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    Had to double check this against other news sources, since if true the implications are huge. And yes, it checks out. From my understanding, the issue is this: The WHO backed PCR test cycles the sample to amplify the genetic material. Cycle it too many times (>30 according to one source), and the "false positives" are about 85-90% according to the NYT's.

    What I could not find was how many of the tests reported in official figures as positive, were cycled more than 30 times...therefore almost certainly false positives? The greater that percentage, the greater the ramifications.

    Anyone find another take on this?

    Jokes apart, Shane D. , have you heard anything new from Frank Gordon ? Enquiring minds want to know!

    Frank is finalizing his report. A couple members will review before he submits. So understandably, he has been quiet for about 2 weeks. Other than that, I have not heard about any other new replications, and those we lined up seem to prefer anonymity until their work is completed.

    Been busy with family matters, but starting tomorrow will have more time to devote to the love of my life (LF).

    Let's say I develop a car that doesn't need fuel. Its so cheap to drive you will leave your gasoline powered car in the garage and use this one, naturally. However, the caveat is that it works randomly, not when you want it. The fuel-less car turns a lot of heads as you drive and you love that you don't have to pay fuel. The price was right so the first days its so fun to drive around. Then it happens. It stops working. Luckily, you didn't yet sell your old petrol powered car. So reluctantly, you get in the old beast, fire it up and go about your business. After work that day, you have a conversation with your wife, "Honey, I think I have to keep the old car, in case the new car stops working when we need it." The wife is saying that the argument you made to buy the new car was how much money you were going to save but now you have to keep two cars, two payments instead of just one. So even you are using less fossil fuels in your transportation needs, your costs just went up by factor two as you have to pay the loan and maintain two vehicles instead of one. Predictably the wife is not happy with this new setup and starts complaining why we have to pay the loan and maintenance costs on two cars instead of one. Where are these savings every news outlet in the world is talking about? Welcome to the brave new renewable world! Germany has the highest percentage of electricity powered by renewables and they also have the highest retail cost for power in the EU. This simple story explains why. Until we find a dispatchable power source, costs will never go down. The dream of cheap renewable energy is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Lots of kinks -and politics, to work out still, but green energy is going in the right direction. May take some time, but there really is no viable alternative left for humanity IMO. That is where MTI comes in...

    Nice job Ruby, David, and Alan. Thanks go to Monty Childs for making himself available, and being about as forthcoming as he could be under the circumstances.

    As touched on often in the video; the Aureon team observed several different phenomenon...each revolutionary if borne out by follow-up experiments.

    They are confident they can replicate their own work once they get back in the lab. To that end, money seems to be no problem as they have unsolicited investors knocking on the door, so just a matter of time. I believe he said this summer, in Toronto?

    My understanding was that the theory/theories driving the reactions/effects are little understood, although some from the Electric Universe team seem to have a good idea what is going on.

    Enjoyed watching. Again thanks to all involved.

    Unless it's meant to just be a test of the US Patent Office,

    I just do not see the US Navy playing patent games like this. It is too obvious...and public, with no obvious benefit. They are tasked with fighting foreign enemies, and how exactly would patent trolling like this achieve an advantage with our adversaries?

    Yet on the face of it, it does appear as Curbina said: they copied some passages from Rossi's work. Hopefully one day, we will know what this is all about. If Curbina disappears, I think we can assume he was right. :)

    Ed Storms:

    "Using the morphology I have chosen, I can now identify the nature of the initial condition and the required subsequent treatment. When these two conditions are present, the material will make LENR without fail."

    Good to hear Ed. The LF staff heard months ago you had nailed down the process, and this confirms that. Will there be something more "official" coming soon?

    Good read. Lots of good information in there along with the science of H(O). Thanks can and Rob Woudenberg for keeping up on this.

    Trying to pinpoint who are the inventors and if they are newcomers or old timers in the LENR field (the main inventor, Pearl Rayms-Keller, so far, seems to be a newcomer, which is perhaps a good thing).

    Reminds me back 3 years ago when Alan started a thread to provide an inventory of all the LENR active players. Every time we thought we had a comprehensive directory, another and another, then yet another name popped up. We never came close to our objective.

    My guess is that we only see the tip of the iceberg of those involved. Lots of reasons few come forward. Main one of course being the public backlash, and threat to professional reputation.

    Were it not for US government (mainly the USN/NASA) involvement, one could make a good argument LENR would be dead, or nearly so.

    Thanks Gregory Byron Goble There is some talk about that in the Frank Gordon's "Lattice Energy Converter (LEC)"...replicators workshop thread. The "Ionizing Radiation Generator" is now the LEC I believe. There have been 2 replications so far of it, with more on the way.

    I have thought of combining the threads on GEC/SPAWAR/NASA, but keep putting off until a rainy day. Just as good would be to link to them here for reference. Lots of connections between the players. Good that you are so good at connecting all the dots.

    Good find Alain. It seems this LENR thing just will not go away. Many thanks to all the government scientists who have played a large role in keeping it on life support all these years. For good reason too, as they all have seen something in the lab they can not explain. As said in the article, because of their unique protected position in the science community they:

    "had a little more freedom to pursue a controversial topic".

    Good to see there are still many smart people pursuing LENR, both publicly (which we wish there were more of), and some quietly out of the spotlight...including here on the forum.

    Thanks Alan Smith.
    The work of Kozima has not had very much attention so far here at LF as far as I can see.

    I haven't studied his work much in detail myself either. I intend to catch up.

    Would be good to see the views of others here at LF on Kozima's work.

    Looks like Kozima focusses on his own theory pointing at neutron energy bands.

    I am looking for a simplified description of the basics of his theories. Any recommendations?

    That sentiment has been said here before. Kozima may be the biggest player in the field no one has heard about. Not sure why that is.