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    That would explain a lot, but still you can’t live loosing money for 20+ Years.

    Well, Mills has been losing money for 30 years, so I guess you can. :) I do not think this state tax credit program has been around that long anyway. He did get investor money, and he still has that software program he developed that pays some bills.

    10 years later, Rossi fans have to have a good sense of humor, and I think most here do. However, they do like to occasionally talk shop without interference from the rest of us, and we have to be mindful of that. There is a time for being serious, and a time to have a good laugh at the man.

    Further it should be easy to get numerous replications.

    We are getting there. Frank has found 3 more highly qualified individuals to do the LEC replication, in addition to the 2 others he and I lined up. He is seeking their permission to post names. Alan is working on another potential candidate. So far though, no one has expressed a desire to go live on the forum.

    Overall, IMO this collaborationit has already been very successful. Finding a brave soul willing to work with 3900 members looking over their shoulders, would make it even more so.

    After a closer look at the patent application assigned to Clean Planet it looks like they strongly circumvent mentioning any nuclear reactions involved. Also de classification of the patent application does not indicate any nuclear related patent classification.

    When reading the patent it looks like they claim a completely new method to generate heat that is based on simultaneous or sequential absorbing and releasing hydrogen through a multi-layer in a Hydrogen gas flow.

    I think it may be worth creating a dedicated new thread on Clean Planet to discuss their technology and progress.

    Would this fit into the ´Players´ section? Please advice.

    Good idea. We have at least 2 other Clean Planet (Yoshino) threads. Might be a good idea to link to them in your thread so we have the whole story under one roof..

    If you scroll down on that page you will see 2 later news items. Mainly on their organizations however.

    Thanks Rob, I missed that also. From the most recent article 2 months ago:

    Iwamura: "Currently, the phenomenon can be reproduced under certain conditions, but if it is to be put into practical use, it must be possible to control it so that it can be reproduced under various circumstances. It must be able to be used in hot and cold places. However, if necessary, it may be necessary to make the device compact. In any case, the basic research is almost over, and the only thing left to do is control the phenomenon. It is just one step before practical use. "

    The LF staff, and Gordon are still busy looking for more replicators. Understandably, most of those we contact are involved with other projects. But most say they are willing to take this on when time permits. If so, ready for ICCF23 is what we are looking for.

    As a reminder, we do have 2 solid reps now. So this has been far. Let's make it more so.

    time to clean up the admins mess

    It is not all up to us. Peer pressure works too. All members have a stake in keeping LF a place anyone from the LENR community can participate in, and expect to be treated well.

    If instead they are subjected to harsh, or unfair treatment (as we have seen too many times), they wont come here anymore. Then we all pay the price for the actions of a few.

    Oh give me a break! He stole an image from some random web site, and pretended it was a device made by Mizuno. He made grossly exaggerated claims about the capabilities. He tried to fool the public into thinking they have a device nearly ready for the market. If anyone else had done that you would probably toss him off of this site.

    No breaks today! That was a stock photo, and everyone knew that right away. It was not used to make "exaggerated claims" was simply there for window dressing. He admitted it immediately to us, and said he did not want to use a real photo to prevent competitors gaining an advantage. Barty promptly, and without complaint from the Mizuno team, put in a more appropriate one.

    If we are going to start wrecking scientists reputations based on such flimsy reasons, then no one will be spared. How about we declare a truce? Your old team is at wits end over this, and would like to get onto the business of running a company; i.e. investors, patents, R/D without these public distractions.

    If you want to air your dirty laundry, they welcome your private input. You are still valued as one of the team, and will always be grateful for your prior contributions. They feel close to getting this thing done, and if they do, it is something you, as Mr. LENR should welcome, and support.

    Wasn't he the one who set up a website with a purloined photo of some gadget that had nothing to do with cold fusion? When we pointed this out, he removed it. I would not call that professional.

    Daniel was busy on the science, and admittedly knew little about web design. He demonstrated professionalism when he asked us, the staff, for help to improve the site. Barty and Rends stepped forward, did some work on the layout, and improved it.

    Jed, in your opinion (and anyone elses), what LENR or related technologies (evo's, strange radiation) are the most likely to be reliably replicated without needing to get materials from the original experimenter?

    Will take you awhile, but read this thread first Team Google wants your opinion: "What is the highest priority experiment the LENR community wants to see conducted?" ,and then ask your question again.

    I don't believe that Jed has ever been a professional academic scientist. But he certainly thinks like one! It's nice to see.

    I thought you would enjoy the show. We all love critiquing...that is what science is all about. But a parent to child scolding is not very productive. A respectful dialogue is though.

    I suspect Daniel will not be back for awhile. Can't blame him. He and Mizuno like professional does any scientist, but it has to be delivered in a such a way so as not to offend. Once that line is crossed, it is all over.

    Hopefully when we get the Gordon "workshop" going, all members are on their best behavior.