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  • fabrice DAVID

    Replied to the thread A Very useful laser....
    I never heard about a laser like this. Is it a hoax?
  • fabrice DAVID

    Posted the thread Le Mystère des Cathédrales.
    En ce triste jour, comment ne pas penser à Eugène Canseliet, alias Fulcanelli, auteur du fameux livre « Le mystère des Cathédrales » dédié en partie à Notre-Dame de Paris ? Canseliet, professeur au CNAM, était le grand spécialiste français du palladium.
  • I should have studied this science named Erisology at school. Unfortunately, a goddess I offended struck me with Cassandra's curse.
  • fabrice DAVID

    Replied to the thread Infinite energy.
    The results of Zihan Xu Hong Kong Polytechnic University are very interesting. But the same question arises with the "breathers" in the DNA or in the NAE: if we extract thermal energy from the agitation of the ambient molecules, this fact contradicts…
  • fabrice DAVID

    Replied to the thread 1 Dimensional LENR Theories.
    I agree with the reflections outlined above. You will forgive me for explaining my molecular biologist's point of view, but "out of the box" ideas are often interesting: The DNA molecule is a good model of our "NAE" alloys. A deoxyribonucleic acid…
  • Icebergs in the room, I don't know. Freezers in our alloys, I think so.