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  • This SRI report is a very important announcement.

    I must confess that I was not convinced by the claims of Rossi and his "E-Cat", but that I began to change my mind when I saw the results of my friend Alexander Parkhomov.

    But Parkhomov works in his…
  • Fabrice David I remember these Happy days in Padua.
    I am very sad beyond what I can express in writing about the passing away of my friend Yuri Bazhutov.
    We will remember his smile and his joviality. He was a great scientist and a dynamic teacher.

  • Je suis plein de tristesse au delà de ce que je peux exprimer par écrit en apprenant le décès de mon ami Youri Bazhutov.
    Nous garderons en mémoire son sourire et sa jovialité. C’était un grand savant et un professeur plein de dynamisme.
    Je pense que…
  • fabrice DAVID

    Replied to the thread Stirling Engline.
    I builded this new model of Stirling engine as an exercise from my disciples. I have o lor of new ideas on this field. “Curiosités de laboratoire”? Perhaps.
  • fabrice DAVID

    I am joking, but I greatly respect your work, Dear Franco, because I see that you have access.

    Our Italian friend is an alter ego of me : we are rewriting the MUTUS LIBER of the ancient alchemists, but up to date… (But I don’t publish it on the…
  • fabrice DAVID

    By the way, the RANQUE tube is not totally out of topic in this forum: you know probably, that not only its sorts the cold and hot molecules, but also the isotopes of the gases, thus with a very high yield.
    (Uranium hexafluoride and also water vapour…
  • fabrice DAVID

    I beg your pardon, but it is not a "Hyslch" tube, but a Ranque tube (Tube of Ranque) invented by a french student named Ranque. It is a good idea to use it in combination with a Peltier cell. PLease publish your results please.

    By the way, I see on…