New Energy World Symposium in Stockholm, on June 18, 2018.

  • Mats Lewan announce a Symposium in Sweden on June 21, 2016, in the city of Stockholm.…w-energy-world-symposium/

    for the speakers you can follow:
    There are usual suspects, and new names.

    • Mats Lewan
    • Jed Rothwell
    • Prof. Brian Josephson (for those who forgot, Nobel awards his work in SC devices)
    • Jean-François Geneste (for those who forgot: Vice-President Chief scientist, Airbus Group)
    • Prof. Harry Frank : Former head of R&D for the multinational robotics, power and automation corporation ABB and member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences (KVA) and of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). During his long career at ABB, Frank was also running business development with focus on energy related technology, and received several rewards for his work in this field. Harry Frank has been a professor in innovation management within energy at Mälardalen University College."
    • Bob Greenyer (for those who forgot, a pillar of MFMP...)
  • Thanks Mats Lewan for your initiative - it is most valuable and the time is right to let a bigger audience take part of a the hope for a better future for our children and grandchildren!
    My very best regards/Jan Jutander

  • Yes life is complicated and no doubt new discoveries that decrease mans dependence on fossil fuels will be made. They already have, and companies like Ballard Power, with their Hydrogen cells are but one example. Unproven claims of potential endless energy and disrespect of skeptics by advocates of LENR or CECR serve no purpose except to suggest that the evidence is so clear that no further proof is required. That is a simply an unrealistic expectation.
    One can be certain that governments would be all over this opportunity if it was only a matter of now tweaking a few parameters. No conspiracy theory could ever stop the inherent economic advantages derived from such technology, forget about the initial disruptive impacts. As I understand the patent granted to Brillouin Energy Corporation is for for a device capable of heating water efficiently using a proprietary Hydrogen Nickel catalyst. I suggest working with a well established and respected company like Ballard Power that has the manufacturing facilities, hydrogen experience and existing customers to bring the technology to market fastest, not distracting from development by feeding into a media story line about government resistance based on conspiracy theories.
    How is hypothesizing over the bright new clean world going to change the timeline to commercialization ? Mankind and all governments are fully aware of the current global warming and pollution challenges so painting anyone not ready to just accept current progress as a fait accompli but instead as some devious conspiracy against possible solutions will continue to bring a negative view to all working hard on this potentially awesome technology.
    Keep up the great work, but lose the conspiracy theories.

  • Does this mean that Andrea Rossi guaranteed to @Mats Lewan, that the results will be published shortly after completion of the test?
    If yes, this is the most important news in this announcement.

    In the past Rossi often stated that the publication of the results is depending on a permission of the customer (or other third parties), at which's site the plant is running.
    This made me think we would never see these results as another delay-strategy by Rossi.

    But this sounds like @Mats Lewan knows more ;)
    Otherwise why should Mats invest that much time, money and energy to setup a new website and organize such an event when he would be completely uncertain about whether

    • the results will ever be published and
    • the results will be astonishing positive

    This just looks like Mats now has enough convincing informations from one or more insiders in which he trusts (maybe he visited the plant himself? we know Mats is in good relations with Rossi...), that the plant is still running with a COP greater than any chemical reaction could be such a long time, and is fully satisfying the customer.

  • Interesting, and encouraging for several reasons. Nice of these LENR insiders to step up to the plate and put their beliefs to the public test. Surely, it would take a lot of courage to do this were they limited to what information we bottom dwellers scrounge up on the net? I would *hope*, they are tapped into better, more credible, information than we are privy to here? If not, whoa boy, they are really sticking their necks out! But again, I applaud this new development...caveats and all. A gutsy, needed move. Good on them.

    I also like how Lewan calls out the scientific community for their "aggressive criticisms" against LENR in general, and how that can be detrimental to it's development. Along with throwing out a challenge to scientific journals, and "other media" to do get on board in reporting this. Maybe that will embarrass some into doing their jobs and actually investigating. Get out there and start asking some probing questions of the Rossi's, Godes, Piantelli's, Mileys, Swartz's of the commercial "LENR+" developers. Had they been doing their duty the past 5 years, they would have either uncovered the scams, or confirmed their legitimacy by now I would think?

    Good also to see yet another two more new organizations; "Two more partners that I’m proud to present are the future-focused Swedish research and management consulting firm Kairos Future, and the London based global non-profit Network Society Research Ltd." jump on the LENR bandwagon. It is a growing, diverse list for sure. Quite promising.

  • Mats Lewan is the original blind mouse who allowed Rossi and Levi to conduct multiple demonstrations without proper control of input power and thermocouple placement and without a single calibration! Mats wrote a book which consists mainly of a travelogue and lots and lots of "Rossi says" statements and claims without a single shred of independent evidence or other proof. Mats is simply gullible. I predict nothing at all will come of this except that the meeting may take place based only on more claims and reports from Rossi... or not. Who can tell? What I am certain of is that neither at this meeting, if it takes place, or before it, will there be any properly conducted and truly independent testing of Rossi's claims. Remember Rossi's infamous distributor meeting in Germany a few years ago at which absolutely nothing of value was said or shown? And which resulted in Rossi parting company from all previous agents and distributors eventually and returning their investments (supposedly)? If this meeting takes place, it will involve the usual suspects and the usual baseless claims and nothing new will be learned.

    And by the way, Geneste is not the chief scientist for Airbus Group. He works for a very small research unit funded by Airbus. We've covered all that ground before-- maybe someone can look it up. Grandiose claims are another sad part to this silly saga.


    Get out there and start asking some probing questions of the Rossi's, Godes, Piantelli's, Mileys, Swartz's of the commercial wing/LENR+ developers. Had they been doing their duty the past 5 years, they would have either uncovered the scams, or confirmed their legitimacy by now I would think?

    Well, Rossi's scam is in fact pretty well uncovered, the final nail in the coffin being driven by Thomas Clarke's analysis of the so-called Lugano results. But it does no good to ask probing questions of these people -- they don't answer them. How many times did I ask in forums for Miley to provide evidence of his hundreds of watts of power from his so-called LENR battery? Seen that evidence yet? How many times over how many years did I and many others including Brian Josephson ask Levi to repeat his 2011 liquid flow calorimetry test of a simple small ecat using proper calibration? It all started with his interview with Krivit, remember? When Levi said the dog ate his homework? And in all these years no repeat? Oh no, Shane. The critics and skeptics ask. The proponents of LENR do not provide proper answers. And the most active forum on the subject other than this one,, simply censors critical comments, deletes them, and bans the authors. Rossi does the same on his pretentiously misnamed blog JONP. That is certainly confidence inspiring, you know?

    Lewan's meeting will either not take place or it will be another contentless fizzle, consisting as usual of unsubstantiated claims and nothing else. Count on it.

  • Well, Mats Lewan is not peddling E-Cats, he is just selling €375 tickets to his rock concert.
    It is as innocent as selling books about an impossible invention. A poor guy has to earn his bread and butter, doesn't he?
    I think it will be very interesting party. But since this happening is conditioned by F9 > 0 chances are that it will be a no-show.

  • Mary Yugo said:


    And by the way, Geneste is not the chief scientist for Airbus Group. He works for a very small research unit funded by Airbus.

    Steven Krivit is an ambitious researcher in some respects. Here is a piece about Mr. Geneste from one year ago:…-sees-potential-of-lenrs/

    "New Energy Times spoke with two members of the Airbus Group media relations department, Christine (Eirainer) Manderscheid and Marie-Alix Delestrade. They had never heard of Geneste. AfterNew Energy Times sent Manderscheid a screen image of Mr. Geneste’s LinkedIn profile on Thursday, she sent an e-mail with a title that did not include “Airbus Group.”

    “The title of Mr. Geneste is VP Chief Scientist,” Manderscheid wrote."

    Which may be compared to:

  • HG and MY, I do not understand what your message is.

    When I look up Mr Geneste on LinkedIn which I am a member of, I can see in his resume:

    "Advise Airbus Group CTO in the technical and strategic choices for the whole Airbus Group"

    By common contacts I can see that this Geneste has connections in the LENR community.

    Please back up your message.

  • I've investigated myself and Krivit just proved here that he was a naive guy. You don't get that kind of data without some diplomacy, just by calling an assistant.
    This is typically the conspirationist way to think, when failing to find data after naive research, to conclude there is no data.

    JF Geneste is participating the EXCOM of the group.
    The title that people told me was "Executive Chief Scientist of Airbus Innovation". Executive is the highest title for experts in that kind of organisation (You will find the same scheme in many big corp).
    Airbus Innovation is the entity in charge of the Airbus Group technical, IT, scientific strategy, coordinating strategies with peers in each division.
    Jean Botti , the manager of JF Geneste is among other, the Chief Innovation officer, of the group, and the CTO, and Chief IT officer. This direct hierarchical relation is probably origin of VP title, I can only suppose...
    See description of his work:

    Krivit is an american journalist calling a French/EU corporate office about a top executive.
    I think I would not be better received unless I call my own contacts.

  • Here is a link for Innovation under Airbus Group. See Geneste anywhere? LENR? Rossi? Lewan? uh... noes.

    Here is a link to the Innovations Group subsidiary…us-group-innovations.html

    and here is their executive committee:…e/executive-commitee.html

    and their news page:…izenship/latest-news.html

    And here is a very exhaustive Google site search for Geneste in Airbus Group's huge web site and guess what:


    Your search - geneste - did not match any documents...

    Will the real Geneste please stand up?

    Somehow they managed to leave out the greatest invention/innovation of all, LENR. And Geneste.

  • Shane D, you point at this article by Jean-François Geneste::…bGM5ZDFIWXpRLUViMmZB/view

    Yes, thank you, it is very helpful for getting acquainted with JFG. I you are a bit lazy you only need to read the first three lines of “1 INTRODUCTION”.

    “After the accident of Chernobyl, Leonid Urutskoev tried to reproduce the very reasons why there was such an explosion. His thoughts led him to the following experiement: create electric discharges of 50kJ into a titanium foil which is “isolated” in bi-destilled water.”

    If this is not crazy I do not know what is. Anyhow, let us read a bit more. In paragraph 8 we arrive at JFG's explanation of the result of Leonid’s experiment:

    “So we propose that the strange radiation observed by Leonid Urutskoew is made of infinitesimal scale particles of aether and the phenomenon stops, at our scale, when the energy has been exhausted enough in the medium in which the reaction occurs.”

    Comments unnecessary.

    From paragraph 11, Conclusion: “We started from the experiment and interpreted the results through a new theory which we believe is much more adapted to describe physical phenomena than orthodox physics today.”

    JFG, perhaps you could be so kind as to deduce Maxwell’s equations for us based on your theory, just a minor favor, we would appreciate that.

    And here in 2014 JFG gives a presentation at TEDx about “Logics of defence”:

    The accompanying text gives a summary of GFG’s professional background. This sentence (translated from French to English) is interesting:

    “His main present interest is to introduce into physics a non-Archimedian vision of geometry.”

    Yes, there is something called “non-Archimedian geometry”:, a fairly esoteric subject in abstract mathematics and this is also what he refers to in the Chernobyl report.

    JFG is not only a lecturer, he is also an author and he has written this book:…ois-Geneste/dp/285428951X

    It’s title is “Physiqe: de l’esprit des lois”, Physics: the spirit of the laws. (The main part of the title is borrowed from Montesquieu.)

    Judging by the cover it helps you to transform your exclamation marks to question marks, very commendable, you should never be too certain. The target group for the book are students who want to become scientists but have been a bit lazy and need to catch up on their studies.

    Those of you who enjoy French movies can see him sell it here:

    Ad hominem aside, I think it is pretty safe to say that we cannot expect JFG to say anything of interest at Mats Lewan’s upcoming event if there is to be one.

  • H-G,

    I wasn't endorsing Geneste's theory, and yes I am well aware of what he said. This all started with his (JPGs) big MFMP Facebook announcement in August:…o-be-revealed-in-october/

    There was much anticipation while awaiting his "theoretical breakthrough" to come. In the meantime, like now, there was speculation if he really was with Airbus...just like MY does now. In fact Alain had a thread about just that:

    11th International Workshop on Anomalies in 
Hydrogen Loaded Metals in Airbus Toulouse on October 15th-16th 2015

    Long story short, Geneste is with Airbus. He gave his awaited speech at an Airbus Conference he organized in Toulouse this Oct, for which everyone seemed pretty "let down" as expectations were high. Before that, he even gave a speech at one of Vandenberghes LENR-Cities an Airbus rep. So he is who he says he is, and had MY taken a moment to do just a little search, he would would have known that, saving poor Jean Francois Geneste the public embarrassment.

  • Shane D.,
    Maybe Geneste is the Dennis Bushnell of Airbus. Considering the entities they work for one cannot expect them to have both feet on the ground.

    But judging from the hubristic statements here, also linked by you:…tf_MEGAPHONE_ARTICLE_POST, "poor" Geneste does not even have his left little toe on the ground. My expectations for him to make a successful landing are small.

  • Shane, please specify which division and branch of Airbus Group Geneste works for, show evidence, and say the name of his exact position. I do not think he works or ever worked for the parent company. Also, as noted above, he is an extreme woowoo.

  • And Mats Lewan climbs out on another extremely shaky limb:


    The one-year test is being undertaken by the aforementioned Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and his US industrial partner [lexicon]Industrial Heat[/lexicon], and should be concluded in March 2016. The results should be released shortly afterwards, controlled by a third-party certifying institute based on scrupulous peer review.

    Since I have covered the development of Rossi’s energy device, the E-Cat, I know that there are good reasons to believe that the technology is valid and that positive testimonials from the ongoing test, that I have received, are true.…world-symposium/#comments
    Who has he been talking to? What did they say? Which third-party "certifying institute?"

    I just asked in the comments about the identity of the certifying institute-- a reasonable and polite question, I think. The blog is moderated in advance of a post appearing and as per Branzell's comments, may be censored. Mats has not done this before and it is not a good sign. I wonder if he even knows that censorship of such a forum is a bad idea. He has gone deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole every year and every time Rossi makes a Rossifiction announcement.

    My thoughts on what really is happening is that it is one of two things:

    - either Rossi really has a certifying organization and knows the result will be negative... or it's all fiction and he will plead NDA or similar nonsense when the time comes to reveal the results. The latter is what Steorn and Defkalion tried to do. With little success. Well, actually, they mostly carried on as usual, silently ignoring requests for results of their much vaunted nonexistent tests. Maybe Rossi will do that instead.


    As Branzell says, it would seem that discussing the claimed identity and credentials of one of Mats speakers at the symposium would be on topic for a post about the symposium. If not, why not please?

  • Shane, please specify which division and branch of Airbus Group Geneste works for, show evidence, and say the name of his exact position. I do not think he works or ever worked for the parent company. Also, as noted above, he is an extreme woowoo.


    Of course I don't know that. Most companies don't reveal the names of their employees. Probably against the law to do so in most circumstances, and voluntary for the rest. And he is French, which is a foreign no telling what the laws are in that strange land! LOLs.

    Get over it. He is an Airbus bigwig. Joshua Cude tried the same as you here with Geneste, except his "hard-on" was for McKubre. JC couldn't find McKubre's name listed on SRI's website, so flipped out every time someone referred to his "supposed" SRI affiliation. He finally gave it up, now time for you to do the same.

  • Shane, full of BS as usual. Of course companies reveal major and senior officers. They have to by law, at least in the US. The problem is that Geneste doesn't have the titles accorded to him by the various sources cited here. And I doubt he even works for the parent company called Airbus. I strongly suspect he works for a subsidiary. A small and inconsequential one. Anyway, he's clearly such an extreme woowoo that it doesn't much matter who he works for. What he says is of no interest and no consequence without evidence and I don't recall that he had one little shred. Of course, that matters not to the Shanes of this world as long as they can name drop ... in this instance incorrectly. Logical fallacy: appeal to authority... actually two logical fallacies (congratulations). Appeal to authority and appeal to FALSE authority. Outstanding, Shane.