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    I try to raise the level of this thread but it remains miserably low, as batrachians brain, somewhere there.

    The Rossi thread has always been contentious, but not because of the Bruce H comment you use as an example. He actually made one of the few science based points I have seen.

    To be honest, I can not see this conversation ever becoming more civil. Those against Rossi have legitimate grounds for their anger, and his supporters are very protective of his antics. That makes for an explosive mix, and unless Rossi actually produces something credible, I see nothing that will change the situation.

    The staff recently debated shutting down the Rossi thread to up the quality of the forum...which has been trending down in quality lately, but decided it's overall contribution is still positive. But it was a close call.

    Many times over the years we have cautioned those who decide to post here to have a thick skin. I always say "check your ego at the door", meaning do not take it personal. If unable, then this thread should be avoided.

    COP of about 3. Already as good as latest sono fusion results...

    Without a LENR after burner for the H*-H* this is still just fun.

    Still not bad with a commercial load, and able to run continuously within the limits of their cooling system. They say they are working on a better control system to produce the full 250kW (COP10). If true, and I believe it is, they are light years ahead of what anyone else in the field has ever accomplished.

    brucethink here

    Yes, that was a low blow. We can be accused of what to think, but not group think. Understandably everyone is frustrated and scratching their head, that 1 year 7 months after the exciting announcement, we know little more than we did at the start.

    Guess that is why they call it LENR. Hopefully Magics 4th try is a charm.

    The claim that Mizuno's work has been independently replicated is exaggerated according to publicly released results. To claim successful replication, I would want to see results described in at least as much detail as in the original reports by Rothwell and Mizuno. I haven't seen that. The only carefully described set of studies I have seen are MagicSound's and those so far are negative. Maybe I am wrong. Does anyone know of carefully described positive results?

    Unpublished or poorly described results are just rumours and should be ignored. I think that the the claim of replication on the Mizuno Technology website is so far just PR glitz. Mizuno himself should be careful because such claims are the trademark of fakers and the deluded and he doesn't want a company bearing his name to be cast n that light..

    If they have what they claim....

    "Output power is exponentially related to operating temperature. Even rudimentary small devices can output 10-15kW of thermal energy which can be converted to steam or to spin super-critical CO2 turbines for producing combined heat and power (CHP) for homes and factories."

    none of what you say will matter. Potential investors can contact them via our own Daniel_G , or use the contact email provided on the website. Arrangements can then be made to go through the due diligence process, and they can judge for themselves.

    Ouch...3265 US deaths today. States with heaviest lockdown measures are exploding again. There seems to be no stopping this thing. Every state has enacted strict procedures to protect the elderly, yet the virus still gets through to them.

    Good thing the vaccine is here.

    And btw, many of the 'procedures' you mention aren't necessary - the skill lies in knowing which ones are..

    Could not agree more. It is a problem, but not sure what can be done about it though. Plenty of talk about reform over the years, but nothing seems to work.

    And playing devils advocate; it may not be so much a problem with too many procedures being done, as it is Americans being so fat they need all those procedures. Obesity leads to blown out knees, backs, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. If we slimmed down, we could put a lot of doctors out of business. :)

    Obamacare was never intended to limit physician pay.

    Oh yes it was. The seed idea originated way back before Obama. Europe enjoyed less expensive health care, and many Americans wanted what the Europeans had. A study determined the difference was largely because their doctors made far less than US docs, plus they did far fewer "procedures" (surgeries,tests, or basically anything invasive).

    From there, a plan was developed to reduce reimbursements to physicians/hospitals by prioritizing preventive care, and implementing policies to wean Americans off their costly dependence on specialists. End result should have been lower health care premiums, and lower Medicare costs.

    I attended a special workshop with the wife where a consultant hired by the hospital made it very clear: "ACA (Obamacare) is designed to take most of the cost savings out of your salary!". It worked at first, as most docs took big paycuts, and many were fired/furloughed, while the general practice docs started seeing greater income.

    Most histories and commentators say it is conservative. See, for example:…blog20150910.050461/full/

    That article does not talk about the AMA's political leanings. It basically tells me nothing other than doctors are which I agree. But most people are, so where does that get us?

    I have been married to medicine for 30 years, and know the story from the inside. The AMA generally leans left because large government programs tend to benefit them. Specialists have their own colleges, and lean right because the free market better rewards them.

    The A.M.A. is a right wing organization politically. They were opposed to Obamacare, and they opposes any further reform. But I do not think they are so right wing they would let politics cloud their judgement of a drug. In any case, this particular drug has many right-wing supporters, such as Trump, so if anything you would expect the A.M.A. to be biased in favor of it

    I think you have that backwards. The AMA leans left...if not far left, and they supported Obamacare. The reason they did was because Obamacare benefited primary care doctors, over the specialists who drive most of the high health care costs. The AMA mostly represents primary care doctors, so therefore supported Obamacare. It was good for their members.

    Specialists (who have their own colleges) were very much against it because the intent was to take money out of their pockets, and distribute it to lesser trained doctors, and feed a massive government bureaucracy. So which side of the issue each group was on, had more to do with money, greed, and envy than politics.

    As we know now, Obamacare did not go as planned. Specialists took a big hit the first few years, but after that their salaries actually went up. Primary care docs are enjoying higher salaries now also. Health care premiums overall did not go down as promised, but went up.

    This HCQ/COVID thing though; IMO that was mostly a political policy decision on the AMA's part. HCQ has 65 years of science behind it, and only politics could explain them ignoring that.…ine-to-covid-19-patients/

    The American Medical Association has rescinded it's recommendation against Physicians prescribing HCQ for COVID, because " its potential for good currently may supersede the threat of any potential harmful side effects".

    Hard to find any mainstream news about this, so sorry about the source. The move does provide fuel to the fire that their initial stance was politically motivated.

    The problem with mass adoption of lithium battery powered vehicles is simply the mass of the batteries. For example, according to official US figures there are 273 million vehicles of all kinds in the USA. If we assume that were all replaced with battery electric types, each with 250 kilos of batteries that would require 68 million tons of batteries. That nobody has mastered the art of recycling properly.…cles-dirty-secret-lithium

    That is the most political "apolitical" opinion I have seen in quite a while! :) Personally, I hate trying to look through the red/blue glasses when forming my own opinion about this. Doing so only makes the picture murkier.

    I end up trying more to fit groups into red/blue boxes with a shoehorn, rather than being honest and letting the facts fall where they may. That may be troubling for many because it does not lead them where they want to go, but not me.

    The way I see it is that no one can point a finger, without that finger turning back to point at them. We are all "bad" in some way ( that excludes Jed...seriously). Pick the area, and I will tell you how. That hypocrisy has been the point of many of my posts, and others on this thread.