always excuses for a failure.

    Linky please.

    You must have been trained as one of those money sucking parasites.

    Are you asking if I am a lawyer? If so, the answer, as I have repeatedly posted, is yes, I am a lawyer. I don't consider myself a money sucking parasite, but if calling me that helps you sleep at night, go ahead. I just consider the source.

    As in the Rossi/IH case, lawyers charge unconscionable fees and delay things as much as possible until both parties can't take the financial burden anymore and settle out of court.

    What is the basis for the "unconscionable fees" comment. Nobody forces a client in civil litigation to hire expensive lawyers.

    You are proud to be wrong? Proud to insult people when if turns out you were mistaken with your facts? Proud if you failed to recognize one of the great inventions of the century?

    Proud? Sounds like you need to see a shrink.

    Yes, if the evidence proves that I was wrong I will be proud to admit. Unlike you and certain others, I am willing to change my opinion if the circumstances / evidence proves my opinion incorrect and will gladly admit that I was wrong. The ability to recognize and correct one's mistakes is not a sign of mental illness, but a sign of mental health. Of course you can't recognize that. IMHO, the refusal to face reality, i.e., a change in circumstances or the recognition of contrary evidence, is the real mental illness.

    axil wrote:

    The courtroom is the crucible of justice and honesty. If the information that was supplied in the IH case was false, why was the purveyors of that information not convicted of perjury: he offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ROFL. A civil courtroom has nothing to do with justice. And while you are studying for your exams, you should look up and understand the definition of hearsay (even though evidence is a second year class), because you have no fucking clue.

    To my fellow babblers:

    I know others have said this before (and I probably have also), but AA, Sam and Axil have no interest in facts, logic, evidence, reasoning or anything else approaching coherent thought. Axil has spent the last three pages stating all of the evidence/facts that he now knows about the widget, the partner, how the widget works, etc. All without any, I repeat, any FUCKING proof (other than RossiSays or AxilMakesItUp).

    AA's approach is to ignore everything factual or historical or logical and to just call people names. He will only answer specific questions if he approves of the answer, otherwise answering the question, no matter how specific, how detailed, how relevant, is SIMPLY BENEATH HIM (must read with snotty voice).

    The RossiAcolytes remind me of the four sons we talk about at Passover, first, the wise son—the Chacham, then the evil/rebellious son—the Rasha, followed by the simple son—the Tam, and finally, the son who doesn't know to ask. Unfortunately, there are no wise sons among the RossiAcolytes. Sorry AA, to me you are the rebellious son, you don't really care about civil or intelligent discourse, you only want to condemn and denigrate anyone who disagrees with you; Axil, to me you are the simple son, simply because you consistently generate noise; and Sam, to me is the one who doesn't know what to ask -- he believes in Rossi, and AA, and that is all he needs.

    ABB, GE, Boeing or anyone of that nature puts out a press release announcing that they have (note tense please) partnered with Rossi and produced something LENR (or whatever you wish to call it), I will stand up and proudly admit I was wrong. Until then, anyone who claims ABB, etc. is involved with Rossi can just bite me.

    And just what the heck does that have to do with you trial analysis/experience. You helped write the technical specifications for a bunch of contracts. Sorry dude, that doesn't make you a contract or transactional lawyer, that makes you the tech guy we called in to explain the technical stuff to the lawyers.

    I'll tell you what -- how about I dig up some current law school exams on basic first year stuff, you know contracts, remedies, torts, civil procedure, agency and criminal law. I will trust that you will spend no more than one hour on any question and that you won't cheat by going online.

    I so look forward to reading your, Sam and AA's new excuses next year for why the fraudster once again failed and why we few, we poor babblers, are still all wrong.

    If IH really believed that the E Cat could not work, then Rossi could get IH to do what he wanted IH to do when IH was properly tenderized. The goal of IH in the legal battle was to get out from under the legal situation with Rossi as cheaply as possible. The legal burn rate that IH had to fund was far more than Rossi so Rossi was spending less money per day than IH was. Rossi was sure to win the case because IH had nothing to gain in continuing the legal fight. IH was on the defensive and Rossi was playing with them like a cat toying with a mouse until Rossi had IH where he wanted them to be. When the time was right and IH was desperate enough, then Rossi pounced and he got his IP back.

    As you seem to like playing lawyer, please provide your evidence (which does not include RossiSays, FrankSays, or AASays) for all those factual conclusions you just stated. You can't so I suggest you stick to something else (I would say your area of expertise, but I am not sure there is one). Also, please let us all know what law school you attended and when you graduated.

    As I have stated several times, while I think the QX and SK reactors may work, we have to wait for more data to be sure, Your thinking is so addled and insulting, I'll add you to the babbler list.

    The only reason for your post was to be a troll.

    Je suis tres desolee. I thought you had long ago decided I was a babbler. But again, you choose not to answer simple basic questions asked of you. I wonder why (not really, I think we all know why).

    The more I read of AA and Sam, and the Director, the more I am persuaded that those following Rossi are members of a cult or a religion, in either case one that does not allow for doubt or questions, but mere total obedience to the faith. If you disagree with a Rossi follower, ask real life, practical questions, point out flaws, minor or great in their reasoning, point to Rossi's history of lying and fraud, etc., the response essentially always boils down to RossiSays and we have faith in Rossi. If someone points out a flaw, then it is fake news / babbling. If someone points out a real world problem with the stated Rossi position, then it is anonymous fake news. It just goes on and on.

    As a Jew, I believe that there may have been weather or geographic explanations for Moses parting the Red Sea, but at the end of the day, I take that on faith, my faith as a Jew. But I also realize that I am taking it on faith and I am willing to listen to and acknowledge that my faith might be wrong as to the parting of the Red Sea. And if I am proven wrong about that it is not going to weaken my faith as a Jew. Because I believe in the Jewish faith.

    But for the cult of Rossi, there can never be any doubts expressed, for to allow any doubt is to doubt the word of Rossi. And doubting the word of Rossi in any detail calls into doubt everything that Rossi has said or done. If you acknowledge that Rossi lied about the fake Doral customer (one of many many lies re: Doral), then you have to acknowledge that Rossi is capable of knowingly lying in order to deceive people about the success of his product, in that instance the e-cat. Once you acknowledge the existence, even the possibility, of the first lie, then you always have to consider the possibility of more lies. And that is not something that is allowed in the Church of Rossi. There can be NO doubt ever. No matter what Rossi does and says, he cannot be doubted. Not even if he changes directions, drops products, etc. After all, we have always been at war with Oceania.

    The only potential danger I see from the Quark is the production of radiation that could, in theory, if not shielded, escape the reactor IF adequate measures are not taken. But I think this danger is very minimal. There's virtually no chance of a conventional nuclear meltdown. The powers that be have no right to say diddly squat about the Quark. I have read about a company that has repeatedly released toxic chemicals into a local river killing every single fish for perhaps a hundred miles down river. Since they were producing something for the military, they were simply ordered to restock the rivers and got a tiny slap on the wrist.

    They have every right to say a whole lot more than diddly squat. That is why they are "the powers that be."

    However, IIRC, Houston, Texas has almost no zoning laws, so let Rossi start up his widget there.

    On exactly what EVIDENCE do you base all of these astounding conclusions about the safety of the widget? Do you know what allegedly powers it? Do you know how it works? Do you have any fucking actual evidence other than RossiSays. And if so, what is it.

    As to the regulators, given your vast experience, which you remind us of constantly, please tell me -- is it your experience that the regulators are required to show that something brand new and revolutionary may be unsafe or do the promoters of such new and unproven and untested and unregulated technology usually have the burden to show it is safe? In your vast experience, who is responsible for persuading the certification/licensure agencies? And if the regulators don't have a clue, are they in practice of just saying, well go ahead, we trust you?

    I have asked you both these questions previously, asked you to draw on your vast experience, and so far all you do is complain about babblers. This are real world, practical questions. The fact that you seem to deliberately avoid answering them speaks volumes itself.

    You claim to have been responsible for many complete plants. If true, I thank dog that you must have had competent assistants. And such assistants have my complete empathy, for you come across, at least here, as a bloviating pompous, too full of himself to ever be, or admit being, wrong and a consummate poseur.

    Alan/any other moderator: Please feel free to edit or delete if you believe my comments are not supported by the evidence.

    But, you have to realize that all of Rossi's marvelous inventions also include the soon to be famous, patent pending, trademark and copyright pending "RossiSafetyAssurance," which guarantees that nothing bad will happen, and that RossiSafetyAssurance, through the miracle of Rossi's brilliant mind, prevents anything bad from happening, all by itself. I am 1000% confident that all safety inspectors, insurance companies, etc. will accept that instead of boring old safety certifications, licenses and permits provided by mere mortals.

    Alan: we need a sarcasm emoji.